Juice Plus vitamins vs Minerals-Do you know the difference?


Many can barely tell the difference between vitamins and minerals. It is however very clear that they are both essential if you want to lead a healthy life. In this Juice Plus vitamins vs Minerals, I want to help set the record straight and tell you why you need both.

Growing up, my grandmother preached that your own body has a way of communicating with you. Your hair, your tongue, skin, eyes all have a way of telling you whether or not something somewhere inside or on the surfaceof your body needs to be addressed.

For example,she said that if you suddenly develop pimples on your face or if you have an uneven skin tone, you probably need to detox. Now that I am all grown and independent I find my grandma’s advice to be quite true, surprisingly!

Because of how I was raised, I have always been observant at whatever changes occur within or without my body. Nothing goes unnoticed, every pimple, stretch mark, discoloration, fine lines, you name it. Of course, I do not obsess about it much because these soon fade away with time.

But I have learned that there are better, longer lasting alternatives besides conventional meds or means to make sure that I remain healthy, my organs are working right, and that I am always energized. My secret? vitamins,and minerals. To explain further, here’s a Juice Plus vitamins vs minerals comparison.

What is the difference between Juice plus vitamins and minerals?

Title Juice Plus vitaminsMineralsCategoriesOrchard Blend and Garden blendCalcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, Sulphur, chloride and potassiumChemical structureVery flexibleNot flexibleRoles/FunctionBoost energy, support brain health, improve immunityMuscle and bone strength and maintenanceCheck priceCheck price

Juice plus vitamins vs minerals- what are the main differences?


Having discovered the amazing qualities inside fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus vitamins manufacturers are pleased to present to you nothing less than what you already take. Carefully packaged into two, we have the Garden blend vitamins containing extracts from a bunch of high-quality vegetables and orchard blend carrying dried juice collected from some of the most nutritious fruits on earth.

On the other hand, there are more minerals in existence than you can count. All minerals are essential for your wellbeing but the body demands more of some minerals than others. The most important minerals you should take include Sodium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, chloride and magnesium.

Chemical structure

Ever noticed how many types of vitamins there are? Too many huh? Well, guess what each one of those vitamins has a very important job to do inside your body.The reason vitamins are so many is because they have a flexible chemical structure. This means that they can easily break down when exposed to air, acid or heat. This is why we take some foods raw and some foods cooked to maximize the ease of absorption of nutrients such as vitamins.

Minerals alternatively do not change at all. Minerals are found mainly in soil and in water, they are then absorbed by plants, animals and fish, and thereafter into our bodies. All this without changing their structure. It is in their original form that minerals can be useful in our bodies.

What are their main roles?

By eating different types of colorful fruits, meat, vegetables,and fluids, you supply your body a truckload full of nutrients. Some of these nutrients include vitamins and minerals but why are they so important? What is their main purpose inside your body? Vitamins generally help to promote growth, prevent diseases, enhance development, encourage cell repair or regeneration, and make sure you are generally healthy.

Minerals do not have that much work to do inside the body. But the little they do is very important and simply irreplaceable. Minerals work to support muscle growth, body strength,and development.

Juice plus vitamins vs Minerals

Juice Plus vitamins

Juice Plus vitamins vs Minerals

Features and ingredients

A good meal contains fewer calories and carries all the requirements for good nutrition.Eating different foods every day means you are supplying your body with an equally wide variety of nutrients like magnesium, iron, fiber, folate, selenium, calcium and potassium among numerous others. Taking juice plus vitamins may not offer you all these supplements just as food does. But one sure thing is that they do come close. The main reason why you should take vitamins is not to avoid taking food but more so to complement. With ingredients likekale, parsley, spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomato, beet, orange, papaya, apple, pineapple, peach, acerola cherry, cranberry,and dates, to mention but a few.You can rest easy knowing that every part of your body is getting all the supplementation it requires for an upright, energetic and healthy livelihood.


  • Essential for proper functioning of all vital organs
  • Improves heart health
  • Low in fat and calories
  • Allows for overall health, growth,and development


  • Taking more than what the recommended dosage is detrimental to your health and wellbeing.


Features and sources

Ever wonder where minerals come from and what their job is inside your body?Some of the minerals with the highest demand inside the human body include; Calcium which is needed for healthy bones and teeth. Potassium works as an electrolyte whose job is to transport, fluids and nutrients necessary to form cells.Magnesium helps strengthen immunity, support nerve function, improve heart health and increase bone strength.

Calcium which comes from taking dairy, green vegetables,and fresh orange juice. Potassium which you can find in beans and dried fruits like apricots and raisins.Sodiumcan be sourced from table salt. Magnesium is in plenty inside bananas, leafy greens, pumpkins,and legumes like beans and peas.


  • Facilitates cell production
  • Promotes nerve function
  • Helps prevent strokes or heart problems
  • Facilitate bone growth and strength


  • Too much sodium, for example, has been linked to high blood pressure. It is important that you only take the recommended amount of multivitamins per day.


As I have already established, vitamins and minerals have an important role in our bodies.For overall health and increased immunity, you need a good amount of vitamins and minerals. One without the other is no good. These two go hand in hand if you want to enjoy optimum health. Ensure that you take colorful fruits and vegetables every day to make sure that your vitamin and mineral reserves do not run dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods have high mineral levels?

Foods high in minerals include Squash, poultry, ham, soymilk, mushrooms, fish, cheese, avocados, watermelon, yogurt, whole grains and cereals, potatoes and broccoli.

What are the three main uses for minerals in the human body?

The body seeks the help of different minerals to improve function in various parts of your body. Certain minerals are used to conduct nerve impulse, build strong bones, produce hormones and maintain heart health.

Apart from minerals, what else does my body need daily?

By eating a balanced diet and taking your vitamins daily, you increase your ability to fight diseases and stay healthy. Aside from minerals, you need to eat foods rich in fats, carbohydrates, protein, water,and vitamins.

What happens if I do not take as many minerals as my body demands?

It could be that you are not eating healthy food or that your body cannot absorb all the minerals in your food. Either way mineral deficiency can lead to health issues like brittle bones, low immunity,and excess fatigue.

Can juice plus vitamins give me all the 3 types of nutrition?

Nutrients are divided into micronutrients and macronutrients. Macronutrients are further divided into fat, carbohydrates,and proteins. Juice Plus vitamins are made up of fruits grains and vegetables which contain all the important macronutrients.

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