10 Best Over the Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo Review 2019

Obviously, the best over the range microwave convection oven combo is a needy kitchen appliance that comes with ultimate features and technologies. New technologies are changing the world as we see it today and luckily, our usual kitchen appliances are not exempted from this change.

Currently, there are various alternatives in the market when it gets down to selecting the ideal microwave. Back in the day, we could get to the market, ask around for microwave and pick any of our choices, without even going through its specs.

If it looks nice, then it should work well. However, fast forward to the digital era, there are slight adventurous changes in the game of microwaves.

Best Convection Microwave Over the Range: Quick View

The regular microwaves do not cut it anymore, so many of us are switching to the convection microwave oven. As the name implies, they are ovens designed with an in-built microwave.

These convection microwave ovens are made in numerous amounts, sizes, and they all have various special features.

How to preheat the microwave convection oven: Preheat Microwave Convection A to Z

Best Over the Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo Review

Some of the best convection microwaves over the range ovens that are available for you to check out during your next trip for portable microwaves include;

01. Black+Decker Countertop Convection Oven

Love pizzas? Who doesn’t?! This oven is ideal for making toast and baking pizzas for the entire family. It can be used to reheat leftovers dinner and give it life back to its crispy nature. A couple of the cooking performance of this oven consists of baking, toasting, broiling and keeping food warm. Through these operations, you practically have every single thing you desire from a small oven.

The convection oven is an ideal and affordable alternative if you need to prepare food swiftly. It is suitable for swiftly toasting and heating some of your best meals. This portable kitchen appliance can be positioned perfectly on any available countertop in your kitchen. The interior part of the oven is curved in a way that it still manages to be spacious for a nine-inch pizza to fit in.

You will not need to worry about cleaning the oven the best way you can as this masterpiece boasts of a crumb tray which is removable for cleaning. The baking pans and roasting racks that come with the oven are highly durable. Removing and placing food back into the oven is carried out seamlessly due to the pans and oven racks in the oven.

The oven’s window is large enough to peak through to make sure your meal cooks well and doesn’t burn. The use of its convection technology is to circulate the amount of hot air that is needed to cook your food.

Key Features

Some of the major features of the black Decker countertop convection toaster oven ranges from the following.

  • It has a sixty-minute timer for precise baking
  • Its convection heating fan distributes warm air
  • It provides roughly 1350 watts of power
  • Its highest baking temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit

02. Black+Decker TO 3250XSB Convection Oven

With a wider toaster comes a bigger baking duty. The interior of this oven was built wider to fit in a full amount of thirteen pans measuring nine inches. With this oven, you are free to bake brownies, lasagna and any other meal you want. Setting the ideal temperature plus time, you are assured of baking all your meals within minutes. The oven offers four diverse functions which include baking, toasting, broiling and keeping your food warm.

You can easily remove the crumb tray to make your cleaning easier. Basically, with the toast timer dedicated just for your toast, you are assured of nothing but the perfect toast. Also, you do not need to run around searching for the ideal pan that will fit into the oven. The interior parts are large enough to pans of any sizes.

This toast timer enables you to predict the exact shade you want. As mentioned already in its features, you do not need to search for new pans that will fit into the oven. Your old pans are okay and will fit adorably.

Do you know how many inches of pizzas and slices of bread you can fit into the curved interior of the convection toaster oven? It is a whopping twelve inches pizza and up to eight slices of bread. The oven can be placed perfectly on the countertop also.

Key Features

The primary features of the convection countertop toaster oven include;

  • Its sixty minutes timer feature
  • It has a toast timer specifically for the oven
  • The oven makes use of diverse pans
  • The oven comes with a toasting rack

03. Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Microwave Oven

Right now, Cuisinart is presenting individuals with a countertop oven that has the greatest integration of not just style, and an extraordinary outlook, but also the right size. The microwave convection oven and grill are as large as 1.2 cubic feet, and there is no doubt that it is made for a sophisticated commercial kitchen. It offers distinct and combined settings for numerous amount of cooking alternatives.

