AltRed Review – Is This What Every Athlete Needs?

While many bodybuilders and fitness buffs have their accustomed pre and post-workout formulas, there’s no harm in trying out a new product with lots of potential. This AltRed review will tell you all about a different type of phytonutrient formula.

Ever since I got into fitness, I have to watch every meal I eat and the activities I do more carefully. For most, that may sound like an arduous task – keeping up with restrictions on lots of ‘fun’ things. Luckily, I love my life, and I found that these restrictions have really helped open my eyes to a lot of things; especially making my health a priority.

That is how I ended up an athlete. I can keep up with strict diets and workout regimes and not break too much of a sweat. Besides, I love the competition and the thrill that comes with pushing my body towards the finish line; not forgetting that it keeps me in top shape! Diets and workouts aside, supplements have been an interesting addition to my arsenal.

Most people in the athlete and fitness world prefer to stick to their old formulas and supplements. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with keeping it safe and familiar – except you may miss out on new supplements that could give you the extra boost you need. You don’t have to go extreme and risky because there are plenty of new formulas that are genuine and great for consumption.

I started taking beetroot supplements years back, and I found that they helped me during my exercises. That’s how I ended up constantly on the lookout for similar products. Once you understand your checklist for new formulas, you can get something that fits your every need.

If beetroot products are something you are interested in to up your workout game, I wrote this AltRed review to tell what I discovered when I started using it.

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AltRed Review

AltRed review

Sure, the market is full of all types of supplements that promise to fulfill all your workout needs. But they aren’t all good, and as a professional athlete you probably already know that. However, I can tell you that beet supplements have something unique to them.

AltRed, particularly, is quite special and innovative. I loved that it is plant-based since I try to go as natural as possible. Whether the product will work for you or not, that will depend on your preference and your body’s reception.

About Sur

Think of a family of farmers that comes from seven generations of farmers, and you have Jeff Van Drunen’s family. Together, they spent decades researching and developing multiple natural ingredients that could improve your health. That is how the Sur Company was born.

As an ardent cyclist and hiker, Jeff was interested in natural chemicals and phytonutrients that would support his performance. The potential in plant-based supplements is huge, and Sur is all about using it for physiological benefits – and cleanly at that.

AltRed Supplement

Beetroots are rich in betalains, and that’s what AltRed maximizes on. Betalains are responsible for the purple/red/deep pink color you see in beets. Betalains can also minimize the inflammation you experience after strenuous exercise.

Through a patented process, Sur isolates the betalains and offers them in a more concentrated form (25%) for your convenience. From the company’s clinical studies, using AltRed improved athletes’ performance and recovery. The capsules can increase power, efficiency, and reduce muscle damage. Is it possible to gain all this?

My Results

The directions on taking the pills were a bit different than many other supplements. With AltRed, you take one pill every day on your off days. For training lasting two hours, take one pill two hours before a workout.

If you are going for 2-4 hours of training, take one capsule two hours before the workout and another at the start of your workout. For over four hours of training, take one pill two hours before a workout, one pill at the start of your workout, and one every two hours of working out.

I began taking AltRed on my off days before moving the intake to my training. A few days into the capsules, I felt an energy surge that slightly improved my mileage. I also felt a change in my recovery when I noticed I could train some more day after day. It was impressive.


  • NSF Certified (for sports)
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules
  • Plant-based and natural


  • Slightly expensive
  • Few AltRed reviews to compare


Before I complete this AltRed review, I’ll remind you that it’s always a good idea to seek medical opinion before consuming such supplements. For example, AltRed mainly targets professional athletes, so keep it safe than sorry!

Check out this video about how to build muscle.

FAQ Section

How do you use AltRed supplements?

The capsule intake depends on the amounts of hours you are training. For a few hours, take one pill two hours before your workout, and add one pill every two hours of training (the instructions come with the label).

What are AltRed ingredients?

The main ingredient in AltRed is beetroot extract with 25% betalains. Other contents include Gelatin, Carmin, and Organic Rice Fiber.

What are the betalains in AltRed?

Beets are rich in betalains, and AltRed contains beetroot extract with isolated betalains. Betalains can improve workout performance and recovery after.

Who is behind AltRed?

Jeff Van Drunen created the Sur Company alongside the family to create phytonutrient supplements with athletes in mind. So far, Sur only has AltRed as their top product.