Juice plus vs Alive vitamins-how are they different?


On the outside, men and women are different. But despite both genders having the same organs, their systems work completely different. This is why there are vitamins better suited for men and vitamins better suited for women. Here’s a Juice Plus vs Alive vitamins to give you a closer look as to how it works.

Women more than men look for every excuse to eat. Being a woman, if I am sad, I eat, if I am angry, I eat, if I am bored, I eat, if I am idle, I eat! To be honest, the only time I am not eating is when I am sleeping. For us, eating is a source of comfort or joy.

This is why millions ofwomen and some men are now battling obesity or unusual weight gain. This is usually followed by health issues some that are pretty serious and life-threatening. But if you knew that you needed to change your bad habits and adopt some new positive habits just to be on the right side of that weighing scale or health scale, wouldn’t you be willing to try it?

Many health issues can be eliminated even without medication. Just eat right and leave your own body to do the rest. But sometimes no matter how well you eat, the body is unable to absorb all the nutrients. This is where pre-packed vitamins come in. For years, vitamins have played crucial yet irreplaceable roles to keep us healthy.

But just how much do you know about those little pills or gummies you take so religiously? Here’s a Juice Plus vs Alive vitamins to shed some more light into the world of vitamins.

What are their differences between Juice plus and alive vitamins

SupplementJuice PlusAlive vitaminsMain categoriesGarden blend and Orchard blendWomen, men, kids and completeMain source ingredientsFruits and vegetablesVegetables and fruitsBenefitsHeightened immunity, energy boosting, increase metabolismWeight loss, improve heart health, improve digestion, strengthen bonesCheck priceCheck price

Juice Plus vs Alive vitamins-how do they differ?

Main categories

Whether you are a man, a woman, or a child, Juice plus vitamins has been designed just for you. They have a more general approach choosing to abide by the unwritten rule that if it is good for one person, then it must be good for everyone. These vitamins have the Orchard blend bottle and the orchard blend bottle. One bottle has vitamins made out of fruits and the other from vegetables respectively. They come either as capsules or as gummies. If you have kids the gummies are a better and safer idea.

Alive vitamins give you more variety. Here you can either go with the men, women, kids or complete vitamins. These vitamins also contain nutrients collected from some of the most delicious, nourishing fruits and vegetables.

Main source of ingredients

The ingredients used to make any packaged vitamins is what separates one from the other. If you are taking capsules from Juice plus Garden blend you are taking in nutrients extracted from vegetables like kale, tomato, parsley, cabbage, beets, spinach, and broccoli. If you are taking capsules from the Orchard blend, you are taking wholesome goodness extracted from fruits like prune, cranberry, orange, pineapple, apple, acerola cherry, pomegranate, papaya, and beets.

On the other hand, Alive vitamins have up to 60 ingredients or more depending on which blend or type of vitamins you are taking the vitamins from. Generally, you will be taking vitamins with extracts from up to 20 different types of mushrooms, lemon grass, Hawthorn berry, Japanese knotweed root, grapefruit, lemon, spirulina, cilantro, chlorella, cranberry, orange, to mention but a few.

What are the benefits?

Different vitamins carry different ingredients which is why one brand of vitamins may benefit you in different ways from the other.If you want to increase your immunity, boost energy and increase the rate of your metabolism, then you should go with the Juice Plus supplements. If you want to lose weight faster, improve overall health and function, enhance digestion and have healthy eyesight, hair and nails then you want to go with Alive Multivitamins.

Juice Plus vs Alive vitamins reviews

Juice Plus vitamins features and ingredients

juice plus

You may be this avid dietician who is very careful about what they eat. You may also be that person who is liberal about what they eat. Whichever one of this person you are, you both have one thing in common, your bodies will absorb only a percentage of the vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. To make sure that you meet the demands your body needs from food, you need to take additional vitamins otherwise known as supplements. Juice Plus supplements have been well packaged and designed to give you complete nourishment extracted from the fruits and vegetables you see and eat almost every day. To benefit fully, it is advisable to take vitamins from both the Garden blend and the Orchard Blend.


  • Boosts energy
  • Made from nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Increases level of immunity
  • Improves rate of metabolism


Alive vitamins features and ingredients

juice plus vs alive vitamins

If your body experiences significant deficiencies in nutrients, it opens doors to a ton of health problems. If you are a man or a woman between 19 and 70 years you need to make sure that you eat well. When you are young, your body needs adequate supply of vitamins and minerals to help you grow and develop normally. When you are older, your body needs the same vitamins and minerals to sustain itself and keep you safe from diseases. Alive vitamins are packed with essential nutrients drawn from the most unique ingredients with the aim of keeping you healthy. This way, you have healthy bones, good eyesight, high immunity levels, better digestive functions, normal cell production and so on.


  • Improved heart health and function
  • Supports good eyesight hair and nail growth
  • Increases your immunity levels
  • Supports healthy red blood cell production


  • These vitamins have an unusual taste


For me, it is not so much about the brand as it is about what taking vitamins can do for my body. But seeing as Alive vitamins are made up of rare ingredients that I cannot find in most grocery stores, they are my number one choice. These vitamins have helped me improve drastically. I feel this energy rush overtake my body the moment I take them. This Juice Plus vs Alive vitamins comparison will help you decide and pick out the vitamins most suited for your taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stand to benefit if I regularly take Alive vitamins?

Alive vitamins are rich in vitamins and minerals all which play the crucial role of increasing your energy levels, improving muscle growth and function, enhance eyesight, improve heart health, and increase immunity.

Are Alive vitamins meant to be swallowed or to be chewed?

Take time to read the product information on the bottle. This is where you will learn about the ingredients and how to administer, among other important details. It is advisable that you follow the directions as recommended. For example, swallow the pills whole if this is what is written on the instructions on the bottle.

 What are Juice pus vitamins good for?

Juice plus vitamins have all the ingredients chosen to fit their quality and freshness standards and measured to fit your recommended daily intake. This makes them incredibly beneficial because they contain enough zinc, vitamin C, D3 and other essential vitamins and minerals to keep your immunity levels up to par and your energy levels high.

Should I take different multivitamins daily?

They are called multivitamins because they carry different essential vitamins and minerals. If you take a multivitamin from one bottle and another one from another bottle, you risk surpassing your daily limit. This comes with unwanted health complications and side effects.

What happens if I take too many vitamins?

People assume that you cannot overeat fruits and vegetables. But what you need to realize is that prepackaged vitamins have been designed to supply you just the amount you need with each pill. Taking more than the recommended amount may lead to serious organ failure, upset stomach, skin rashes and pigmentation among other issues.