Cuisinart CMW-200, the oven is not just the latest generation of the microwave; it is actually a creation of Cuisinart. This adorable appliance will surely make a simple cook feel like he or she is a chef. This impressive kitchen implements can help with each of your cooking requirements; be it defrosting, convection roasting, fast baking, grilling, keeping your meals warm, microwaving, and so much more.

For its diverse options with a single button, you can defrost a casserole, use the microwave to heat it, grill the casserole to melt the cheese. Basically, its stainless steel does not absorb dirt, and it is ultimately simple to clean up without any stress.

The defrosting can go on for ten minutes and then you can bake with the microwave at high power for about five minutes and also a grill for roughly one minute. This amazing function of Cuisinart CMW-200 aids you in switching between two or three functions in a certain sequence you pick.

Key Features

Some of its key features of Cuisinart CMW 200 are;

  • Two defrost functions to either defrost via weight or through time
  • Its convection grill and the microwave can roast and bake
  • Comes with diverse alternatives that are operated via one button
  • Offers versatile alternatives for a large number of meals
  • It makes use of an interior, stainless steel
  • Extreme use of 1200 watts of power

04. Panasonic NN-SN936B Microwave Oven

The prominently known Panasonic brand presents this large 2.2 cube feet microwave oven that comes with intriguing features. Ever seen a microwave oven created with the technology of an inverter? When you get, you’ll be amazed at what you can use it for. This microwave oven can be used in cooking delicious meals. No more overcooked edges or even cold centers.

This oven with the aid of the inverter innovation delivers energy in a fashion that enables subtle meals to cook without the fear of overcooking them. Foods can retain their color and even more, their nutrients and even texture. This Panasonic beauty provides about 1250 watts of increased cooking power and also fourteen preset automatic cooking menu items.

It makes use of a one-touch smart sensor cook and reheats operation. You can set the power levels automatically and adjust either the reheat or cooking time. This oven comprises a child safety lock, a quick minute timer and also a delay start button. Like every smart technology available today, it also comes with a smart cooking setting accompanied by brilliant sensors.

Meals such as vegetables, gravies, sauces, and even your favorite soup are preserved until the right time for you to eat them. This is as a result of its intriguing inverter technology.

Key Features

Some of the amazing features of this beauty include;

  • Its smart controls give it a sophisticated look
  • The turbo defrost can thaw food swiftly and perfectly
  • The added warm feature helps in maintaining the ideal food temperature
  • It makes use of an inverter technology
  • Featured an in-built sensor

05. Breville BOV900BSS Convection Oven

In an era of smart technology comes a smart oven air equipped with an Element IQ. This appliance is basically for the cook that needs a countertop oven that is capable of roasting for a big event, air fry French fries and help in dehydrating a vast range of balanced foods.

With its underlying super convection technology, the oven offers a large amount of air to make sure even, and fast heat is distributed perfectly for dehydration, roasting and finally air frying. With its Element IQ benefits, the oven has Breville sensing accompanied by PID temperature control innovation. If size matters to you then you can keep out this amazing oven. Inside the oven is a space that is as big as one cubic foot.

So, it accommodates the toasting of about nine slices of bread, can roast turkey of 14-ln and air fry French fries. Also, this smart oven air was created with an LCD display to access the in-built smart functions easily. The lights inside the oven can turn on automatically once a cooking cycle ends and it is switched on at the mere touch of a button.

The oven has roughly thirteen cooking operations that will swiftly assist you in achieving perfection. You can bake, roast, make pizza, reheat your meals, bake cookies, cook slowly, make a bagel, broil, bake, warm your meals, air-fry, and basically execute diverse operations. This smart oven air makes use of 1800 watts.

