Juice Plus vs Green Vibrance-what you should know


When you are trying to lose weight and live healthy, vitamins and supplements are an integral part of your journey and lifestyle. But what do you know about supplements? Is there a difference between shakes and gummies? Here’s a Juice Plus vs Green vibrance review to help bring things into perspective.

Have you ever done anything you can to lose weight but the extra pounds just won’t budge? You have reduced your carbs, shunned fatty foods including all types of meat and other calorie-filled foods and done just about anything your friends tell you will work. At first, I used to do all these thing and they worked, at least for a few months.

But suddenly, it looked like I hit a flatline, nothing was changing for me or my body size despite having changed nothing about how I eat or how I exercise. It was the source of constant emotional agony. See I had in my head my ideal body type and weight that I needed to achieve and I had a deadline.

My wedding date was set a little less than a year away, I wanted to fit in my dress, I wanted to be confident and most of all I wanted it to be memorable. For me, this wasn’t just the beginning of sharing life with my husband but my wedding would also mark the begging of my journey living healthier and making better decisions for my body.

In this race, I have come to learn that different things should work together for me to see any physical change in my body. I need exercise and I need nutrients from fruits and vegetables. But since I am a very picky eater, I decided that supplements are the way to go.

Here’s a detailed Juice Plus and Green Vibrance review showing you how you can lose weight and stay healthy.

Supplement Juice PlusGreen VibranceMain categoriesOrchard Blend and Garden blendGreen vibranceSuperfoodMain source ingredientsFruits and vegetablesProbiotics, cereals, fruits, and vegetablesBenefits Boosts immunity, increase energy levels, improves organ functionIncreases immunity, improves digestion and provides liver support.Check priceCheck price

Juice Plus vs Green vibrance- how do they compare?

Main categories

If you are like me and you would like to take as many fruits and vegetables every day but you fall short maybe because of tight schedules or outright procrastination, then you should consider taking supplements. Juice Plus supplements are full of wholesome goodness because they are made out of the freshest most nutritious fruits and vegetables. Here you have the Garden blend and the Orchard Blend.

Green vibrance has one main category dubbed superfood. It consists of plant-based ingredients that save you the inconvenience of having to pop pills in your mouth several times throughout the day. It comes in form of a powder that you mix with water and take once a day.

Main source ingredients

Anyone who takes supplements is aware that they are supplying their body essential vitamins and minerals; but do you know where they are all sourced from? Juice PlusVitamins source for fruits and vegetables from some of those countries with the most fertile soils. Each capsule contains carefully extracted dry juice from fruits like orange, cranberry, acerola cherry, apple, pineapple, peach, prune, date, beet, and vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, parsley, tomato and many more.

Green vibrance superfoods vitamins powder is made out of barley, wheat, oat, Kamut, parsley, kale, chlorella, spirulina, spinach, tomato, alma fruit, astralagus, apricot, and up to 25 billion probiotics.

How you benefit

There are countless benefits you stand to gain by taking vitamins. Juice plus vitamins supply you with vitamins and minerals that help build your immunity, increase energy and help all your vital organs function properly.

Green vibrance supplement powder consists of rich ingredients known to increase your immunity, provide support for your liver, enhance eye, skin and hair health, detoxify and improve digestion, prevent diseases and generally keep you healthy.

Juice plus vs Green vibrance reviews

Juice Plus

Juice Plus vs Green Vibrance

Features and ingredients.

The fact that you need to eat your fruits and your vegetables regularly is undebatable. Yes, they cannot be replaced. But how sure are you that your body is digesting and putting to good use all the vitamins and minerals that are extracted from your food? This is where vitamins and supplements come in. Juice plus supplements contain all the essential nutrients required to help close up the loopholes. The Orchard blend and the Garden blend vitamins are made out of a total of 30 fruits and vegetables. They contain no additives, fillers added sugars or artificial sugars.


  • Helps enhance immunity
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves organ function
  • Made out of nutritious fruits and vegetables


  • If you are taking juice plus capsules, you need plenty of water to help you swallow it without experiencing discomfort and without choking.

Green vibrance

juice plus vs green vibrance

Features and ingredients

Making this supplement powder the best for you if you are a vegan or a vegetarian are very unique ingredients. Instead of using cereal grains, for example, they use cereal grass which is nutrient dense. Green vibrance superfood is a plant-based supplement in powder form. Its aim is to focus on improving your nutrition, immunity, digestion, and circulation. It has up to 70 ingredients which provide you with all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and probiotics needed by the body for your organs to work properly, stay protected from getting ill, and provide you enough nourishment for the day. If you are a vegan it is advisable to mix this supplement powder with water only or with vegetable milk. If you are not a vegan, you can mix it with milk, yogurt or water whichever tickles your taste buds best.


  • Made out of 70 wholesome ingredients including cereals, vegetables, fruits and probiotics
  • Enhances liver health and function
  • Boosts immunity and has cancer-preventing qualities
  • Improves hair, skin and eye health


  • This powder doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners. Many may find that it tastes weird especially when mixed with water alone.


Having tasted both of these supplements, I must say that I love them both. I am however forced to lean more towards Green vibranceplant-based superfood powder because I don’t have to keep remembering to swallow my vitamins. Plus I like that I can mix it with my favorite yogurt for a refreshing drink after a long workout session.

Frequently asked questions

What do I gain by taking green vibrance powder?

This powder is mainly designed to increase your immunity. It is very rich in antioxidants which help protect against free radical development and lowers your risk of getting serious health issues like heart disease.

How many times should I take green vibrance in a day?

It is recommended that you take it twice in a day. In some cases, people take green vibrance powder three times in a day especially when someone is found to be lacking in proper nutrient intake.

Is it true that Green Vibrance has Arsenic?

Arsenic is a chemical that naturally occurs inside all plants. Having been made primarily out of plants, Green Vibrancehas some amount of arsenic. However, during production, the powder has been infused with micronutrients designed to protect you against the harmful effects of Arsenic.

Are Juice Plus and Green Vibrance gluten free vitamins?

Seeing as both of these supplements contain no grains or grain products as ingredients, it is safe to say that they are gluten-free. Note that Green Vibrance powder only uses cereal grass and not the grain as an ingredient.

Can vegans take green vibrance as their sole source of supplementation?

Green vibrance powder contains probiotics which is why some vegans may be against it. There are however no dairy or animal products used as ingredients in this product.