Is it Safe to Buy a Used Cat Scratching Post? Know the Risks


Cats are among the most well-known apartment companions at present. We keep them in mind as part of our families.  Considering cats give a sanctuary of calmness and warmness. Being cuddly and lovely is just half of what they are.

Buying a used cat scratching post is generally not a good or safe idea. It can cause stress, illness, and behavioral issues to your pet. Scratching posts can also cause anxiety; consider buying new or making your own.

Since cats have sharp claws, and [annoyingly] scratch a lot, to make co-dwelling smooth, house owners introduce cats to scratching posts. But let’s dig deeper into finding out about the risks of buying a used cat scratching post.

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The Reality

Cats are low-maintenance pets. They do not eat too much and rarely become obese, don’t require to be walked as they use a litter box when they have to go no. 2 and other good reasons why you would want to own one.  Aside from of relieving your stress and making you feel good every time you cuddle with them.

Having a cat comes with responsibilities, too. As a cat parent, you have to ensure it maintains healthy well-being.

What is a scratching post?

gray cat on scratching post with white flowers

A scratching post is a simple piece of pet furniture. Which can either be made out of plastic or wood wrapped with a rough material like a knit rope, often sisal rope, with an abrasive and sandy texture.

To divert a cat’s urge to scratch you, your furniture, and other valuables, a scratching post is used. It acts the same as a pacifier for when a baby starts to suck his or her thumb.

The rough texture of the scratching post will ensure that the cat’s nails and claws get polished and strengthened while also satisfying their urge to scratch. This serves as a healthier alternative than having them scratch anything else.

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However, you also have to make sure that the texture is not too abrasive so as not to sharpen their nails any further. On the other hand, a very blunt texture will not stimulate them to scratch on the post.

Why Getting a New Scratching Post Is Important?

There are just enough reasons why you should get your cat a scratching post. Here are some of them:

1. Domestic Reasons

In the past, cats used to hunt, roam free, and socialize outdoors, but they are much more domesticated these days. Today, most cats they stay mostly inside a closed house with little or no outdoor activities.

2. Natural Instincts

Regardless of the type, age and size of your cat, they all share similar instincts and traits. If you are a cat parent or want to be one, then clawing and scratching are their primal instincts you should get yourself used to.

Every time they entertain themselves and play by scratching your furniture, you should know that they do it purely out of instincts, and it makes them feel good. Aside from liking the sensation it produces, it also helps tone their muscles. Simply put, scratching is like their exercise, keeps them healthy.

3. Physical Discomfort

Like most of us, cats treat their manicure as a big deal. They feel uncomfortable too when their nails overgrow and are not trimmed for a long time. This, in turn, affects their movements and natural walking. Their nails also tend to curl inwards, and overgrowth can hurt them and interrupt their hunting performance.

4. Injuries

Apart from damaging your valuables when they scratch, they can also end up injuring and hurting themselves due to sharp claws. They can also claw and scratch themselves on purpose due to health issues and stress, and it could be devastating because aside from the pain, they can also have infections, fever, and more.  On a side note, in a world where veterinary medical treatments can rack up bills some pet owners opt to get pet insurance for their animals.

Whether you have a kitten or a senior cat, this resource helps you quickly identify potential problems, take proper steps in emergency situations, better understand diagnoses and treatment options, and communicate more effectively with your veterinarian.


If they don’t take out their boredom or stress on something then chances are they will claw and scratch anything else around, from your shoes to your TV and your sofa. They will surely mark and scratch every inch of whatever is front of them because they have to satisfy that urge. Not only will these marks ruin how your place looks it will be expensive to get them replaced or repaired.

Declawing Alternative

This may be the best reason for wanting to get a scratching post.

Declawing your cat is like having your nails removed. Claws define cats and removing them is the same as clipping the wings of a bird or robbing them of their identity which is just plain cruel.

Is It Safe to Buy Used Cat Scratching Post?

Buying used stuff is okay, even for us humans, given that it is done with proper precautions. It is economically wise, especially when you think that there are other important things you can spend your money on.

However, using second-hand cat items like cat trees, scratching posts, litter boxes, grooming tools, cat carriers, and toys can cause stress, illness, and behavioral issues to your pet.

Before you consider buying a second-hand scratching post or any other items for your cat, consider these factors:

Olfactory Clues

Cats have a highly developed sense of smell which is paramount for their survival. It helps them:

  • communicate with other cats
  • navigate their environment
  • avoid dangerous situations and rivals
  • identify friends and family
  • determine marked territories

Even when you do not detect the smell from other cat’s items, your cat can, and a stranger’s scent can threaten your pet by thinking that a rival has invaded its territory.

Cats leave territorial messages every time they scratch, and they stay behind to make sure other cats receive these messages as a sign of ownership.

The scent also binds cats and allows them to identify who is part of their group or family. Introducing used items with unfamiliar scents can stress your group of pet and disrupt their dynamics. Making them use or even smell second-hand items can also upset them which can result in avoiding the post entirely.

gray cat scratching on tiger fabric cat post

Carrier of Diseases

Because the items have been used, they have built-in unknowns. Some pathogens can survive in the environment for weeks or even months and years. If previous users have been ill, then there is a high probability that the disease can easily be transferred to your cat.

Even if an item was gently used in the past it could still contain viruses or fungi which you do not want your pet to get.

Can cats share a scratching post?

When owning more than one cat having two or more scratching posts will eliminate stress and their desire to create their own space to scratch furniture, walls, or carpeting. Most cats are territorial and are happy when they get to have something all to themselves.

Is there a product that keeps cats from scratching furniture?

There are sprays and natural remedies to keep cats away from your furniture. But the best product to buy is a scratching post to give her a place to sharpen her claws, mark her territory, and release her scent glands.

Parting Words On Buying a Cat Scratching Post

So, is it safe to buy used cat scratching post? Well after thorough research; we can say that it is always better to buy new ones no matter how alluring and attractive the second-hand items are.

If you think about it, spending a bit more or making adjustments to your budget might not be as expensive as when your cat gets stressed or sick if you take the risk of getting them used items.

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