BeetElite Review – Good For Your Heart And Energy?

Green supplements seem to be taking over numerous supplement stores, but beets have a bit of a rep themselves as well. I’ve prepared this BeetElite review to give you more info on what HumanN had in mind with the product.

When I decided to lose weight and stay fit, I knew I was in for a rough ride. The first month was the worst, and I felt like I couldn’t make it. I was ready to give up except my family and friends were there cheering me up till I regained control over my health.

Ever since, I embarked on better nutrition, working out, and a healthy lifestyle. I want to say that it is tough being on this straight path, but it isn’t quite excruciating for me. Whenever I think I might fall back to the obese and at-risk person I was years ago, I put in double the effort and know that it will serve me in my old age.

Now, I get all types of questions regarding nutrition from friends and family who knew how unhealthy I was in the past. The transformation was so alarming that I get so many requests to help out with diet and workout plans. While I can manage a few, I do know nutritionists and health professionals I can forward some of the requests to.

Some of the questions I get are about dietary supplements, and I’ve learned enough to offer sensible advice. So far, here’s what I suggest on supplements: Find out the exact nutrients you need, do extensive research on the product and the company, and check out what other people have to say about the product.

Since I have my own experience on certain supplements, I often give my view on what I discover. One of these products is BeetElite, and this is what I found out about the powder:

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BeetElite Review

beetlite review

Years back, I was a huge caffeine fan. I knew it wasn’t exactly the best way to get some energy, but I didn’t care then. That was until I learned that beetroots are a natural and healthy ways to up your energy levels. Beets can improve your energy without causing any jitters or leave you crashing.

If you live in an area with fresh beets, then count yourself lucky. Not everyone has access to fresh beets, and even when you do, the preparation process can be discouraging. Preparing multiple beets every day takes up time, and let’s not forget how much red beets can stain everything around you! This is what makes supplements like BeetElite a godsend for many.

About HumanN

If you’ve heard of Superbeets, then you already know the company behind the popular beet crystals. HumanN created Superbeets, BeetElite, and other nitric-oxide based supplements. In the past, HumanN was known as Neogenis Labs.

Why do they have more than one nitric oxide product? The difference lies in the concentration. While a daily serving of Superbeets contains about three full beets, BeetElite contains six beets in one serving! Obviously, you have to be certain your body can handle such amounts of beets.


It is a highly concentrated beetroot powder containing Non-GMO beetroot powder + Non-GMO fermented beetroot powder, Malic acid, Stevia leaf extract, Magnesium Ascorbate, and natural Black cherry flavor. The company claims BeetElite can help reduce blood pressure, boost energy and oxygen usage by the muscles, promote better muscle recovery after workouts, and even support a healthy liver.

My Results

Since my weight is good, weight loss wasn’t on my mind when I started taking BeetElite. I took the powder mostly for my exercise purposes. I started with one scoop every day before easing into two scoops a day when my workouts got tougher. It always took less than an hour before I felt the energy kick in, and it was amazing.

I’m not sure whether the powder played a part in my muscle-recovery process because I recover pretty well. But it definitely helped with the stamina!


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Natural and safe
  • Affordable


  • If you’re taking two scoops, the tub may not last a month
  • Sometimes the powder does not dissolve in water


Something else to point out in this BeetElite review – make sure your body can handle extra nitric oxide. While it may benefit some users quite well, make sure you’re not one of the few who are allergic or have complications that require you to stay away from nitric oxide supplements.

Check out what this top athlete has to say about BeetElite.

FAQ Section

What is the difference between BeetElite and Superbeets?

HumanN manufactures both Superbeets and BeetElite. However, Superbeets has three beets in one serving while BeetElite has six beets in one serving.

Does BeetElite lower blood pressure?

Nitrates in beetroot can lower blood pressure once your body converts then to nitric oxide. BeetElite contains concentrated beetroot powder and can help relax your blood vessels and lower pressure.

What are the ingredients in BeetElite?

The key ingredients in BeetElite are Non-GMO beetroot powder, Malic acid, Non-GMO fermented beetroot powder, Magnesium ascorbate, and Stevia leaf extract. The powder also contains natural Black cherry flavor.

How do you take BeetElite?

For regular use, you can take one scoop every day in ten ounces of water. If you’re training hard, you can take two scoops of BeetElite.

What are BeetElite side effects?

There aren’t many side effect reports from BeetElite users. Still, taking too much beetroot can cause gastrointestinal problems and kidney stones.

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