Juice Plus Vitamins Reviews – Can They Replace Your Fruits and Veggies?


Every day, more people are going for vitamin supplements to help make up for the nutrients they miss in their diet. If you’re worried that the Juice plus vitamins reviews you’ve read before may be untrue, I am here to put your mind at ease from a tested and unfiltered view. Â

My job involves working in the comfort of my home. Read baggy tees and sweatpants for a bigger chunk of the day – if not the whole day. I’d always get so caught up in my work, staring at the bright screen that getting out was reserved for general shopping for all amenities I’d need for a month!

All that sitting (and staring at the computer screen) is not so healthy, but it wasn’t until I started growing obese that I realized I had to change. I had to include a few workouts, delete the ordering-in option that was just a click away, and start working on a better diet. My kitchen would finally see some more of me.

I just had one problem while going clean; it was hard finding all the organic products I wanted. Some required traveling longer distances while others were a little over my planned budget. That’s when I dived into the superfood and vitamins supplement world.

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Juice Plus Vitamins Reviews

Juice Plus review

I found Juice Plus products while I was browsing around for supplements that contained multiple organic products. They had my attention at the slogan, “The next best thing to fruits and vegetables.†For someone who wanted more veggies and fruits in her diet, I had to check this out.

About Juice Plus

Though the company has been around for nearly 50 years, it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that the founders decided to focus on seed and plant-based nutrition. Many Americans were (and still are) lacking adequate servings of fruit and vegetables in their diet, and these supplements would help bring health closer and in one package.

The difference between Juice Plus nutrition and multivitamins, as the company claims, is in their wider variety of farm nutrition; from fruits and berries to grains and vegetables. All these organic foods are then harvested, cleaned, juiced, and blended to give you high-quality products. However, Juice Plus does not claim to be a substitute for your veggies and fruits; they are just a way to give you the extra nutrition you could be missing.

Juice Plus Vitamins

I decided to go for the capsules; you also can get them in chewable form or as bars and shakes! Honestly, they are expensive, and I take it it’s because you buy in 4-month supplies. In the carton, you get a combination of the Fruit (Orchard) blend, the Vegetable (Garden) blend, and the Berry(Vineyard) blend.

I couldn’t find a way to make a single/separate purchase, so I went with the 4-month package. You get your nutrition from multiple different vegetables, fruits, berries, and grains in every capsule you take. If you need antioxidants for your heart, skin, and to reduce oxidative stress, Juice Plus can give you that.

I took two capsules from each bottle every day (Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry), which totaled six capsules every day for the next three months. I didn’t notice significant changes except slight improvements in energy, but I never got around to checking my antioxidant levels or changes to any DNA damage.


  • A unique supplement you rarely find in the usual vitamins
  • Lots of research and studies were done to support the antioxidant capabilities
  • An impressive combination of fruits, berries, vegetables, and grains


  • Expensive
  • Concerns over involvement in multi-level marketing schemes


I don’t know what you’ve read in other Juice plus vitamins reviews, but I didn’t notice much change for the period I took the capsules. Maybe they did work at a cellular level and kept me in good shape, or maybe it’s one of those occasions where what works for another doesn’t work for me!

FAQ Questions

Is Juice Plus good for you?

The company claims that Juice Plus may improve nutrient absorption in your body, which leads to an improved metabolism and overall health benefits. However, positive reviews aside, there is no scientific evidence to prove how effective the supplement is.

Who owns Juice Plus?

Jay Martin, the Chairman, founded Juice Plus nearly 50 years ago as a small, direct-sales company back then. Now, Juice Plus is a big, multimillion-dollar company that focuses on the creation of health and wellness products in over 20 countries globally.

Is Juice Plus good for losing weight?

On its own, Juice Plus may not help you lose weight unless combined with organic and fresh whole foods. Whole vegetables, legumes, grains, and fruits have high levels of fiber and water which leave you full, support healthy digestion, and they have a low-calorie count.

Is Juice Plus FDA-approved?

The FDA doesn’t regulate Juice Plus as well as other dietary supplements, but it does inspect the facilities at which the Juice Plus products are manufactured. However, Juice Plus is NSF-approved, meaning it is acceptable for use for Olympic athletes worldwide.

What is Juice Plus Complete?

Juice Plus Complete is a whole food beverage mix that can provide balanced nutrition with each scoop. You can take it as breakfast on the go, a late night snack, pre-workout energy boost or as a post-workout recovery drink.

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