Beet root powder side effects


The supplement industry has long been unregulated leading to mislabeling in some unfortunate cases. In this article, we explore discuss whether beet root powder side effects are reason enough to steer clear of some brands.

As a nutritionist, we have to come up with a balance of fresh foods and supplements that we suggest to our clients after an extensive assessment. One supplement that is still up for debate even among nutritionists is the beet root powder side effects and if there is substantial evidence pointing that it is dangerous. Testimonials beg to differ, as people swear by it. However, could they be missing the fuller picture?

Beet root powder side effects

beets side effects

Beetroot powder can be considered a supplement. Manufacturers say that they carry the same benefits as the fresh beet, but some people are not entirely sure about this theory. You will, however, find people suffering from blood pressure will take this in line with studies that show beets improve circulation and thus give a person more energy. That is in effect due to the nitrates contained in the beets that the body converts into nitric oxide.

One such power that has come into question is the brand SuperBeets by HumanN. It and other brands are made of dehydrated beets that turn into crystal. Their reasoning for making the powered is so that people can get the benefits of beets without eating actual beets or drinking beet juice. Before February 11th, 2019, companies making supplements were able to give claims about what their supplements can do without evidence of the same. That was because, before the date, the FDA did not regulate the supplement industry.

That is why brands like SuperBeets were able to make claims that a teaspoon of their powder is equivalent to three beetroots when it comes to the nitric oxide content. It also includes carbohydrates, protein, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. The brand offers different flavors including apple and black cherry.

Beet juice powder side effects

The instructions state that one should take a teaspoon daily to improving energy. One is also not to take more than two servings in 24 hours. HumanN claims that their power can give similar benefits as taking the actual beets. The concern with this claim is that there is only one study they did and they claim that the results showed that after four weeks, participants had reduced blood pressure.

Outside the study, there are tons of testimonials of people stating that the beetroot powered was able to give them similar effects as taking the actual root vegetable. Currently, more studies need to happen to ascertain whether the claims that the brand makes are substantial. For now, people have to refer to the benefits of real beets and use them as a benchmark for what they can expect to get out of the powered.

Beets side effects

In light of the previous segment, we can then assume that people stand to get the benefits of the actual beet. Now, we have to look at what SuperBeets puts across as their selling point. When you simplify it, the brand sells nitric oxide supplements that happen to be in beets. They are however giving you three times more nitric oxide you would get in a beet in a single teaspoon and tell you to take it daily. They don’t specify how long.

Currently, the jury is indeed still out on the benefits of nitric oxide. Though studies are showing that it improves performance in people when taken before a workout, the same results don’t appear to translate in well-trained people.

Final word

One ought to be mindful of supplements. For a long time, the supplement industry was unregulated and led to the rise of some fraudulent companies, with some making grandiose claims about what they can do for a person. As we have looked at the beet root powder side effects, we can conclude that it is best to stick to the actual vegetable, and that is after seeking medical advice if you have an underlying issue.

People also ask

What are the benefits of nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide has many benefits, including improving one’s physiological performance and cardiovascular health due to the increase in blood flow. That translates to a longer fatigue time, that is, the time it takes for a person to get tired when doing certain activities such as exercises. Additionally, it protects cells from getting damaged are relaxes blood vessels for blood to flow through easier. In a nutshell, blood pressure is lower, and circulation is improved.

Can you drink beet juice daily?

You can. However, it ought to be under the direction of a nutritionist or medical practitioner if you have other health issues. For others, taking two cups can prove to be beneficial, and you can see results in just six days.

What happens if you take too much nitric oxide?

Too much nitric oxide can have some severe consequences. If you have low blood pressure, then beets might not be the route to take, in its natural or powder form. Those who also take a high nitric oxide diet can be laboring their kidneys when they take beets.

What is the recommended beetroot powder dosage?

This varies according to brand and therefore advisable that you flow instructions. You should, however, take it between 45 minutes to an hour and a half before exercises for increased performance.