Can Thyroid Patients Take Beetroot

Your thyroid is a gland in your neck that releases hormones which control most of your body functions. Certain foods like beetroot are said to help with thyroid problems but can thyroid patients take beetroot?

For years now my aunt has been having problems with her thyroid. She has gone to many doctors to explain to her why it happens and if there are other alternatives to taking medication. I also thought it would be a good idea to consult a nutritionist who can recommend a more natural treatment. After examining and talking to my aunt, she gave us a few beetroot recipes to start with before the next appointment.


Food alone isn’t enough to treat thyroid although the nutrients you get can help to control it. If your thyroid gland isn’t able to produce enough thyroid hormones to meet your body needs, your body functions begin to slow down and you start to notice things like weight gain, dry skin, fatigue, constipation, brain fog, cold hands and feet, and thinning hair.

You may also experience heavy periods, high cholesterol, infertility, fluid retention, etc. Without proper iodine levels, your thyroid can’t function properly. The thyroid hormone controls your estrogen, insulin, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol. It also controls your metabolism, how fast or slow you burn calories which may cause you to have diabetes if not properly controlled.

Foods that are good and bad for your thyroid

Certain foods like cabbage, kale, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, are cruciferous vegetables that contain high levels of goitrogens. This means that they can they can cause your thyroid gland to malfunction. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat these veggies, it just means you need to cook them and not eat them raw. When cooked you reduce the goitrogens in the food.

While some people may be sensitive and reactive to substances in food, others may not so it’s best to cook your cruciferous veggies to be on the safe side. Also, don’t eat them in large quantities and if you’re having thyroid problems it’s best to consult your doctor before eating any of these veggies. Most thyroid patients drink green juices that contain cruciferous veggies which may affect your thyroid conditions. An alternative would be a beetroot and carrot juice which you can include some greens.

Can thyroid patients take beetroot?

Beetroot is an anti-inflammatory veggie that helps to support your liver functions. It’s also known to be an excellent liver detoxifier. Beetroot contains high levels of betainewhich helps to strengthen and protect your liver cells and bile ducts enhancing proper liver functions. Beetroot is a superfood that is nutrient rich which is beneficial for your well-being and overall health. Regular intake can reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and give you prolonged life.

So, can thyroid patients take beetroot? The answer is yes, provided you consult your doctor first before taking beetroot. All you need is to get foods that can feed your thyroid, nourish your body back to health, improve your metabolism, lower your cholesterol, and reduce the risks of developing cancer and heart diseases. Beetroot has loads of vitamins and nutrients that can do exactly all these things.

Beetroot has nitric oxide that helps in increasing energy that improves your exercising and losing weight, its fiber helps improve your bowel movements helping to flush out harmful toxins and carcinogens.

Nitric oxide in beets lowers your blood pressure by increasing blood flow to your body. Patients with thyroid lack vitamins and minerals like iodine, zinc, vitamin A, B2, B12, C, D magnesium, and selenium that you can get in beets. Since beets have no fats and low sugars, your cholesterol levels are maintained as well as your blood sugar.Watch this to know more about healing your thyroid.

This is good news for thyroid patients

Thyroid is a condition that affects your thyroid gland caused by insufficient amounts of iodine in your body. Certain foods like beetroot, carrots, blueberries, gluten-free oatmeal, green beans, mushrooms, garlic, pumpkins, sardines, dark chocolate, etc. can help in treating this condition. However, it’s good to cook goitrogenic foods like kale, spinach, cabbage, Brussels sprouts because they can affect your thyroid. Beetroot is a great veggie in treating thyroid because it’s rich in minerals and nutrients your thyroid needs.


Can you take beet juice when suffering from thyroid problems?

Yes you can. Diabetic patients are the ones who can’t take beets. If you’re suffering from hyperthyroidism you need to stay away from veggies in the cruciferous family like cabbages, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Is carrot good for thyroid patients?

Carrots are fibrous vegetables that help you to lose weight and helps you stay fuller for longer. They also help in improving your digestion which is crucial in improving your thyroid condition.

What a thyroid patient should not eat.

Vegetables like turnips, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, etc. are called goitrogenic foods. These veggiesmay slow down your thyroid functions especially if eaten raw and its utilization of iodine which is essential for the thyroid to function properly

How can I increase my thyroid level?

This involves not only watching what you eat but also your lifestyle. You can start by exercising more, staying hydrated and limiting your caffeine intake, don’t skip any meals, stay away from refined carbs, and be careful on the proteins you eat.

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