Key Features

The key features of Breville BOV900BSS are;

  • Great convection innovation
  • It has an LCD display
  • Perfect air-fry and dehydrating preset
  • It comprises of Element QI

06. Hamilton Beach 31103DA Convection Oven

An appliance too small to fit perfectly into the counter of your kitchen yet too big to assist in making snacks, meals or to be used for parties. There is no better way to describe the Hamilton Beach countertop oven with convection plus its rotisserie. It was created with the style of the kitchen in mind.

As a result, the appliance is equipped with diverse cooking alternatives. These options revolve around broiling salmons to roasting chicken of about 5lb, and finally baking cakes. Meanwhile, this oven is actually perfect for anybody at any point in time and anywhere. It has two cooking racks that can be adjusted to gain more space to prepare various meals.

This microwave oven comes with two baking pans, broiler rack, two cooking racks, etc. All these are for your convenience. Tired of the oven available at your place of work, this oven can easily replace it. Elderly individuals can have easy access to utilize the appliance, and it also offers snack enthusiasts small treats.

Key Features

The primary features of this oven consist of;

  • Broiling and baking setting that utilizes an auto shut off
  • It is huge
  • Comes with a revolving rotisserie
  • Capable of much faster than the regular oven.
  • It is highly versatile

07. Samsung M 11K7035CG Microwave Oven

The appliance right here is more than just a mere microwave that you are familiar with. It is swift, cooking is excellent, and quality results are achieved with the power convection. Also, the power grill is a feature that it uses to toast and crisp your best meals. The oven has an interior that was built to resist scratches yet can be cleaned up easily.

It has a huge LED display. As a result, its timing and settings are clear enough for a better cooking comfort. With a power grill function, heat is fairly circulated around the food. Hence, cold spots are reduced. This would inadvertently enable you to either brown or crisp your meal on the outside while the inner part stays juicy.

The preset varieties of cooking alternatives place meals that are convenient on the tips of your fingers. With the use of just a button, you can select from diverse preset cooking modes on this Samsung microwave. The convection power basically cooks much faster and more real to deliver the needed oven-quality results.

The oven successfully integrates a fan to circulate heat with hot air fairly. On a general note, this oven can easily toast, brown or crisp your favorite meal. It makes use of 1300 watts of cooking power via its straight grilling element.

Key Features

  • Utilizes the Eco mode
  • Able to make use of a power grill
  • It has diverse preset cooking alternatives
  • Simple functions using the power convection technology

08. ConvectionWorks H-Q Intelligent Microwave Oven

The ConvectionWork intelligent toaster oven series is created to assist your kitchen duties and make life much simpler. It has ten vital preset cooking operations that instantly preset temperature as well as time for the ideal meal. With this oven, you can adjust the temperature and time as you like it.

Immediately after you make your choice, you can easily activate convection or either rotisserie functions with just a click of a button. Presenting an increased capacity and compact structure, there is no fear of heating the whole kitchen while you cook. This oven is huge enough to fit in about six toast slices and even eight inches pizza.

Want to put in twenty-five liters? This oven is your best bet. You do not need to worry about the dish’s size because both the preset functions and the four heating components will make sure the food cooks deliciously. This will have to be the ideal resolution when your old oven does not cut it anymore.

A small kitchen is also perfect for this kitchen appliance. It has a door panel which insulates the oven heat. You can make use of the rotisserie mode to roast a chicken slowly. The racks in this oven are positioned in a way that they take on the perfect height for an ideal cooking task. Your meals can cook about thirty percent fast with the convection cook button.

Key Features

Its well-known features range from;

  • It has a convection cook button
  • Built with HI-Q intelligence plus a big LED screen
  • Its crumb trays are removable
  • Added to its great features is an insulated door.

09. Toshiba EC042A5C-BS Microwave Oven

Toshiba, a prominently known brand for its amazing products is offering a 1.5cubic feet microwave convection oven that also provides 1000 watt of power. This appliance has a large interior and features both microwave and convection cooking. The oven makes use of a sensor reheating feature that allows you to reheat about nine food items and even cook optimally with the mere touch of an available button.

