Electric Mower: The New Grass Cutting Gig or Lack of Power?

Electric Mower: The New Grass Cutting Gig or Lack of Power?
There’s much discussion about the environmentally friendly era. Should we use an electric mower or gas mower? What’s the world going to look like in 10 years? In 20 years?

We go out into our yard and try to make it look great (for the most part). We use our mowers and trimmers to edge and curate the areas around our flowers, mulch/rocks, and lawn gnomes.

When it comes time to cut our grass, we travel to the shed and grab our lawn mower. And, typically, this is a gas mower. So, the question remains: is a gas mower really that bad for the earth?

What Are Pollutants That Are Emitted By A Gas Mower?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published a report about the concerns of V.O.C or volatile organic compounds being released into the air and damaging the planet. They even made the following statement:

Workers using commercial equipment are exposed when they are close to the emitting sources several hours each day, several days a week in seasons of use.

This can cause health concerns later for people in the types of work they do each and every day.

Think about it. A regular guy working his butt off mowing lawns and doing it day-in and day-out might get a serious illness because of the vapors he’s breathing in from his mowers.

Essentially, he’s literally killing himself by working.

How Can An Electric Mower Help The Air We Breathe?

The below infographic tells us how just one gas mower affects the amount of pollution in the air. It’s hard to believe that when we drive our car 40 miles that it equals the same amount of toxicity in the air as a good ol’ gas powered lawn mower.

electric mower advantage

Source: Fix.com Blog

But seriously, 1 hour of mowing does this much damage?

Also, about 600 million gallons of gas is spilled each year in lawn care equipment. Almost 17 million other gallons goes into the ground.

While some may not see that as a concern, when the gas is spilled out, there are these things called hydrocarbons that get released into the air. Once they get into the atmosphere, they can get into soil and other areas of ground.

The main concern: potentially getting into ground water.

A Greener Lawn: Lawn Mower Fuel Consumption and Spillage in America

Source: Fix.com Blog

What are Some Regulations for Our Future?

Thankfully, there are agencies in place like the C.A.R.B (California Air Resource Board) to manage the different phases of keeping emissions under control – specifically small engines.

There has also been major improvements in using alternative energy resources in the market today. There has been much speculation in the past about how electric mowers and other cordless mowers would make it in the market.

The technology being used in resulting in lighter mowers with equivalent or very similar power features of an electric mower versus a gas mower. And the result is going to substantially increase the well-being of the environment.

Other electric advantages are also taking hold for consumers like trimmers (aka weed eaters, weed wackers), blowers and sweepers, edgers, pressure washers, and a whole line-up of electric tools.

How About the Electric Mower vs. the Reel Mower?

Fortunately, there has been a tried and true method the entire time: the good ole fashioned reel mower. It emits absolutely no emissions and helps keep you in good health by keeping your heart rate up.

And, comparatively, it doesn’t take that much of a time difference to make up for the difference of engine vs. no engine.

You’ll also get a cleaner cut because of the way the blades move with an reel mower – they actually cut each individual blade of grass leaving your yard looking more even.

The chart below shows some differences with lawn mowers consistently used.

A Greener Lawn: Lawn Mowing Options from Scythe to Electric Mower to Ride On

Source: Fix.com Blog

Now, I’m not advocating that everyone go out and purchase a reel mower, but we need to think about the future and how we are going to help save the planet from being so polluted.

We’re constantly breathing in air and we definitely don’t want to be worried about keeping our children indoors simply because the smog is bad on any given day.

Using Proper Maintenance Without An Electric Mower

If you can’t go out and purchase an electric mower right now, there are still steps you can take to help out the environment.

Simply maintain the equipment that you own now.

This can be a major factor in preventing leaks and ensuring that the equipment you are using is running optimally. Replace any parts that are not in good shape or just need to be updated.

By making the updates to your lawn equipment, it will keep it up-to-date with whatever the manufacturer originally intended the mower or other tool to be used for environmentally.

Take the time to sharpen your blades (or get new ones)

Something that may be a concern with the efficiency of mowers is the ability to cut the grass evenly and most efficiently. The best way to do this is to get your blades in order and top-notch cutting power!

You’ll need to do this with electric mowers any way, since they rely on how sharp the blades are to reduce the amount of power from the battery.

A Greener Lawn: Maintaining Your Lawn Mower Parts

Source: Fix.com Blog

Moving to a Greener (pun intended) Lawn

The world is constantly on the lookout for ways to increase the health of others and reduce the harmful effects that many of our own actions are causing.

One of those changes you might take note of is how often and how long to cut your lawn. An electric mower can help with this because you will be able to cut as often as you’d like (if needed) without having to worry about the pollutants making their way into the air.

Think About Your Needs and Lifestyle

Are you the type of person that enjoys gardening or wants an immaculate landscape? That will help cut down your mowing time and shorten the needs for your grass.

Summary and Thoughts

We’re always moving to a more energy efficient and green society. We need to be thinking about zero-emissions vehicles and tools like electric lawn mowers if we’re serious about changing habits.

To reduce our carbon footprint, there are immediate results you can start with now – change the way you mow with turning to electric tools and getting away from the gas mowers or other tools that require things like oil, more maintenance, etc.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!