Doterra Vitality Pack Review – Expensive, But Is It Effective?

If you’ve heard of Doterra, then you may know that most of their supplements are, honestly, on the high end. In this Doterra Vitality Pack review, I did some research of my own and decided to discover the benefits these capsules could offer me – if there were any.

Spending many hours in the office means I have very little time to focus on other things. If you are often busy like I am, squeezing in appointments and meetings in all possible free occasions leaves you with barely enough time to grab a full course meal you can enjoy for a couple of minutes. When you think about it, most of us are going through similar motions; taking less care of ourselves or finding it hard to focus on what’s important.

However, the modern world waits for no one, and you can’t simply quit your job when it gets tough (especially if you have mouths to feed). But that doesn’t mean you cannot observe your work-life balance and prevent it from fully tipping in the wrong direction. As easy as it can be using modern inventions to make work easier and save time, the same way, you can improve your diet without having to rush from one grocery shop to another – and that is the power of dietary supplements.

Don’t get me wrong; supplements aren’t a way to replace your meals. Think of them as a way to improve your nutrient intake. You’ll still have to incorporate a balanced diet in your life to reap the benefits in the long run!

So, even with my tight schedule, I find time to eat as healthy as I can. Cutting on the quick burgers and junk food is tough, but it is worth it, and I have my balanced diet and dietary supplements to thank for that. Since I’m always up for potentially advantageous supplements, noticing the Doterra Vitality Pack sometimes made me curious. I had to try it out.

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Doterra Vitality Pack Review

Doterra Vitality Pack review

First thing I noticed about the Doterra line of products? They were pretty expensive. Apart from the vitality pack which contains three bottles with different vitamins, there are more Doterra goodies to purchase. Some include vitamins for the kids, green supplements for the daily fruit and veggie intake, and other specialized dietary complexes.

About Doterra

Translated from Latin, the company name means “Gift of the Earth,†and has been around for ten years. The main aim since then is to provide high-quality essential oils. Apparently, the Doterra pure essential oils were of such high and therapeutic quality that they led to a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) standard of quality.

Since then, Doterra has grown from the initial ten blends and 25 single oils to more oils, blends, and nutritional products. You can even get the Doterra brochure for some insight into their wellness philosophy and healthy living.

Doterra Lifelong Vitality Pack

Though expensive, there are significant nutrients in the Doterra vitality pack. Unlike many supplements that are a result of companies trying to pack too many nutrients in a pill or two, the vitality pack ensures you get your nutrition in different packages and capsules.

In my vitality kit, I had the xEO Mega, Alpha CRS, and Microplex VMz products. If you’d like to customize your kit, you can go to the official website and contact customer care on how to go about it. The ingredients in the vitality pack are too many to list, and the primary benefits are multiple.

Some of the benefits include a boost in your immunity, nervous system, cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory health. Also, your eyes, liver, bones, and metabolism could improve.

My Results

A few days into the pack, I noticed a huge improvement in my sleep cycle, and that I woke up feeling a lot more refreshed than before. I also felt less fatigued than usual, and my concentration levels were a bit better. That made taking 12 capsules a day less of a task!



  • Those are many capsules to take every day
  • Very expensive


This won’t be the Doterra vitamins review that doesn’t ask you to weigh your options. If we’re honest, the capsules are pricey, and multiple ingredients often increase your chances at having an adverse reaction. For my part, if you feel Doterra could be what you need to improve your health, I say go for it! They worth it for me, at least!

FAQ Section

What is in Doterra Vitality Pack?

The Doterra Vitality Pack is a kit that contains three key supplements: xEO Mega, Alpha CRS, and Microplex VMz (depending on where you buy your pack, you may choose your combination of three supplements). The three supplements contain essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants that offer metabolic benefits, promote health, energy, and overall lifelong vitality.

What is in Doterra vitamins?

In the Vitality pack: Alpha CRSÂ  contains curcumin, boswellic acids, ginkgo, bromelain enzyme, carotenoids, and polyphenols while xEO Mega provides marine lipids, fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin E, and astaxanthin. Microplex VMz contains vitamins A, C, E, and multiple B-vitamins, a blend of essential oils, and minerals like calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

Are Doterra supplements gluten-free?

According to Doterra, they adhere to strict standards to ensure all their products (supplements, oils, hair, and skin products) are gluten-free. The supplements present no health risk for people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance.

Does Doterra expire?

There are multiple concerns over the Doterra product shelf-life due to the high price tag that comes with their products. That said, supplements do expire; though they may not be toxic once they expire, they lose their potency and quality and eventually offer no health benefits.

Are Doterra products vegan?

All of the Doterra oils are vegan-friendly while most of the Doterra supplements, and products are vegan-friendly; all are animal cruelty-free. Some, like the A2Z chewables, Bone Nutrient Complex, IQ Mega, xEO mega, and a few others may not be vegan.

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