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Is beet powder good for you? What are the benefits?

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Beets are one of those foods you love and hate in equal measure but they still remain the best nutrient-dense superfood there is. You can take it raw or in powder form but is beet powder good for you?

Hi, my name is Adriana and I’m a nutritionist. I spend most of my time doing research on how foods benefit or affect our bodies positively and negatively. People should eat natural and organically grown foods because of all the health benefits you get. I know it’s hard with the kind of lifestyle you live in but it’s worth it. Beets are one of the best natural foods you can find and very rich in nutrients and minerals.

What is beet powder?

Beet powder is just the beet vegetable ground into a powder. This root vegetable is red and round but you can also find the yellow, white, and striped versions. When the beetroot is ground into a powder it’s easier to use it. You can add it in water to make a nutritious drink, add it to smoothies, green drinks, and use it in sauces, soups, and gravies for colour. If you want to get more answers to the question, is beet powder good for you? Watch this.

Is beet powder good for you?

Some of the health benefits and uses of beet powder

Good for sexual activity

Beet powder acts as a vasodilator which means it relaxes the muscles of your blood vessels. This widens your blood vessels increasing blood flow to your body and lowering your blood pressure. In ancient Rome, beets were used as an aphrodisiac. The reason being is that the nitric oxide in beet powder helps to improve blood flow to the penis leading to better erection for men during sex.

Prevents cancer

Beet powder has betalain which is a strong antioxidant that helps to fight and prevent cancer. Beets prevent the formation of carcinogens and increase the production of more body enzymes and immune cells that will help your body from developing cancer. According to research beets have been found to help lessen the severity of diabetes 2, atherosclerosis, and dementia even arthritis and liver disease.

Improve heart health

Beet powder improves heart health by decreasing the triglyceride in your blood which reduces the risk of you developing heart problems. Research has shown that beets have betalain which is an antioxidant protects your cells from getting damaged and prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol which can cause heart disease. Because beet powder is in powder form it may have a high concentration of betalains which could have the same benefits.

Improve digestion

Beets are said to help improve your digestion by stimulating the nerves in the intestines and improving your body’s ability to digest food better. And because beets are a good source of fiber, if you’re suffering from constipation or bowel movements, drinking beet powder will solve these issues.

Help in weight loss

beets Help in weight loss

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If you’re trying to lose weight, drinking beet powder will help because it has no fat but has high fiber content. The fiber helps makes sure that you have proper bowel function and lowers your cholesterol levels thus helping you to lose weight. Beets are also rich in magnesium which controls your insulin and glucose levels. If your glucose levels are high your body will store fat so the magnesium in beet powder will help you use the fat instead of storing it. Betalain is also another nutrient that is found in beets that helps to detoxify your body which also contributes to weight loss.

Boost your brain functions

The high nitrate content in beet powder is said to slow the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia by increasing blood flow to the brain. The folic acid in beets can help to protect the part of your brain that is devoted to learning and memory.

Now, are you convinced?

I think all these points have given you valuable information about beet powder. Beet powder is more concentrated than the raw form so it has more concentration of nutrients that help your body. By drinking it regularly you are less prone to getting cancer and the risk of heart diseases. As an aphrodisiac you have more quality time in bed with your partner and your weight loss struggles is solved. Your body is able to digest food better while you enjoy learning with a sharper memory.


How do you use beet powder?

A teaspoon of beet powder is equivalent to one whole beet. You can use one or two teaspoons of beet powder on sauces or salads, you can also use it as food colour in cakes.

Is beet powder good for blood pressure?

Beets have nitrates that help lower your systolic blood pressure and increase blood flow to your body. Beet powder just like bet juice shows significant results after taking it for 24 hours.

Can beet powder help you lose weight?

Beets are great at detoxifying your body and helping you lose weight with the help of dietary fiber. The insoluble and soluble fiber helps to remove waste and toxins and cleanse your blood.

Does beet powder give you energy?

Yes, beet powder gives you energy because it’s a good vasodilator. It dilates your blood vessels which increases blood flow which increases the amount of oxygen to your muscles.

Is it safe to drink beet powder?

Beet powder is raw beets in powder form. They are high in nitrates that your body converts to nitric oxide which has many health and beauty benefits. Beet powder is generally safe to use as long as you aren’t allergic or taking blood pressure drugs.