Juice plus vs Amazing grass supplements-what you need to know

Capsules or powders? When it comes to supplementation, different people settle for different vitamins for different reasons. If you are a vegan maybe, some vitamins work best for you than others. Today we look at two of your favorite supplements. So here’s a Juice plus vs Amazing grass comparison.

For almost six months now I have succeeded at living life as a vegan. For I long time, I would only eat meals from fast food outlets, take a lot of sodas, indulge in alcohol and would smoke regularly. My weight was way above what would be considered average and my health nowhere near perfect.

After years of partaking in such a lifestyle, I had constant health scares that quickly snapped me back to reality. It was either I got myself together by dropping some of these horrendous habits or risk losing my life. So I chose to become a vegan. Now I cook my own food. The few times I want to eat out I only go to vegan-friendly restaurants.

As you already know, vegans do not take meat, dairy or chicken produce. This means most of my food consists of mainly fruits and vegetables. It, therefore, makes sense that I would need to find a good supplement to make sure that my body gets its required daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

With a ton of options out in the market, it can be tricky trying to find something that suits my taste and my vegan lifestyle. Having tried a few options, here’s what you should know about Juice Plus vs Amazing grass.

What are the main differences between juice plus and amazing grass

SupplementsJuice PlusAmazing GrassMain categoriesOrchard blend and garden blendGreen superfood and protein & kaleMain source ingredients Fruits and vegetablesSpirulina, wheat grass, spinach, chlorella, probiotics, enzymes, broccoli, beets, carrots and barley grass and so on.BenefitsIncrease metabolism rate, boost energy, increase immunity levelsIncrease immunity, increase energy, detoxifyCheck priceCheck price

Juice Plus vs Amazing Grass supplements – how do these two compare?

Main Categories

Some of us prefer to take a vitamin pill in the morning and forget about it until late in the evening and swallow the next pill. Others prefer to prepare their supplement in form of a drink which you can take along with your breakfast or carry and sip on little by little during the day. If you are a pill person then you will love Juice Plus vitamins. They come in either the Orchard blend or the Garden blend options.

If you are more or a drinks person, you will prefer the Amazing grass powder supplement. It comes in two varieties. You can either go for the Green superfood option if you want to get general supplementation or the Protein and kale option if you want to increase your protein and antioxidant levels.

Main source ingredients

Juice plus Vitamins are made from common vegetables and fruits that you see and probably eat every day. It comes packaged as capsules for adults or gummies for those kids who are not very fond of vegetables. Some of the source ingredients here include fruits and vegetables like, Cranberry, orange, pineapple, apple, prune, pomegranate, peach, beet, tomato, kale, cabbage, spinach, garlic, carrot and parsley among many others.

Amazing grass supplement powders are made out of whole, organic fruits, vegetables, and greens. Some of the ingredients inside Green superfood, for example, include spirulina, barley grass, alfalfa, wheat grass, spinach, Maca, chlorella, broccoli, pure acai, rosehips, carrot, raspberry, and beet.

Main functions/benefits

When you take Juice plus Vitamins, it is advisable that for maximum benefits you take both the orchard and garden blend. This way you get to reap benefits such as higher energy levels, lower blood pressure, increased immunity, and higher metabolism rate.

You will notice that supplements from Amazing grass are full of unique ingredients most of which qualify as greens or as vegetables. Take for instance the Green superfood powder, it’s made from a blend of fruits,vegetables, and greens-which are rich in probiotics and digestive enzymes. These are famous for boosting immunity, boosting energy, and help to detoxify your body.

Juice Plus vs Amazing Grass supplement reviews

Juice plus ingredients and features

I like giving opinions about supplements which I have tried and tested myself. There’s a lot of blabber out there about how good or bad someone thought about using a certain product. But how much of this is out of real experience, and how much of this is just PR? I like that Juice Plus vitamins only carry whole ingredients. There are no fillers or harmful additives meant to prolong its viability. It is made out of fruits and vegetables that I come across every day at the farmers market, so at least I know beforehand that I am taking something good and familiar.


  • Increases immunity
  • Boosts energy
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases metabolism rate


  • Vitamin supplements are known to react or interact with other meds. Be sure to consult your doctor first before partaking in any supplements if you are on medication.

Amazing grass features and ingredients

There are many brands out there with varying prices. For the value and amount you get per piece, Amazing grass supplements are the most pocket-friendly supplement powders I have come across. They are well blended using unique, rich and organic ingredients to give youhealth, nutrition, and full body support. Going out of the box with their ingredients, you will find barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, pure acai, alfalfa, carrot, rosehips, spinach, maca, beet, raspberry, and broccoli.


  • Increase energy
  • Boost immunity
  • Contains probiotics and digestive enzymes known to improve digestion
  • Helps to detoxify your body


  • I found this powder to taste really bland if I mixed it with water alone


I am really happy with both supplements because they have tapped into the goodness of what fruits and vegetables have to offer. Being a vegan, I look for the type of supplement that is clearly identified as vegan-friendly. For me, Amazing grass qualified and even surpassed my expectations. This Juice Plus vs Amazing grass supplement comparison will help you know where to fit if you are in search of a high quality, effective supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I gain from taking Amazing grass Green super Food powder?

The fact that this

is packed full of nutrients derived from vegetables, fruits, probiotics, and digestive enzymes tells you that there’s a ton of benefits in store. You get to detoxify your body, increase your energy levels, and increase your immunity among many other benefits.

Does amazing Grass powder have an expiry date?

This powder is designed to last you as long as possible. But seeing as this is an edible product, it is recommended that you take Amazing grass products within 2 years from the time/date it was manufactured.

Is amazing grass really organic?

When you read the information as is written on the packaging/bottle, you will see that there’s an emphasis on the term organic ingredients. For instance, Organic chlorella, organic pineapple, organic wheat grass, organic barley grass, organic spirulina and so on.

Can a vegan take Juice Plus supplements?

Juice plus supplements are made from dried fruits, berries, and vegetables. They have no fillers, additives or artificial flavors. They source their ingredients freshly produced and non-GMO, this makes Juice Plus a great choice for vegans.

What will I gain from taking green superfood powder?

Amazing grass’ green superfood powder is made out of natural vegetables, fruits, and greens. These all supply you with probiotics and digestive enzymes known to help purify your body, increase energy and improve your immunity.