BeetElite vs Superbeets: Which one is better?


Beets are these seemingly small dirty weird shaped roots that have gigantic wealth of nutrients needed to keep you healthy. It is no wonder famous supplements make beets their number one ingredient. So here’s a BeetElite vs Superbeets supplement review.

Growing up, I was like any other kid, I hated vegetables! But there was an exception. I loved beets. Cooked or uncooked, they were my favorite. They still are. I credit my love of beets to their deep purple like color and mostly to their sweet taste.

Now, I prepare beets in different ways to avoid the monotony of taking it in just one way. I can juice it, grate it on top of my salad or boil it and take it together with my lunch.

As the years goes by, I have noticed some physical changes on me. I am also aware that I may not see it, but internally, some things aren’t the way they used to be.

My skin isn’t as bright as it was before, my hair is brittle and dry, I am always tired and less motivated physically and mentally to handle even the simple tasks. You could say that I have let go off myself. This is why I think supplements could help turn this dire situation around. So why not try supplements with my favorite veggie as a main ingredient?

Here is a BeetElite vs Superbeets supplements detailed review explaining the experience I had with each one.

Supplement BeetElite Superbeets
One serving 6 beets 3 beets
Ingredients Beetroot powder
Fermented beetroot powder
Magnesium Ascorbate
Stevia leaf extract
malic acid
Beetroot powder
stevia leaf extract
Magnesium ascorbate
Malic acid
fermented beetroot powder
Flavor Original flavor and Apple flavor Original and Black cherry flavor
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What are the major differences between BeetElite and Superbeets?

Beets in one serving

Both BeetElite and Superbeets supplements come in powder form. Each bottle comes with a measuring cup to help you count your servings.

One serving of the BeetElite supplement comprises six beets and one serving of Superbeets contains 3 beets. This shows that BeetElite is more concentrated than its counterpart.

Main source of Ingredients

Beets are the main ingredients in both of these supplements. But to make them more valuable or useful to your body, you will find more ingredients.

Both BeetElite and Superbeets powders are made out of the same ingredients. They include; Fermented beetroot powder, beetroot powder, malic acid, magnesium ascorbate, and stevia leaf extract.


It is surprising, how much a simple quality like the flavor of a consumable is able to affect how much or how little people are inclined to buy it.

This is why these two beet powders go neck and neck to make sure they come in the most unique flavors.

Beetelite beetroot powder comes in either apple flavor or with no flavor at all. Superbeets beetroot powder comes in either the original flavor or in the black cherry flavor.

Beetelite Features and Ingredients

The good thing about beets is that they harbor vitamin C, Nitrates, potassium, folate, vitamin B, manganese, the list is almost endless.

It is no wonder that it is the number one choice of main ingredient used in numerous supplements globally. If you do not like taking beets whole, cooked or you want to forego the long messy process of juicing them, how about take them in powder form?

BeetElite powder is meant to enhance performance and cater for the physically active consumers like athletes, for example.

This explains why in one serving you get six beets. This high number of beets means you are taking a higher amount of Nitric Oxide which occurs naturally and in abundance inside beets. Nitric Oxide helps boost your energy which is what you need if you are undergoing intensive training or exercise.

You are supposed to mix this powder with water only and not with any other drink or food. On top of that, you should take the drink within thirty minutes after preparing it. Thereafter and you’re taking a drink that is less likely to benefit your body in any significant way.


  • Works as a natural energy booster
  • Contains less amounts of sugar compared to beet juice
  • Is rich in Nitrates which is great for enhancing performance
  • Helps lower blood pressure


  • Owing to higher concentration of beets, this powder may contain higher amount of calories compared to other beet powders

Superbeets Features and Ingredients

Designed to help keep you energized enough to easily handle day to day tasks, Superbeets ranks top among the most highly recommended beet powders in the world.

Using just the right amount of each ingredient, this powder has had rewarding results for countless people.

It doesn’t come as a shock seeing as high-quality ingredients like stevia leaf, fermented beetroot powder, malic acid, beetroot powder, and magnesium ascorbate are all incorporated into one powder.

Just one teaspoon is equal to three beets. If you make this drink a regular, you stand to have increased energy levels because you now have superior ability to produce more nitric oxide, you will have lower blood pressure, better blood circulation and you’ll be able to manage your weight.

The manufacturers behind Superbeets have gone to great lengths to ensure that you as the consumer get nothing but the best.

They source their beets from all over the world and only use the freshest beets which pass their quality standards to make this powder. It is no wonder that within a short time of downing my freshly prepared drink, I feel completely rejuvenated.


  • Helps balance or lower blood pressure
  • Works as a natural energy booster
  • Prompts the production of Nitric oxide by the body
  • Improves blood circulation


  • Beet powders have no fiber content hence do very little to improve digestion or regularize bowel movement.


If you asked me to choose one between these two, I would choose Superbeets supplement. This beet powder is made more to support a standard lifestyle of an ordinary human being like me.

Beetelite comes in a concentrated form that makes it more suitable for someone who leads a physically demanding lifestyle. Depending on where you fit, this Beetelite vs Superbeets comparison will help you pick the best beet powder for you.

More Questions about Superbeets and BeetElite

How healthy is Superbeets compared to other powders?

Having being made from natural dried beetroot, Superbeets powder has the same benefits as any organic beet. It can help lower blood pressure increase immunity and enhance physical performance.

What can Beetelite powder do for my body?

This powder is designed as a dietary supplement rich in Nitrates. When ingested, Nitrates are broken down into Nitric Oxide. This helps regulate blood pressure, increase energy and enhance endurance.

I want to lose weight, can Superbeets powder help?

Superbeets powder is made out of beets which have no fats and have higher fiber content. It also helps get rid of impurities inside your system through detoxing. Therefore beets can help you lose weight by helping you lower your fat intake and regularize your bowel movements.

Does Superbeets help with circulation?

Superbeets powder not only helps improve heart health but also helps reduce blood pressure. In addition, beets can help increase the production of red blood cells. Combined all this help with the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

Should I take beet juice daily?

It is advisable that a healthy adult takes at least two cups of beet juice per day. This in order to reap all the benefits that come with it within the shortest time possible.