Without any complexity, you have the chance to select from roughly ten power levels, even up to 1000 watts and your convection cooking can take from 170 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also set up a program of up to three best times and also power combos for an added one-touch comfort. It has an interior that is black and stainless.

With this convection microwave oven, you are provided with two different modes of cooking your meal. If you need to prepare a quick meal, then you use the microwave, and if you want to bake a snack and do not need the entire kitchen to be heated up, then you can use the oven. Also, there are buttons where you can select any power level from one to ten.

For thawing your meat or casseroles, you are provided with two alternatives; you can decide to auto defrost or time defrost. Plus, also added is a kitchen timer and clock.

Key Features

This Toshiba product has some interesting features which include;

  • Merges both local oven cooking and the convection microwave cooking.
  • It has automatic roast and bake functions
  • The microwave can be used to either defrost or cook meals
  • It has six preset and sensor cooking operations
  • The control panel is digital plus an inner LED light

10. ConvectionWorks Hi-Q Intelligent Countertop Oven

This microwave oven comes with about ten accessories, a rotisserie, and split powers about 1500 watts, comes with stainless steel, and so much more. Designed to make your life easier, you will be done with all cooking duties in no time. With an increased capacity plus its compact structure, there is no need to heat the full kitchen because you are making a meal.

The oven can fit in nine slices of toast, and even a twelve inches pizza. Largest pans and dishes can even fit into the oven perfectly. Hence, you do not need to go shopping for new pans. You basically do not need to worry about anything as this oven can cook for both family holidays and your parties.

Whenever your old kitchen oven does not cut it anymore, this is a perfect fit for your kitchen. There is an ideal distance between the oven and the wall that allows both air intake and airflow. This is as a result of its back bumper. Also, with the convection cooking button, your meals can cook faster give or take, thirty percent.

The texts on the oven can be read easily. Even more, the oven automatically estimates the perfect time and temperature for every one of your meal. This oven also makes the ideal cut for kitchens that do not have an oven.

Key Features

Major features to look out for in this appliance are;

  • It has a voltage of 120V
  • The maximum power consumption of the oven is 1500 watts
  • It is fully Teflon free
  • It has uniquely structured back bumpers
  • Created with HI-Q Intelligence
  • The crumb tray in the oven is removable
  • It has an insulated door

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Over the Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo

Important Tips Before Purchasing Your Microwave Convection Oven, Check it Out

The best convection microwave over the range ovens can be referred to as kitchen Staples. This is because the kitchen appliance is a fast and comfortable instrument for either defrosting or better still re-heating your meals Most people utilize it in preparing certain dishes. Even more, because people do not quite understand or know how versatile this appliance is, they do not know the extent a microwave oven can go in preparing delicious meals.

While you may be seeking for the ideal microwave to purchase amongst so many portable appliances, there are key things to note when searching for the perfect choice. Have it in mind that there are diverse kinds of microwaves and each have their specific features. With this in mind, you can select the appliance that best fits your needs and at the same time gives you value for the money spent.

Meanwhile, some of the things you will need to consider before buying the best countertop convection microwave oven include;

Infinite cooking prospects

Microwaves with additional grill and convection components can significantly cut down on the whole cooking hassle. For your convection microwave, it has a heat cycle via its fans in which it moves extremely hot air inside the microwave.

What this means is that these microwaves are highly sensational when it comes down to roasting and baking. You are also assured of an appealing yet moist result at the end. One more interesting feature to consider is the grill function

It makes use of a heating element to make your food crisp and brown just by the simple click of a button.

With a microwave that has limitless cooking potentials, you are guaranteed to no longer have overcooked reheated foods.

Capacity & Size

You will need microwaves with features that enable you to cook complete dishes all at once. A microwave with more than enough capacity to cook for the whole family would be an ideal choice.

You should not only look at the size of the microwave but also estimate the space you will be using inside. Some microwaves have two shelves, and they enable you to utilize the space quite differently.

