Can babies take beetroot? Is it safe?

When your child reaches 6 months, it’s time to introduce solid foods in his/her diet to provide nutrients and supplement breastfeeding. Beetroot has many nutritional benefits however, can babies take beetroot may be a concern.

How to select and store the best beetroot for making baby food

To get the best beetroot for your baby gets fresh medium sized beetroots that are less than 3-4 inches in diameter. They are more tender and tasty than large beetroots. The beets should be unblemished and unbruised with their green leafy tops attached which keeps them fresh.

When it comes to storage, cut off the green top then put the beetroots in a freezer bag or an airtight container and put them at the back of your fridge. As long as the beetroots remain cold they are good for up to 1 week.

Can babies take beetroot?

Before you introduce any solid foods to your baby it’s a good idea to consult your baby doctor who will help you know how to introduce beetroot to her diet. Because beetroot is rich in nitrates you can give your baby 1-2 tsp. of steamed or cooked beets to reduce the nitrate levels.Watch this to find out more about the benefits of beetroot to your baby.

Benefits of beetroot for your baby

Help in digestion

Beetroot contains insoluble fiber that your body doesn’t absorb but helps to improve your bowel movement. If your child has constipation, eating beetroot will help her digestive system. A hearty breakfast with muffins made from beetroot, apple, and walnut will kick start your family’s metabolism.

Lower the risk on anemia

Beetroots are rich in iron that helps lower the risk of your child having anemia. Anemia is a consequence of your child not having enough iron in her body and this can happen if she’s a picky eater. Iron increases production of red blood cells that provide oxygen to parts of the body and help in your baby’s brain development and brain activity. You can make refreshing treats of beetroot and berry smoothies for the whole family to deliver loads of iron in their bodies.

Baby’s overall health

Beetroots help to reduce the risks of your baby developing disease like jaundice, night blindness, beriberi, diarrhea because they have vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamin C, folate, magnesium, calcium, and much more. They also contain proteins, lipids, and electrolytes.

Boost immunity

The antioxidants present in beetroots helps to enhance the immunity of your baby.

Cleansing the body

Beetroot is a natural body cleanser. It cleanses the gall bladder and kidneys getting rid of any toxins helping the kidney function properly.

Best way to prepare baby food

Steaming or boiling are the best methods for preparing your baby’s beetroot. You can also steam them which will make it easy to mash them to make a puree and make Vitamin A beta carotene to be more readily absorbed by your baby’s body. Cooking beetroot reduces the nitrate levels in raw beets. Peel and cut off the greens from the beets when making the baby puree.

Does this information answer your question, can babies take beetroot?

Giving your baby foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins will help in her growth and general health. Beetroots are veggies that are good for your baby’s digestive system to help in her bowel movement, the antioxidants boost her immunity protecting her from infections, lowers the risk of her becoming anemic because of lack of iron, and boosting her general health and preventing disease like jaundice, night blindness, or diarrhea. However, before you start to feed your baby beetroot, visit your baby doctor to get proper guidelines on the quantities of beets best for your baby’s stomach.


Is beetroot good for an 8 month old baby?

Pediatricians recommend that you introduce beets to your baby after 8-10 months. However, before you introduce it discuss it with your baby’s doctor how to include it in the diet. Beets contain nitrates that are hard for the baby to digest so 1 or 2 tsp. is enough.

When can babies have pureed beets?

Before giving your baby beet puree try other green and yellow vegetables to see how her body reacts to them. If the baby is 8 months add a bit of beets in the diet but don’t give too much.

Is beetroot good for relieving constipation in babies?

Beets are high in fiber which the baby requires to help ease the passage of stool. Other ways would be to increase breast feeding, if you baby is older than 6 months give prune or pear juice, oats or barley cereals, and increase their intake of fruits and veggies with high fiber content.

Is beetroot good for your baby’s skin?

Beets contain anti-inflammatories that protect your baby’s skin from infections. It’s also a good blood purifier that removes toxins from the blood.

Is beetroot good for nursing mothers?

Including beets in your daily diet is very beneficial to your pregnancy and baby. However, it’s recommended that if you’re pregnant or breast feeding you limit your intake of beet juice because it’s a detoxifier that can affect your fetus.