Juice Plus vitamin ingredients- How do they benefit your body?


Juice Plus is a supplement that promises many health benefits. However, before you believe anything you need to know juice plus vitamin ingredients.

Since I was young and as far as I can remember I never liked eating veggies. My mum had a rough time trying different ways of disguising veggies so that I can eat them. The only fruits I loved eating were bananas and pineapples. Even up to date I struggle eating veggies so I turned to the next best thing, supplements. At least with supplements, I don’t have to cook and eat them, I can just drink them. The problem comes in when I’m not sure which supplement has the nutrients and vitamins my body needs.

What is Juice Plus?

juice plus

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Juice Plus is a dietary supplement that is made from 30 fruits and vegetables plus minerals. It’s not treatment or medicine to cure any diseases it just helps to bridge the gap between what you eat and what you’re actually meant to eat. Juice Plus is made with natural ingredients that are meant to provide your body with natural nutrients that your body needs. It’s either in capsules or chewable tablets and it’s in three types: the garden blend veggies, orchard blend fruits, and vineyard blend berries. Click here to learn more about Juice Plus.

Juice Plus vitamin ingredients

Juice Plus is made from juiced fruits and vegetables that are then dried and mixed to form different blends. These blends contain dried juice from different fruits and vegetables:

Garden blend of vegetables contains oat bran, garlic, broccoli, rice bran, parsley, carrot, cabbage, kale, spinach, tomato, and beets.

Orchard blend of fruits contains prune, papaya, apple, orange, dates, pineapple, peach, beet, cranberry, and acerola cherry.

Vineyard blend of berries contains blackberry, cranberry, raspberry, elderberry, pomegranate, blueberry, artichoke, black currant, cocoa, bilberry, and Concord grape.

Some of Juice Plus vitamin ingredients are Vitamin E, C, calcium, folic acid, enzymes, carotenoids, soluble fiber, and dried probiotics.

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juice plus benefits

Benefit claims

Improve your dental health.

Supplements with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, and zinc could help prevent and treat gum disease. Some of the ingredients in Juice Plus are Vitamin C and E.

Support your immune health

Though it’s not a substitute for fruits and veggies and it doesn’t claim to be, you can be reassured that your kids are getting some fruits and veggies with Juice Plus. If your kids don’t like eating veggies this supplement is a good alternative.

Improves nutrient intake

Juice Plus claims to increase your blood levels in Vitamin E, folate, lycopene, and beta-carotene in your body. Although it’s not clear if these nutrients are effective, Juice Plus does seem to increase these nutrients in addition to the fruits and vegetables in it.

Protection from free radicals

Fruits and vegetables contain loads of antioxidants that help protect your cells from getting damaged by free radicals. These antioxidants include Vitamin C and E, beta-carotene, and lycopene. Taking Juice Plus is also claimed to improve the oxidative health of smokers because it’s rich in Vitamin C.

Promote cardiovascular health

According to research, Juice Plus ingredients include antioxidants that are absorbed into your bloodstream to help reduce oxidative stress and help protect your DNA and cardiovascular health.  Juice Plus is said to improve the health of your heart by decreasing the levels of homocysteine, which increases the risk of getting heart diseases. Juice Plus has lots of Vitamins, but it’s not clear if this benefit is because of the juice extract or the added nutrients. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A, and folate are associated with improving your cardiovascular health and lowering the levels of homocysteine in your body. The elasticity of your arteries is better maintained keeping them healthy even when you consume meals high in fat.

Juice Plus is a supplement that has great health benefits

With the hectic life you’re living in today, it becomes very hard to make a balanced diet every day. Taking supplements has made it easier to compensate for the missing nutrients and vitamins in your body to keep you healthy. Some of the ingredients are said to promote cardiovascular health to prevent heart problems, provide you with the nutrients lacking in your body, support your immunity with the fruits and veggies, and help to improve your dental health and treat gum disease. Before taking any supplement, it’s important to read the label to see its contents and to consult your doctor.


How many Juice Plus capsules do you take per day?

Adults should take 2 capsules of each blend per day during meals. It’s recommended that children under 13 years should tale 1 capsule per day of each blend.

How many calories are in a Juice Plus shake?

Juice Plus shakes contain 220 calories and are available in vanilla and chocolate flavours. The shakes are vegan friendly and are gluten free, no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or flavours.

Can you gain weight on Juice Plus?

Juice Plus main goal is to replace your high calories food so that it can help you lose weight. The only way you can gain weight is if you continue eating your high calories foods.

Is Juice Plus organic?

Although it’s not certified as organic, Juice Plus contains fruits and veggies that are naturally grown using natural methods.

Is Juice Plus a meal replacement?

The Juice Plus diet is a complete meal replacement because it supplements your diet with the capsules, cuts down your calories to shakes, and increases your fruits and veggies intake. Juice Plus bridges the gap between your normal meals and your required fruit and vegetable intake per day.

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