Are superbeets good for you? Should you take them?


If you plan on boosting your physical and mental health, you need a nutrient dense superfood like beets. However, are superbeets good for you? is a question that you might ask before you start on your healthy journey.

My name is Annie and am a lawyer. I’m a senior partner in a prestigious firm and I spend most of my time in the office or in courtrooms. Though it’s a fulfilling career, I don’t have much time to catch up with my friends or even have a social life. I can say I’m more of a workaholic. When I start working on a case I don’t have time to make myself a decent meal and I end up ordering fast foods and snacks to keep my energy levels up. Lately, I’ve noticed my energy levels are down and I’m gaining fat in places I don’t want. This has led me to do some research on healthy super foods that will keep me healthy, energized, and help me lose some weight.

What are superbeets?

Are superbeets good for you?

Superbeets is an all-natural supplement made from hydrated crystal beets using a low heat process to preserve the vegetable nutrients. Beets have high levels of nitrates which your body converts into nitric oxide which has many health benefits to your body. Superbeets is meant to provide your body with all the benefits of nitric oxide without you having to eat beetroot or drink its juice. One teaspoon serving of superbeets is said to contain the power of three whole beets. It has a bit of a sour taste which will take some getting used to.

Superbeets is made by Humann a company founded by scientists who are well versed in nitric oxide research. Click here to learn more about Superbeets.

Ingredients in Superbeets

The main ingredient in Superbeets is high-quality non-GMO beetroot powder which has the highest concentration of nitrate. The beets are grown in well-cultivated soil in the U.S to give yields with the highest potency. These are all the ingredients:

  • Non-organic beetroot powder
  • Magnesium ascorbate
  • Stevia
  • Non-organic fermented beetroot powder
  • Natural flavour of apple or black cherry

Does Superbeets have any side effects?


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Just like any other supplement, Superbeets has some minor side effects. Stevia can cause you to have gas, bloating, nausea, muscle pain, dizziness, and cramps. A common reaction to eating beets is beeturia which is having red coloured urine. You may also find that your stool may be red, which is nothing to worry about. Taking too much superbeets can also have some long term side effects. The high levels of oxalates in beets can cause kidney stones and prevent your body from absorbing calcium.

Are Superbeets good for you?

Benefits claims of Superbeets to your body

Helps to maintain your blood pressure levels and a healthy heart. The betalains found in beets have antioxidants that protect your cells from getting damaged and prevent dangerous oxidation of bad cholesterol that can lead to heart disease. It also helps to lower your blood pressure within hours of drinking it.

A great source of nitrates that increase nitric oxide in your body. Nearly every cell in your body makes nitric oxide which is essential in every part of your body. It helps to relax the muscles of your blood vessels so that nutrients and oxygen can easily flow throughout your body.

It increases your energy levels and stamina. Since you’re working all the time you need to keep your energy levels high.

The nitrate content in Superbeets may enhance athletic performance by lowering your blood pressure, increasing blood flow, and decreasing the amount of oxygen you need when you decide to exercise all the built-up work stress.

The betalains compound in beets has been found to prevent cancer. Your body produces more immune cells and body enzymes that help to prevent cancer cells from developing.

Does all these information answer, are superbeets good for you?

Superbeets is a supplementmade from beets that claims to have high levels of nitrate and health benefits like improving the blood circulationto your feet during the long hours standing in the courtrooms, improve your energy levels at work throughout the day, andlower your cholesterol to help you lose weight if you don’t have time to exercise. A single teaspoon of Superbeets in 4 ounces of water will give you all the nutrients you need. It’s advisable not to take this supplement if you’re pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or nursing.


Are Superbeets any good?

Superbeets contains dietary nitrates that is converted into nitric oxide. It helps to boost your energy levels, lower your blood pressure and good heart health, and improve blood circulation.

When should I drink Superbeets?

You’re advised to drink 1 tsp. or 5g of Superbeets per day, mix it with water and not to drink more than 2 servings in 24 hours. However, there is no specific recommendation on how long you should take Superbeets.

What are the health benefits of Superbeets?

Superbeets has nitric oxide that helps to relax your blood vessels making it easy for blood to flow and protect your cells from getting damaged. This helps to improve blood circulation and reduce your blood pressure.

Does Superbeets help you lose weight?

As a rich source of dietary fiber, no fat content, and a good detoxifier, Superbeets are a good option if you want to lose weight. The fiber helps to improve bowel movement and lower your cholesterol levels.

Does Superbeets give you energy?

Superbeets is a supplement of beets that is rich in nitrates that are converted to nitric oxide. The nitric oxide increases blood flow to your body providing energy and stamina to take you throughout the day.

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