Green Vibrance Review – Healthy Plant-based Nutrition For You

Dietary supplements are a great way to boost your nutrient intake, but finding the right brand is the tough part. I’ve prepared this Green Vibrance review to help you decide on whether it is a good fit!

If you’re like me, your health is a huge priority in your life, and you wouldn’t mind shedding a few pounds while at it. However, it doesn’t always mean that the journey is easy. Sometimes all it takes is a date out with a friend, an ad with discounts in at favorite fast food joints, and you find yourself having more cheat days than you expected.

While that is understandably human, the reminder that you’re putting your health at risk should be back to jolt you to the right path – and hopefully for longer! After a slight heart scare, I wasn’t ready to gamble with my overall wellness. I turned it all around and stuck to a balanced diet with very few and widely-spaced cheat meals.

Every once in a while I seek out worthy supplements to include in my diet plans. I have occasional check-ups and discussions with my doctor about any nutrients I could be missing out on or needing a little more of than the rest. Apart from a vitamin here and a mineral there on rare occasions, I always have a go-ahead to indulge in supplements (in moderation, of course).

Since I’d been curious about green juices, powders, and pills for a while, I set out to find the best option I could buy. I had a few hits and misses until I ran into Green Vibrance from a colleague at work. I had to try the green powder for myself.

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Green Vibrance Review

green vibrance review

Whenever I look for green or superfood supplements, I tend to veer off to plant-based nutrition. I find them much healthier – not forgetting a lower chance of adverse reaction from certain animal ingredients! Green Vibrance is a plant-based superfood that makes it easy to get enough daily nutrition and seems to be one of their leading products.

According to the company, Green Vibrance has won some awards since it started; mainly due to the impressive nutrition the powder offers. A quick look into their main website showed me many more products: Vitamins, Minerals, snacks, and products targeting immunity, bone health, digestion, and many more.

About Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health offers transparency, purity, and potency in their products. You don’t have to worry about hidden ingredients in their supplements or question the amounts used in every package. The contents are of high quality and well-measured for effective and therapeutic doses.

Research never stops, and Vibrant Health is always working on ways to improve the products. There is lots of valuable info on the main website, including their supplement formulation, procurement, testing, blending, and bottling.

Green Vibrance

For most of us, the modern diet offers less nutrition than is enough for optimal health. Green Vibrance is concentrated and nutrient-rich, enough to up your dietary intake and support overall health and cellular metabolism. There are over 70 ingredients in Green Vibrance.

The contents are too many to list, but you can find them at the back, on the label or the official website. They are split into ten main categories: Cereal grasses, Antioxidant Life Preservers, Plant-based Micronutrition, Immune Support, Skeletal Support, Adaptogens, Fiber, Probiotics, Liver Support, and Enzymes & Tonics.

Together, the ingredients aim to support digestion, cardiovascular health, immunity, and nearly all other body systems directly or indirectly. Green Vibrance has minimal calories, multiple minerals, and vitamins.


I didn’t need much to alert me to the changes I felt a few days into Green Vibrance. My digestive system felt great, I had more energy than before, and I felt alert and focused. I probably had more good going on inside than I could tell.


  • Impressive amounts of organic ingredients
  • Safe for everyone, including children seniors
  • An easy and efficient way to add to daily nutrition


  • Expensive
  • Adverse reactions like headaches and constipation in some users


This Green Vibrance review wouldn’t be complete without the reminder that a word with your healthcare provider would be best before taking the supplement. Particularly for individuals with certain health conditions, pregnant, lactating, or taking any medication.

FAQ Section

What does Green Vibrance do for you?

With over 70 ingredients in the powder, Green Vibrance contains Vitamins A, B12, C, D, E, and K alongside minerals like Iodine, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chromium, and Selenium. Together with enzymes and probiotics, the nutrients protect your cells from damage, improve your immunity, heart health, and benefit your entire body.

Is Green Vibrance really good for you?

Green Vibrance is created with quality and healthy supplementation for overall wellness in mind. Unless you are allergic to some contents in the powder, Green Vibrance contains vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and enzymes that target your organs at a cellular level to keep you healthy and strong.

Does Green Vibrance have arsenic?

Like any natural plant foods, Green Vibrance may contain low levels of arsenic that (from the lab), are not toxic for the consumers. According to the company, the product also includes with micronutrients that protect against arsenic.

Is Green Vibrance vegan?

Vibrant Health states that Green Vibrance is Vegetarian, gluten-free, and doesn’t include dairy as an active ingredient. However, many vegans consider probiotics unacceptable in a vegan diet since some probiotics use dairy as a growth medium.

Can you take Green Vibrance twice a day?

The recommended daily dose for the Green Vibrance powder is one scoop in 8 ounces of water, smoothie or beverage of your choice. Still, depending on your needs, you can take two or three scoops a day – though it would be wise to avoid taking too much of certain nutrients.