Extra Features

Some specific microwaves are built with extra features that can assist you in ensuring that your meals are cooked to the barest perfection and also cooked on time.

Microwaves like these come with a program or an in-built menu setting to make your job easier by simply choosing the best option for your diverse meals. This entails the time for cooking and the percentage of power.

You might want to consider a microwave that has a humidity sensor as it can easily detect the level of moisture and practically adjust the power and cooking time by this moisture.

For your defrost purposes, some microwaves can be used to thaw food swiftly without the need to dry them out. This is highly considerable.

Wattage of the microwave

One vital factor to consider before making the ideal microwave choice is its power watts. Microwaves with an increased wattage will cook your meals faster.

Some recipes would need the microwave to generate a minimum of 800 watts to make sure the food is properly cooked and baked evenly. You should know that microwaves have wattages that start from 600 and could have up to a whopping 1500.

It is however vital that you check the model of the microwave for its adequate generating power.

Consumer Reviews

Before making your big purchase on a product, it is important you search through the reviews made by consumers who have already purchased the appliance before you. This would help you know what you are getting yourself into.

Through the comments, you can tell the best brands to choose from and also the products to completely avoid no matter their sophisticated outlook.

Through the reviews, you would also know the highest rated microwave oven that would make cooking easier and faster for your daily tasks.

Over the stove or Countertop

Once again before making your big purchase, you should consider where you will be keeping the microwave. Some people might see it as a small decision, but really it is not. It is, however, a big decision for quite a small yet portable appliance.

With this, you can consider going for a countertop microwave or an over the stove microwave. Are you wondering if there are differences between them? Well, of course, there are differences.

While countertops are the more prominent of the two, you can easily plug them in a socket and start your meal. It can be moved from one place to another, and the latest countertop microwaves have controls on their doors.

As for over the stove microwaves, they have in-built fans, and you have more alternatives plus features. This way you can also save enough counter space. It is your choice to make and should be highly thought through.

Meanwhile, if you are a heavy user plus you have a big family, you may likely consider going for the two options.

The Company or Famous Brand

Products from specific companies help to save the stress of testing various appliances for years or even months before getting the perfect appliance from the best company.

Prominently known brands such as LG, Toshiba, IFB and Samsung are considered to be the leading manufacturers of the ideal microwave oven we have today.

It will not be a bad idea to take into consideration the after-sales services of diverse brands.

Generally, you may also want to consider how the interior parts of the microwave oven you will purchase works. So, there are diverse options to look out for. These include;

  • Automatic Sensor

Microwave ovens that have automatic sensors can shut down albeit automatically whenever the sensors feel that your meal has been cooked perfectly. It also aids in preventing overheating of the meal.

  • Control Panel

Some people out there usually consider buying a microwave that has mechanical or sometimes a mixture of both a touch control panel and a mechanically controlled panel. Their reasons are however not far-fetched.

This is because the touch control panel requires extra care because they are susceptible to failures.

Lately, companies have begun providing their flagship products with mechanically controlled panels.

  • Electronic Programming

This right here is an asset that will enable you to prepare your meals in accordance to an already recorded program, or you can automatically estimate the cooking power and time depending on the dish you are making, i.e., its weight and the type of meal.

However, it utilizes a touch control panel accompanied by a computerized display placed right at the front of the device. It will basically make your life easier than it already is.

Meanwhile, if you are the type of person that cannot be overly concerned or not the least bit comfortable with gadgets; this might prove difficult at the beginning. Nevertheless, you can choose to go for a mechanically controlled panel with actual buttons.

  • Child Safety Locks

This is a vital feature that you cannot help but consider before buying in a home with little kids running all around. Before buying a big microwave oven, the electric lock system should be considered.

This lock system will aid in preventing mishaps of any oven misuse. Thus, it helps to avoid kitchen accidents.

  • Multiple Series Cooking

With this feature, changing the power level while cooking is done automatically which means you will not be needing to stop the microwave from preparing the meal. You can easily set the oven to cook, grill and defrost all within the same time frame.

