Juice Plus vs Multivitamins,why are they good for you?


Multivitamins come in different shapes or forms, capsules, tablets juices, injectables or powders. But just how important are multivitamins in the human body? Here’s a Juice Plus vs Multivitamins discussion to get you to better understand.

I am what they call OCD about everything that I have to put in my mouth and swallow. Not everyone is as keen as I am but I am sure many of you are careful and curious too about what they eat. Every time I head on over to my local supplies store, I spend most of my time in the food aisle, here I peruse through different foods, fruits,and vegetables.

I never forget to replenish my vitamins because I take my health and wellbeing very seriously. I try not to seek the help of an attendant because I am never really sure if they are telling me their sincere truth or if they are simply pushing to get me to buy.

Having taken supplements for pretty much my entire life, I have learned the dos and don’ts that come with it. Plus, I now know why they are important for everyone to use on a daily basis. So here’s a detailed Juice Plus vs Multivitamin discussion to help clear the air.

SupplementJuice PlusMultivitaminsCategories Orchard blend and garden blendNot applicableEssential Vitamin C, A,E, antioxidants, Folate and plant compounds13 types of vitamins and 16 types of minerals at leastFunction Boost energy, support brain function, improve immunityFull body supportCheck priceCheck price

Juice Plus vs Multivitamins- is there really much difference?


For proper nutrition, you need to eat food with different kinds of nutrients with low fat and fewer calories. This way your organs are functioning properly, your cells are getting repaired and you fall sick less often. So is it the same if you take supplements?

Well, Juice plus vitamins offers you two main categories. This includes the Orchard blend consisting fruit extracts and the Garden blend which carries vegetable extracts. The main goal is to provide you with all the vitamins your body needs for optimum health.

Alternatively, are more diverse. When you consume multivitamins either as supplements or as real food, you are taking vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, herbs and amino acids among other components.

What are the essential vitamins or multivitamins you should take?

There is an endless list of vitamins present in our food, all these have little roles to play inside your body. But some vitamins are needed by the body in larger amounts than others. Essential vitamins found in Juice Plus supplements include Vitamin, A, C, and E. In addition, you get plant compounds and antioxidants whose job is to keep you healthy by increasing your immunity levels.

On the other hand, Multivitamins are a cocktail of over 13 vitamins mixed with 19 different minerals. They come in different forms and amounts to serve different functions throughout the body. In normal food, it’s an all you can eat multivitamin buffet but when you are dealing with packaged multivitamins, each bottle is different. You may find some vitamins or minerals present and some absent, the multivitamin levels may also differ from one bottle/brand to another.

Main functions

Normally, Juice Plus supplements are referred to as vitamins only but according to the packaging on their label, they contain more than that. Each capsule has Vitamin A, C,and E, plant compounds, antioxidants,and folate. This makes this a somewhat mini multivitamin. Vitamins generally work to boost your energy levels, lower blood pressure, support organ function, and increase level of immunity.

Multivitamins have qualities which promote reaction of enzymes, hormone production, and support muscle and bone structure. This way you are able to reproduce normally, maintain good health, and grow normally.

Juice Plus vs Multivitamins

Juice Plus

Juice Plus vs Multivitamins

Features and ingredients

When you are inside the grocery store or at the farmers market, do you notice how colorful everything is? This is what you should go for when preparing your meals. Aim to eat as many different colored foods as possible. It is in these foods where you will find the highest nutrient levels. What’s more, these foods contain lower fat and calorie levels essential for a healthy heart.

This is why Juice plus vitamins include all sort of colorful fruits and vegetables in their product.For example, the Orchard blend contains dried juice from fruits such as Orange, acerola cherry, cranberry, pineapple, apple, peach, beet, dates,and papaya among others. The Garden blend has extracts from vegetables like carrots, beets, broccoli, spinach, tomato, kale, cane juice and many more.


  • Facilitates cell repair and regeneration
  • Improves heart health
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increases energy levels


  • Taking more than the recommended amount of vitamins doesn’t mean you get extra gains. You risk serious health risks by taking a higher dosage than is recommended.



Features and sources

Numerous studies have been conducted on how useful multivitamins are to the human body. Many people I asked confessed to taking multivitamins either as a way to maintain general health or as a way of preventing heart disease. Is it better to eat foods high in all types of vitamins and minerals or is it better to just take the short cut and buy pre-packaged multivitamins? It is not clear whether or not what you read on the labels on many multivitamin bottles reflect the truth about the amount and the ingredients of multivitamins you are taking. Be sure that the multivitamins you choose to take are from a reputable company or have been referred to you by a nutritionist.


  • Improve heart health
  • Increases immunity levels
  • Improves memory for older adults
  • Support bone and muscle structure


  • It is possible for you to take multivitamins whose ingredients and amount isn’t really as indicated on the bottle. This means that you won’t stand to benefit at all from the multivitamins you are taking.


If you ask me I would rather go for something that gives me higher value. This is why I would choose multivitamins over other supplements. I am now at peace knowing that in addition to the food I eat, I will suffer no shortages when it comes to nutrition. With time I have come to see and feel changes inside and outside my body that show that the multivitamin tablets are doing their job well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the connection between multivitamins and cancer?

This is a topic that is still under research. Some studies show that multivitamins have no effect in reducing the risk of cancer. Other studies show that multivitamins are capable of lowering the risk of cancer in men by up to 31 percent

Can multivitamins help better my memory?

Multivitamins have been found to be incredibly helpful in improving brain function and memory. This especially if you are an older adult.

What is the difference between multivitamins and vitamins?

Vitamins refers to just one out of an endless list of options. For example, if you want to increase your blood levels you will take iron only. Multivitamins are many minerals vitamins, compounds fatty acids and amino acids among many other nutrients joined together into one capsule.

I am slowly losing my eyesight, should I take multivitamins?

Cataract and macular degeneration are a few of the leading causes of loss of eyesight during old age. Multivitamins have been proven to help slow down the progression and even prevent one from developing the eye problems.

What will happen if I take more vitamins than what is indicated on the bottle?

The presence of more vitamins than is needed by the body is toxic and may lead to illness. For example, taking too much vitamin A during pregnancy has been linked to birth defects.