Beet Natural Pre-Workout Reviews- Get Some Beets Before Your Exercise


When looking for supplements to add to your pre-workout routine, Nutrology’s Beet Natural Pre-workout drink can help keep your energy levels high. If you haven’t found your answers from all the Beet natural pre-workout reviews you’ve read, you might find them here!

I’ve always been into fitness since my younger years. Even on campus, I was a key player in the volleyball and football teams (yes, I was one active girl!). Now, while I balance my work and social life, I still squeeze in some time to get to the gym and join the occasional marathon events. You can say I am always on my feet.

All that much activity comes with exhaustion, and while cups of coffee can significantly perk my mornings up, I opt for natural ways to boost my energy. If you didn’t know, beetroots are a great source of energy. At the same time, they can be what you need to keep your heart healthy. If you aren’t sure about the daily quantities you need with your Beet Natural Pre-Workout, read on for important tips.

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Pre-Workout Reviews

Beet Natural

It’s no doubt that more people are starting to recognize the benefits that beetroots hold. To think that this small vegetable was something I only considered to use in salads or to give my food some color! You can now get your beets in capsule, powder or juice form – pick whichever type you are most comfortable with.

About Nutrology

Nutrology claims to be among the first few companies to introduce plant-based supplements and grass-fed whey to the masses. While I’m not certain about that claim, the fact that they carry out lots of studies in the creation of their supplements makes me rest easy knowing their products are safe.

Nutrology also allows third-party testing for all their goodies – and that’s a great thing; means they are confident in the effectiveness and quality of their products. Apart from the beet pre-workout powder, you can find natural performance drinks and protein powders alongside other nutritional supplements.

Beet Natural Pre-Workout Drink

Here’s the science behind this pre-workout drink: beets have some of the highest nitrate content in all the vegetables. In your body, the nitrate turns to nitric oxide which supports better heart health by:

  1. Lowering your blood pressure
  2. Encouraging better oxygen delivery to your muscles; which improves your performance when you’re working out

Beet juice isn’t the only ingredient. There’s Yerba Mate, which contains high amounts of polyphenols and antioxidants. Though Yerba Mate is considered a sort of an energy drink, it differs from regular energy drinks because it contains natural caffeine. This means it won’t make you feel jittery or lead to eventual crashing as coffee does.

Other contents include Beta Alanine which helps prevent muscle fatigue, Creatinol-O-Phosphate to lower acidity within muscles when there’s minimal oxygen availability, and Vitamin C to boost your immune system and aid in recovery.


The instruction suggested mixing two scoops in 16 ounces of water. It took me a while to get used to the taste, and on some days I’d add some more water to help me take it all down. Taking the drink every day, and especially before my workouts or strenuous activities always kept me invigorated and alert. I didn’t regret my purchase!


  • Effective pre-workout energy booster
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
  • Beneficial ingredients for your overall health and stamina


  • Takes a while getting used to the taste


I finally understood the energy boost all the Beet Natural Pre Workout reviews I’d read were talking about! Having taken a couple of pre-workout drinks and powders in my past, I could attest that I enjoyed Beet Natural Pre Workout a little bit more. It is hard to come across a genuine NATURAL pre-workout drink that allows you an easy come-down from the energy high.

FAQ Questions

Are beets good before a workout?

According to multiple fitness enthusiasts and health professionals, beet juice can boost an athlete’s performance. When the nitrates in beets are converted into nitric oxide, they can improve blood circulation and oxygen flow to the muscles, increasing endurance.

When should you drink beet juice before a workout?

The recommended time to take your beet juice is at least two and a half hours before an intense workout. From research, peak nitric oxide concentration levels occur 2 or 3 hours after consuming beet juice.

Are beets good after your workout?

Studies by researchers at Northumbria University, England show that beets may quicken muscle recovery after intense exercise. The participants in the study who took the highest beet dosages reported less soreness in their muscles than those who didn’t take any beet juice.

Are beets good for muscle building?

The naturally occurring nitrates in beets increase nitric oxide levels in the body after consumption, leading to better circulation and oxygen usage in muscles. This can boost muscle health by improving endurance levels during exercise.

Are beets best taken pre-workout or post-workout?

The best time to take your beet juice is in the morning, and preferably before breakfast. The nitric oxide levels rise after at least two hours and improve your energy levels for an intense workout with less fatigue.

What do beets help?

For workouts and overall fitness, beets mainly benefit your heart and your muscles. Nitric oxide from nitrates in beets lowers blood pressure, encourage blood flow, and improve oxygen spending in your muscles.

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