Are red beets healthy during pregnancy?


Are red beets healthy during pregnancy? That is a valid question for any pregnant woman to ask; everything can potentially affect the unborn baby. In this article, we explore how beets are indeed healthy.

Taking beetroot while pregnant carries with it multiple health benefits. It is also an ideal alternative for when those sugar cravings hit. A beetroot juice with added veggies and fruits can give a woman the sugar they crave but in a healthy way. Nutritionists like me do find that this is the best route to take to avoid complications during pregnancy. While that is reason enough to eat beets, there’s more to this superfood.

Are red beets healthy during pregnancy?

red beets and pregnancy

There is plenty to be desired when it comes to beetroots. Being a superfood, there is plenty it can do for every person taking it. That also extends to pregnant women as they and their unborn children can rip the benefits of taking beets. Let us explore how below.

Helps sustain the baby

Beetroots contain a ton of minerals and vitamins that are both beneficial to the mother and the baby when consumed during the first trimester. It works as a companion in helping the fetus avoid getting congenial diseases. When consumed regularly, evidence points out that it can help ease the delivery process.

Reduces the risk of congenital disabilities

The folate in the beetroots is fantastic in promoting tissue growth and specifically the spinal cord in a child. It acts as a supplementary source of folic acid, something that women have to take. When taken regularly, beet juice gives you the assurance that our baby is getting what they need to form a healthy spinal cord.

Boost digestion

Indigestion is typically part of a woman’s pregnancy experience. Though considered normal, it carries with it a risk to the fetus. When a person suffers from indigestion, toxins remain within the body. The way to combat this is taking fiber and beet proves itself to contain quite a bit of it. It then allows the woman to have regular bowel movements regularly. Doing so reduces the risk of getting a digestive disorder, leaving you with a healthy gut.

Regulating sugar levels

As stated, beets offer an excellent alternative for sweetened foods. The concern about having too much sugar is that it can cause increased blood sugar that puts both at risk. The beetroot will not give an immediate punch like processes sugar. Instead, it releases the sugar slowly and thus suppressing the cravings for a longer time.

Anemia prevention

Beets are known for their iron content. Iron is vital as it is what powers the protein hemoglobin which is responsible for transporting oxygen in one’s blood. Not having enough oxygen in the blood poses some serious health risks. Taking beetroot can up the iron in the body for the benefit of both the mother and the unborn child.

Can help with inflammation

The pigment giving the beetroots its color, betalains, carries anti-inflammatory properties. Swelling in the feet is part of pregnancy for most women as well as pain. Taking beetroots can help in alleviating this common problem. You can add beets to your diet to cure yourself. It also makes moving around and getting tasks done easier.

Reduces Fatigue

Fatigue and  also shortness of breath are some of the things pregnant women complain about. The nitrate in the beet gets converted to nitric oxide which is beneficial to the body. It both enlarges the arteries and relaxes them as well, leading to an increase of oxygen in one’s body. Elevated oxygen flow does boost one’s energy and stamina.

Final words

Are red beets healthy during pregnancy? Well, beetroots have proven themselves to be excellent for promoting one’s overall health, and it trickles down to babies in wombs as well. There are various ways to enjoy beets, as this video can show you. You will likely enjoy the twists they give since taste buds can be rather picky during pregnancy. A final note is that one should regulate the number of beets they eat. Too much of it can cause problems for both you and the child.

People also ask

Do beets lower blood sugar in pregnant women?

If you are diabetic and pregnant, then it is natural to worry about your pregnancy. However, beetroots have shown themselves to help combat diabetes. It helps reduce blood pressure, a common struggle with diabetics, and helps improve exercise performance.

Can a pregnant woman eat too many beets?

When you overdo anything, there will be consequences to it. In the case of pregnancy, having too many beets might cause an overload in nitrates in the body. That can cause to be less oxygen in the body, putting both mother and fetus at risk.

Are there side effects of beetroot during pregnancy?

Those with underlying conditions carry a risk when taking beetroots. Talk to your doctor right before taking beetroots to avoid undesirable side effects.

Why do I get red urine after eating beetroot during pregnancy?

Beeturia, the red or pink discoloration of urine and stool, is normal when eating beets. It should however clear after a few days. However, if that happens every time you take beets then it is an indication that there is more going on in your digestive tract and should see a doctor.

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