Cat Water Bowl & Keeping Your Cat Happy


Keeping your cat happy and healthy is something every cat parent naturally does to ensure their family member is well cared for.

But some cats are just plain picky and don’t drink enough water on a daily basis.  Having a cat water bowl that is good for your cat is one step in the right direction.  So lets take a look at why some cats are so picky about drinking water.

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Cat is going to water bowl but not drinking

Let me ask you a question…  would you drink water that was slimy or muddy?  I’m pretty sure the answer would be a big NO!

Cats like running water, and running water doesn’t get stagnate.  Your cat instinctively might know to be suspicious of still water, realizing that stagnant water isn’t always safe.  

Part of the ‘wild’ nature of cats tells them that still water can be contaminated, so they know that running water is safer.

One way to offer your cat running water is to provide a cat water bowl or fountain that circulates the water and keeps it moving.

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The movement of the water makes it more attractive to them and perhaps your cat might want to paw at the moving water.  Be sure to keep filling with fresh clean water daily as cats don’t like stale water.

Water and food location

Water and food bowl location matters.  Some cats don’t like their food bowl to close to water because of their natural instincts, their strong sense of smell they don’t like smelling their food when they drink.

Also, keeping the food and water separated minimizes any risks of food falling into their water causing any possible contamination.

In the wild, cats obtain water from the moisture content in their food. This includes prey like insects, birds, and rodents, which also contain a high water content.

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Most canned foods contain at least 75 percent water, while dry foods contain only about 10 percent.  

Today’s domestic cats that eat canned food benefit greatly as it helps and does the double duty of giving your cat nutrition while keeping them hydrated.

Bowl Shape and Size

The size and shape of the water bowl can also be a reason why your cat isn’t drinking water.  

Cat whiskers are sensitive, if they have a water bowl that causes their whiskers to get squished chances are they won’t use it.  If your cat is picky about drinking from a regular bowl there are many different water fountain bowls you can try.

Best Water Bowls for Cats

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