This should be considered as it will help you save time and it is highly convenient.

Common FAQs About Best Countertop Convection Microwave Ovens

  1. What exactly are convection microwaves?

Simply put, they are microwaves that make use of convection technology. What this means is that they make use of a fan to distribute the movement of air and heat that will fill up the interior area of the microwave

With it, your food is thoroughly cooked inside and out. The microwaves are used for baking and roasting foods that will be cooked quickly but not thoroughly with your regular everyday microwave.

  1. What other features should I consider before buying the convection microwave oven?

Other features you should consider before making your big purchase should be the ease of use. You should search for microwaves with user-friendly controls and ideal instructions placed on its display.

Note that, the best countertop convection microwave ovens will not need you searching and referring back to the instruction manual to operate them.

  1. Can I place my microwave oven behind my door?

This is one of the big factors to consider before purchasing a microwave oven. Lately, microwave ovens are built to open from both sides, i.e., left and right sides.

So, keeping the microwave behind the door will not only cover it up in your kitchen, it will limit easy access to the appliance.

Although, it will aid in reducing the movement of hot foods and drinks around the kitchen. This will ultimately lead to a reduced chance of kitchen accidents. Placing the microwave oven on your counter sounds ideal.

  1. What are the best companies that I can buy a microwave product from?

Some of the best manufacturers of ideal yet portable microwave oven products are from the prominently known business brands. They include; Sharp, Panasonic, Danny designer, LG, Westinghouse, RCA, etc.

  1. Can I know the type of energy that powers a convection microwave oven?

You should know that convection microwave ovens make use of electricity that has been converted into heat energy to prepare meals.

  1. How quickly can my meals get prepared?

This part basically depends on the amount of time you set on your timer. Each meal has their very own time to get properly done and so the microwave oven offers you the opportunity to set the time accordingly.

  1. Is the microwave oven a secure kitchen appliance to have?

Of course, it is! If it were not, no one would be advising individuals to get them or be bothered about rating the best countertop convection microwave oven that would help meet every one of your desired needs.

     8. Is there a particular color for all microwave ovens?

The colors of microwave ovens are different. However, they majorly come in black and white colors, and sometimes stainless colors are added in the mix.

  1. Is there a way I can know the best countertop convection microwave oven to purchase?

Yes, there is! All you need to do is to either search through brands in high demand or better still skim through customer reviews. The review would help you with a head start on the products to ultimately avoid and the best to grab with both hands.

Buying from well-known brands will also help. It saves you the stress of testing diverse appliances.

  1. Are there any microwave ovens mixed with the regulars that we are used to?

Yes. Some convention microwave ovens have been manufactured to have both the convection technology and your regular traditional oven. Each day, you have the choice of selecting the part that best works for the meal you want to prepare.

  1. Are the convection microwaves oven easy to use?

Not only do they come with instruction manuals to guide you through every operation, but you also do not need to keep referring back to the manual because they are simple to use appliances.

However, people who are not fond of gadgets can purchase the microwave ovens that make use of mechanical control panels.

To Sum It Up

On a general note, convection microwave ovens are strong appliances and offer users with a range of operational functions plus cooking approaches structured for different recipes and meals. These microwave convection ovens bake the dishes with the aid of the convection heat. This heat does not cause any harm. It gives your food a much more natural and tasty looking feel plus a crunchy outlook.

It is everyone’s best wish to purchase the ideal microwave oven that they have always dreamed of. Convection microwave ovens make for very good investments as they offer an utterly wholesome cooking experience to the user and his or her family.

While most people may be wondering the need for the best over the range microwave convection oven combo, the simple yet brief answer is that these ovens provide users with swift cooking features of both a microwave and your regular oven.

The countertop convection microwaves do not only heat the interior of your meals; it makes them brown and cooks them thoroughly, both inside and out. Who would not love a well-prepared meal?

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