How to Build a Cat Condo

How to Build a Cat Condo

Cats greatly depend on elevated areas of the house to ensure comfort, safety, exercise, and fun. They enjoy being on the tallest perch of your room; thus it is highly beneficial for cat owners to have a cat condo at home. Did you know that having a cat condo doesn’t always require a luxurious purchase because you can make your own? Learn how to build a cat condo using the simplest materials available in your home.

What Is a Cat's Condo?

Cat’s condo is generally your cat’s personal space. It contains more cubbies as compared to cat trees giving your cats more areas to hide. This will provide them safety especially when they feel threatened. Cats can easily escape to the top perch to avoid interaction with others.

Having a cat’s condo is great for a cat who shares a home with dogs or children. It is also important to train your dog that this area is off-limits. Additionally, teach your children to refrain from disturbing the cat when on the tree as she wants to be left alone.

Ideas for a Cat Condo

Castle Condo

A tall and rectangular enclosure with an opening that serves as your cat’s entry and exit. It comes with shelves that act as lounges for your cats. The design of a castle condo can blend into any décor in your home.

Cat’s Tri-Rise Play House

A playhouse that’s built and ready for purchase in the nearest pet store. It is usually made from cement tubes, carpet, and glue giving your cat a relaxing curl up experience.

DIY Cardboard Cat House

A simple and super cute hanging-out place for your cats. It is made from layers of cardboard boxes that are cut and glued together to make a stunning cat condo.

DIY Wooden Cat Condo

A stronger and stack-able cat condo made from simple and light materials. It gives your pets a cozier and more comfortable place to crawl and play.

How to Build a Cat Condo?

There are several ways on how to create a cat condo for your beloved pets without breaking a bank. The easiest and probably the cheapest way is the use of cardboard. Here’s how to create a cardboard cat condo:

Find two cardboard boxes

These boxes should have the same size and be large enough to fit your cat in. Consider using boxes that your cat already loves to sleep in. You can ask local stores for any shipping boxes that are for disposal.

Make a doorway on the first box

Using a pencil and a cutter, make a doorway that is large enough for your cat to crawl through. Be sure to use your cat’s whiskers as a width guide as they will not pass through anything that can’t get their whiskers through. You can make the doorway in any shape you want as long as it is close to the bottom edge.

Secure the top and bottom of the first box

If necessary, put the box together. This will prevent the box from becoming flat and unfolded. Use glue to shut the bottom flaps of your box.

Make windows on the second box

Create windows by making smaller cuts in the middle of the box side. You can also make it into any shape, but it looks better if it matches your doorway.

Secure the bottom of the second box

Put the box together to avoid flat and unfolded areas. Leave the top portion of the box unglued to allow the creation of the crawl hole later.

Glue the second box on top of the first box

Using a wide paintbrush, apply glue on top of the first box and the bottom of the second box. Press boxes together. The doorways and windows can be facing the same or different directions, depending on your preference.

Make a crawl hole

Using a marker and a cutter, create a crawl hole in the floor of the second box. Ideally, this should be about one to two inches away from the edges. The hole should be large enough for your cat to crawl.

Secure the top of the second box

Glue the flaps of the second box and let it dry.

Paint the cat condo

You can use the same color or contrasting colors in painting the boxes. The inside rim of the windows and the doorways can also be painted to allow them to stand out more. Be sure to use paints that are safe for animals.

Add a fleece blanket or towel

A blanket or a towel can be cut or folded to fit in the floors of your cat condo. Never glue this piece of cloth as doing so will make it difficult for you to take it off for laundry. Make sure that you are not covering the crawl hole if you are putting a blanket on the second floor.

Wood also makes a great cat condo. It uses almost the same procedure with the cardboard cat condo. Several sizes of cube-shaped boxes with doorways and windows are stacked together to allow a place for your cat to crawl and play. A wooden cat condo is more durable as compared to cardboard cat condo.

Where to Place the Cat Condo?

Now that you’ve already created a cat condo for your pet, the next thing that matters is its placement in your home. A typical option is to put it by the window. This will allow your cat to watch what’s going on outdoors. Placing the cat condo in your family room is another option to ensure quality time and fun with the family.

The truth is, you can place your cat condo anywhere within your house. Just make sure that it is safe and comfortable not only for your beloved pets but also to the other members of your family.

Final Thoughts

Having a cat condo at home doesn’t only ensure fun and security for your pets. It also gives them a feeling of importance and belonging. You may either buy one online or at a pet shop or create your own.

Knowing how to build a cat condo allows you to be unique and experimental. It will give you the chance to incorporate the simplest to the most extravagant things that your cat needs. You’ll also be able to add a personal touch that will make them feel more loved and part of your family.