3 Reasons to Have a Chunk of Raw Beet Everyday

You have heard and read it lots of times. Raw beets are good for you so you should make a point to eat them as often as you can. Here are a few reasons why. When consumed regularly, beets can help keep you away from the doctor’s office for a long time. As a nutritionist, … Read more

How to Make Boiled Beets: the Benefits of Boiled Beets

If you like beets but cannot stand the earthy taste of the vegetable raw, try boiling them. Read on to learn how to prepare boiled beetsjust right so that you don’t lose valuable nutrients and flavor. As a nutritionist, I recommend raw beets to my clients but many of them say they just can’t get … Read more

How Long Do Potatoes Last? Storage & Shelf Life

Making different recipes that have potatoes can truly change the taste of a meal. Over the years, trying different methods of storing potatoes has shown me the longevity of just how long potatoes can last. Most potato varieties can stay for a month, but if stored at room temperature, the potatoes stay about 2 weeks … Read more