Dr. Joe’s Super Greens Review– One Way To Go Clean This Year

Wondering how to change your diet and finally go clean? There are multiple green supplements to help you with that, and I’ve written this Dr. Joe’s Super Greens review to tell you what I found with this popular dietary product.

I lead a busy, but very interesting life, and while I would love to have more days to get out and see the world, I can’t complain. I live in a cozy apartment, and I always pay all my bills on time. However, in the past, I had trouble controlling my diet, and for a moment it seemed to sink into my work life.

I am a bad cook, and I don’t even bother trying most of the time! That means ordering in or eating out unless I have company over that can cook. Unfortunately, that encouraged some pretty bad habits until my doctor told me I had to start making the necessary dietary changes, stat!

Now, I’m learning how to prepare healthier meals (it’s not that hard!), and cutting out the junk food whenever I order in or eat out. Also, I work out as much as possible and take dietary supplements to get the nutrients I miss from my diet. Since I had an interest in plant-based nutrition, I had to try out Dr. Joe’s Super Greens.

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Dr. Joe’s Super Greens Review

Dr. Joe's Super Greens review

Though my interest was in the Super Greens, I could see about three more dietary products; all by Dr. Joe. I’d heard lots of positive reviews regarding Nitric Oxide from a few friends and colleagues who were into sports and gym. So I made a mental note to check out Dr. Joe’s Nitric Oxide Support later since I wasn’t up for taking two new supplements at the same time.

About Dr. Joe’s

After helping his dad recover from a misaligned spine, Dr. Joe Esposito decided to help people, “get well, and stay well.†Apart from the products, there are even nutritional counseling and sports therapy options on the main website. You can also find health-related videos, articles, and podcasts – mostly regarding your diet – on the media page. I went through some of the digestive and diabetic topics, and they were quite informative.

Dr. Joe’s Super Greens

You want a great way to supplement your vitamin and mineral intake? Dr. Joe’s Super Greens could be what you need. The powder contains both soluble and insoluble fiber and easy-to-digest vegan protein. I also noticed that the supplement has omega-3 fatty acids, which I rarely found in some of the veggie supplements I’d purchased before.

Some supplements have high-glycemic levels that could be unhealthy for you depending on your body or condition. Dr. Joe’s Super Greens have low-glycemic carbohydrates that boost your metabolism without harming your heart. You also get essential antioxidants and multiple other phytochemicals that encourage overall wellness from a cellular level.

The key organic ingredients include Rice protein, Wheatgrass, Flaxseed, Alfalfa leaf, Spirulina, Barley grass, and Dulse – all organic.

My Results

The container has about 32 scoops – which is a bit better than most brands that have exactly 30 scoops! I’d either dilute one scoop of the powder every day in cold water or mix with the occasional smoothies.

I felt the difference in energy within the first day. Not only was the taste bearable, but the supplement was also easier on my stomach than many other concoctions I had tried before. It was almost like my body felt much cleaner and ready for whatever challenges the day brought!


  • Easy to take
  • Organic ingredients
  • Affordable


  • Some users do not like the taste
  • Recommended to talk to a doctor first if you are taking blood thinners


From this Dr. Joe’s Super Greens Review, I don’t think you can go wrong with the supplement. The cons aren’t as extensive as many you may have experienced before! It’s common that most organic drinks aren’t so easy to take down, and talking to a doctor beforehand is always best if you have any underlying condition.

FAQ Section

Can Dr. Joe’s Super Greens replace a daily vitamin?

Many users claim that taking Dr. Joe’s Super Greens alone or with Dr. Joe’s Essential Source offer overall optimal health that a daily vitamin can provide. To be certain, it would be a good idea to have a closer look at all the ingredients or talk to a medical professional first before dropping your daily vitamins.

Does Dr. Joe use organic sources for the Super Greens?

From the label and the official website, Dr. Joe’s Super Greens is Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International. Also, the product is non-GMO, contains no irradiated foods, apple fiber, lecithin, brewers yeast, synthetic vitamins, soy, extraneous fillers or animal products.

What are the ingredients in Dr. Joe’s Super Greens?

The non-GMO organic ingredients in Dr. Joe’s Super Greens are Flaxseed, Rice Protein, Wheatgrass, Barley grass, Alfalfa leaf, Dulse, Chlorella, and Spirulina. The product is vegan, gluten-free, and contains multiple vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

How many servings are in Dr. Joe’s Super Greens?

According to the label, there are 32 servings in every 15 Oz container; enough to last a month. You mix one slightly rounded scoop a day in 8 Ounces of water, a smoothie or a beverage of your choice.

What nutrients are in Dr. Joe’s Super Greens?

Apart from vitamins A, C, K, and B12, Dr. Joe’s Super Greens have Folate, Niacin, Potassium, Sodium, Iodine, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, and Zinc. There are also amounts of Fiber and Selenium.