Beetroot Pills/Capsules Review: Are They Better Than the Juice?


With beetroot supplements coming in all types of forms, it may be a little difficult picking a form that’s best for you. I’ve compiled this beetroot pills review to help you decide if pills may be just what you need.

Ever since I was young, my mom always complained that I was often a quiet and rarely excitable child. After visiting our doctor then, to rule out any possible health concerns, the verdict was that it was best if I watched my diet by minimizing the junk food and having more of the natural and organic stuff. Crashing from the calorie-high from all the unhealthy food was not good for me, and it would affect me later in life.

Now, as a grown-up, I understand and appreciate the changes my mom made before it all went to hell. Imagining that I may have ended up with a cardiovascular problem motivates me to stick even harder to my healthy regimen.

Once in a while, I’d get the occasional dips in energy, and it would affect my work and interest in social activities. That was when I found out that I could include beetroots in my diet to help improve my stamina. Come to think about it; it’s almost unbelievable that one small purple vegetable can do so much for you!

Nature’s Way Beet Root Pills Review

Swanson Health has been around for 50 years; offering powerful and natural health products at an affordable cost. The company originated from the founder struggling with arthritis and deciding to embark on a natural journey for overall wellness. The customer service on the official website is pretty impressive, and there is a wide range of dietary supplements.

The Beetroot Pills

If you don’t enjoy the earthy taste in beetroots, you can get these capsules that hold beetroot powder within them. There are no added preservatives, sugar, colors, artificial flavors or dairy, wheat, and yeast ingredients in the capsules. However, though you can see the beetroot content in the capsules, there is no mention of the vital individual nutrient servings – like nitrates, potassium, and betaine.


There were mixed recommendations on the right number of capsules to take every day: two capsules thrice a day, two capsules every day or one capsule every day. In the end, I decided to take two capsules every day for the next three months.


The more widely known advantage of consuming beetroot is lowering your blood pressure. Beetroot has higher levels of nitrate than most vegetables. When converted into nitric oxide, nitrate can relax your blood vessels and encourage lower pressure. According to research, beetroot intake can lessen pain in the legs from peripheral artery disease.

Another major benefit – nitric oxide doesn’t just affect your blood flow. Since nitric oxide can get to your muscles, it can improve your oxygen levels and affect muscle contraction. In many studies, athletes found that they had more energy and improved their activities after including beets in their diet.

While studies on how beets can regulate blood sugar are still ongoing, there are claims that beetroot can lower blood sugar levels after having carbohydrates. Still, if you’re an active person, the benefits discovered so far are enough to encourage you to include a beetroot supplement in your diet!


  • Great if you don’t like the beets natural taste
  • Affordable
  • No artificial additives, preservatives, or gluten


  • Uncertainty over the right dosage
  • If you don’t like magnesium stearate in your supplements, it is present in these beetroot pills

Though this Beetroot capsules review focuses on one product, you can always hunt around for more beet capsules. I simply preferred Nature’s Way since they were affordable and worked for me! Whether you want your beets in pill, powder or juice form, it is always wise to confirm with your doctor or nutritionist that the nutrients in beetroot will do you good than harm.

FAQ about beetroot capsules

What are the benefits of beet capsules?

Beets can be a great way to detox and lose weight from their fiber content and very little fat. The most popular benefits include lower blood pressure, better blood circulation, an increase in stamina, and improved digestion.

Are beetroot pills good for you?

Apart from the nitrate content that can improve your workout performance and lower your blood pressure, beets are rich in other nutrients like folate, potassium, and vitamin C. The fiber content in beetroot is also good for your digestion.

Are beet capsules good for blood pressure?

Lots of research over the years has shown that nitrates in beets are responsible for the reduction in blood pressure when consumed. However, you need medical opinion before swapping your blood pressure medication for beetroot.

How many vitamins do beets have?

The main vitamins in beetroot are vitamin C and B9 (folate). Beets are also a great source of essential nutrients like fiber, iron, potassium, and manganese

Are beets good for your liver?

Nitrates and Betalains in beets can benefit the heart and minimize oxidative inflammation and damage. Beets can prevent oxidative damage in the liver and encourage detoxification.

Is it okay to take beet capsules every day?

For healthy adults, taking the recommended number of beet pills can lower blood pressure and encourage healthy energy levels. For pregnant women and individuals with cardiovascular issues, medical opinion would be best before taking beet capsules.