Juice Plus vs Prenatal Vitamins. Why supplements are important


No matter how many children you have pregnancy is always a captivating time for the parents in waiting. Of course, you want to know that you are doing everything to improve the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby when the time is due. To expound on this, here’s a Juice Plus vs Prenatal vitamins in-depth discussion.

Being a control freak I was for the first time faced by I challenge I had no control over. I must say however that my Obstetrician was quite helpful. I may have faced all sort of uncertainty issues but having someone on call to ask anything anytime was all I needed to be ok.

Somewhere mid-pregnancy, the scans showed that my child was underweight. This increased the likelihood of my child facing life-threatening health issues either during the pregnancy or after birth. Worried, my doctor decided to introduce me to prenatal vitamins.

Here’s a detailed Juice plus vs prenatal vitamins discussion showing why this little pills are important to take especially when you are expecting.

What is the difference between Juice Plus and Prenatal Vitamins?


Juice plus vitamins are proud of having come up with a wide array of supplement categories with all the vitamins needed to support a healthy, functioning system in humans. The main categories include the orchard blend and the Garden blend options which combine contain up to 17 different fruits, vegetables,and grains.

Prenatal vitamins are simply just that, vitamins that you take while pregnant, before giving birth. Here it’s not so much about the categories as much as what vitamins, minerals you are taking in the course of your pregnancy. It is important that as you take your normal food, you also include prenatal vitamins. This helps bridge the small nutritional gaps in your system plus guarantee a healthy pregnancy.

Key vitamins or minerals

Before I put anything in my mouth I always wonder what I stand to gain by eating it. When you take Juice Plus vitamins you are enriching your body with antioxidants essential for disease prevention, folate for cell regeneration and enhanced metabolism, vitamin C, A and E for full body support and plant compounds for overall health.

Prenatal vitamins contain hundreds of vitamins and minerals all which are needed to keep both the mother and the fetus healthy. There is however long a list of these vitamins that are needed by the expectant mother more than others. They include Folic acid, Iron, Calcium and so on.

What are their main functions?

Juice Plus vitamins are full of rich nutrients helpful to various parts of your body.Generally, these supplement provides you with Vitamin C, A, and E. these are derived from beta-carotene which is found in abundance inside carrots. The folate inside each juice plus capsule is intended to prompt cell growth and production in addition to increasing your rate of metabolism. Plant compounds have little diverse roles throughout your body which helps fuel the body, fight diseases and keep you generally healthy among other functions.

Prenatal vitamins, on the other hand, carry Iodine whose job is to support thyroid function which helps prevent deafness, mental disability,and limited physical growth.Folic acid serves to prevent defects affecting the spinal cord and the brain generally known as neural tube defects. Calcium helps maintain bone density of the mother while simultaneously supporting bone growth for the unborn baby.

Juice Plus vs prenatal vitamins

Juice Plus vitamins

Features and ingredients

Juice Plus vs Prenatal Vitamins

It is important that you eat a balanced diet whether you are a child, man or a woman and most importantly if you are expecting. While supplements are incredibly important to take on a daily basis, they cannot replace normal food. So take your food, your fresh fruit and vegetable juices,andyourJuice Plus vitamins all together in order to reap fully from what they all have to offer.

But what ingredients used to make Juice Plus supplements set it apart from the rest? In the Orchard blend, you will find fruits like papaya, apple, pineapple, acerola cherry, peach, orange, cranberry, carrots, dates,and beet.In the Garden blend, you will find vegetables like broccoli, parsley, kale, carrots, spinach, tomato,and beet extracts.The Garden blend and the Orchard blend combined provide you with vitamins C, A and E, plant compounds, antioxidants, and folate to help support, organ function and health.


  • Boost energy
  • Improves brain function
  • Helps fight and prevent diseases
  • Reduce blood pressure


  • Taking more than the amount prescribed does not mean you gain more. In fact, it may lead to weak bones, serious side effects or life-threatening health issues.

Prenatal vitamins

Features and ingredients

The pregnancy period is a very sensitive period for a mother. While your body is strong enough to carry the pregnancy to term, you still need to ensure you keep replenishing your food intake so as to maintain health for mom and baby. There are certain foods that you can eat to increase folic acid levels in your body for instance. But to make things easier for you, there are prenatal supplements specifically designed to supply an expectant mom with all the compounds, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants required for a healthy pregnancy and birth.

But what exactly is in these vitamins? There are numerous vitamins and minerals ideal for a healthy pregnancy. However, the body demands more of folic acid, iodine, Iron and Calcium than it does other components inside the prenatal vitamins you take.


  • Prevents birth defects related to the brain and spine
  • Supports bone strength and growth
  • Works as an energy booster for the mom
  • Helps maintain overall health for both mother and child during and after birth


  • If you fail to take your prenatal vitamins you risk exposing you and your baby to irreversible health risks that may alter your wellbeing.


Being pregnant, it is obvious that I would choose to go with prenatal supplements over any other supplement types. While Juice Plus vitamins are designed to complement your food for optimum health and full body support, it is not enough for an expecting mother. The amount of vitamins in minerals is adjusted higher to cater for any deficiencies the mother may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take prenatal vitamins when I am not expecting?

People like taking prenatal vitamins because of how fast and thick it grows your hair or how strong your nails become. However, it is advisable to stay away from prenatal vitamins if you are not expectant. Prenatal vitamins contain high levels of minerals and vitamins which if in excess may pose health risks.

Is folic acid good to take as a supplement even when I am not expecting?

Folic acid supplementation is important for a woman especially if you are planning to get pregnant soon. Folic acid helps protect the unborn child from developing neural tube or spine defects. If you aren’t planning to get pregnant, there’s enough folic acid in the food you eat.

What happens if I miss my prenatal vitamins several times?

Prenatal vitamins help provide you with folic acid, calcium,and iron. All these play the crucial role of preventing birth defects, building strong bones, and transporting oxygen to your unborn child. If you do not take your prenatal vitamins you put yourself and your baby at risk.

Can I take normal Juice Plus vitamins instead of prenatal vitamins?

Taking Juice Plus vitamins is better than taking no supplements at all during pregnancy. However, prenatal vitamins are designed with higher amounts of nutrients to ascertain that both the mother and child are healthy.

Can folic acid help in preventing a miscarriage?

Folic acid is designed more to support the development of the unborn child’s brain and spine. There’s no evidence to prove that folic acid can help preventor reduce the risk of you having a miscarriage.