How Much Beet Juice is Safe to Drink?


Beets have a beautiful bright red colour and packed with all the nutritional goodness in one fruit. A glass of beet juice gives you high levels of vitamins and minerals but how much beet juice is safe to drink?

safety of beet juice

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Beet is a fruityou love and hate, love because of all the nutritional benefits you get and hate because of the unsettling taste. All-in-all, beet is a and the best part is it has no fat content. The roots and leaves can be eaten, though the green leaves are a bit bitter they are rich in iron, vitamin A, and calcium. You can cook them to reduce the bitterness but the root is sweet and can be eaten raw, cooked, or juiced.

Beet is a nutritious veggie that you can juice and a glass of beet juice can give you highly concentrated minerals and vitamins. Drink the juice and the pulp to get your daily dietary fiber your body requires for healthy digestion and better metabolism. Beet juice contains oxalic acid so it’s advisable to add other fruits and veggies to add flavour and nutrients. Fruits that go well with beets are oranges, papaya, pineapples to add a sweet flavour and a tang from the citric acid.

How much beet juice is safe?

beet juice safety

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Beets are rich in nitrates, antioxidants, dietary fiber, folate, vitamin C, iron, and potassium. For 1 cup of raw beets, you get 58 calories and 13g of carbs but 1 cup of beet juice has 100 calories and 25g of carbs because of the mode of processing. For more on beet juice, click here.

Expert opinion

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to how much beet juice is safe to drink. Each answer varies depending on where you get your answer. Some people say ½ a glass daily will do the trick, others say one glass mixed with other fruits while others just give you a different answer.

According to a nutritionist, you are supposed to take 8 ounces of beet juice per serving at least thrice a week. That is like juicing 2 whole beets per serving and if you’re very particular with the taste you can add oranges or apples to add flavour for a sweeter taste. This is a good amount of beet juice to help lower your blood pressure. Beet juice is an excellent detoxifier, you can start with a ¼ cup and increase it with time.

According to other health experts, you can drink beet juice daily without any problems. However, before you start drinking large quantities of the juice you need to consult your physician. If you’re on blood pressure medication, taking beet juice can cause serious problems on your health.

In another study, men were given slightly over a cup of pure beet juice daily to see if the juice can help them improve on their athletic performance. Although they increase their athletic performance, the point is that none of the men who drank the beet juice suffered ant side effects.

People’s opinion

Some people say they have been drinking 2 cups of beet juice every day for a long time without any side effects, in fact, they have seen positive results. Some even drink more than 2 cups a day with no adverse reaction to their body.

However, there are other people who get nauseated and even vomit when they drink beet juice. Some even smelling the juice makes them vomit. Most of the time this happens to people who are just starting to take beet juice. It could also be because of its detoxifying effect it can be a bit overwhelming for some people’s stomachs. While others could be because they are allergic to beets which are rare.

Taking too much beet juice can have adverse effects

Beet juice is full of nutrients that benefit your body in more ways than one. And, incorporating it in your daily diet can help boost your energy, improve your digestion, and lower your blood pressure. Drinking too much beet juice can have serious side effects on your body. Since there isn’t a recommended amount to drink, to be on the safe side 2 glasses of beet juice is enough per day. Also, it’s advisable to consult your doctor if you’re on medication before you start drinking beet juice.


Can you drink beet juice on an empty stomach?

Drinking beet juice on an empty stomach early in the morning will help your digestion, remove toxins, and kick start your metabolism. The best part is your body is in a better position to absorb all the nutrients from the juice.

How much beet juice is good for high blood pressure?

A daily intake of 2 cups of beet juice can help lower your blood pressure. Beet juice can lower your systolic blood pressure levels after 6 hours of consuming the juice.

How many beets do I need to consume daily?

Your body requires 0.06mmol of nitrates per day, so you need to multiply with your weight to see how much you need. A cup of 80g beet slices has 1.88mmol of nitrates. So your daily intake is 2 cups per day.

What is the best time to drink beet juice?

According to experts, drinking beet juice first thing in the morning or an hour before breakfast is the best time. You can take 1 cup of fresh beet juice.

What are the side effects of drinking too much beet juice?

You can experience stomach upset, a spike in your blood sugar, rashes, and hives. Kidney stones are one of the serious side effects.