Juice Plus vs Vitamins, what to take into consideration


While many are committed towards eating healthy and making better life choices, there’s a misperception on what the role of supplements are in your life. Are supplements alone enough or do you need to take them along with your actual fruits and veggies? To find out the answers to this, here’s a detailed Juice Plus vs Vitamins review.

I never pass a chance to bite on a banana or an apple during my work break. I love afruit and vegetable salad on my routine outings with friends or family. No, I am not too keen on what I eat in fact I love me a burger, pizza,and some fries on occasion.

But as I grow older I realize that my body needs some help to perform its functions normally. For this reason, I choose to exercise more, sleep longer and most importantly eat healthier. I have taken supplements before but not on a consistent basis.

Within the short period I took my supplements I made sure to simultaneously keep taking my fruits and vegetables. I was surprised by the tremendous improvement in my energy levels, I was able to remember more, I was always in a jovial mood, plus I never not once suffered a cold.

Now, not a day goes by without me taking my supplements and some fruits and vegetables. But do you know what the difference is between supplements and actual vitamins? Here’s a detailed Juice Plus vs Vitamins to help shed more light.

What are the main differences between Juice plus and vitamins?

Supplement Title Juice PlusVitaminsAmount of phytonutrientsModerateVery highCategoriesOrchard blend and garden blendOver a hundredpackagingCapsules and chewableWhole foodsCheck priceCheck price

Juice Plus vs Vitamins-What are the major differences?

Amount of Phytonutrients

So what are phytonutrients? These are naturally occurring chemicals in fruit and vegetable plants that help protect it from attacks by germs, bugs and fungi and so on. While minerals and vitamins hold significant importance, consuming phytonutrients can leave you at an advantage. The protection factor is passed on to you and you find that your body is able to function better in addition to protecting you from diseases. Juice plus vitamins are packaged as whole foods with some crucial phytonutrients being lost during processing. On the other hand, taking a good amount of fruits and vegetables daily helps supply your body with enough phytonutrients leaving you healthier and stronger.


This is where packaged supplements come in handy. See Juice plus supplements are divided into two main options. The Orchard blend contains capsules or chewables containing extracts from fruits like cranberry, beets, apples, acerola cherry, pineapples, oranges, papaya, peach,and dates. The Garden blend contains capsules with extracts from vegetables like tomato, Kale, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, spinach, oat bran, rice bran, parsley,and beetroot.

Alternatively, Different vegetables, fruits,and foods, in general, contain different vitamins. To supply your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs, you would have to eat a bucket full of fruits, vegetables grains and more food to be able to get a day’s supply. Pre-packaged supplements do all the work for us by saving our stomachs the difficult task of having to digest all that food.


I find it incredibly convenient that I can discreetly carry my packet of Juice Pluschewables, an apple, banana,and orange inside my handbag and just like that I have satisfied my recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Juice plus supplements come either in form of a capsule, chewables, in powder form or as a protein bar. They may be rich in nutrients but they do not take up that much space in your bag or in your stomach.

Normal vitamins, on the other hand, can be found inside real fruits like bananas, carrots, oranges, whole grains, kale, and broccoli and so on. It can be quite tasking having to carry or take a break to head to the restaurant to order these fruits grains and vegetables. Each one of these alone would certainly lead to some sort of deficiency but together, you will get adequate supply of nutrients for an energized healthy life.

Juice plus vs Vitamins

 Features and ingredients

Juice Plus supplements are fast taking over the market thanks to their authenticity. This supplement contains no fillers or added sugars. Each capsule contains dried juice from a bunch of fruits or a bunch of vegetables depending on whether you picked it from the orchard or the vegetable blend.The vegetable blend has vitamins and minerals collected from vegetables like Garlic, Kale, Carrot, Tomato, Cabbage, Spinach, Broccoli, parsley, beet, Rice bran,and Oat Bran. The orchard blend alternatively contains vitamins and nutrients collected from fruits like Peach, Prune, Pineapple, Beet, Cranberry, Date, Apple, Acerola cherry and Orange.If you like the vineyard blend better, you will be getting vitamins extracted from berries like Pomegranate, Cocoa, Raspberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Black currant, Elderberry, Concord grape, Artichoke,and Cranberry


  • Contains added minerals and vitamins like calcium, enzymes, carotenoids, soluble fiber, enzymes,and dried probiotics among others
  • Improves heart health
  • Supports and enhances brain function
  • Reduces chronic inflammation and muscle pain


  • To avoid choking, it is important to swallow your supplements together with a lot of water

Vitamins features and sources

While supplementation is important for optimum body health and function, one thing is clear. the role of real fruits is irreplaceable. You have a higher advantage eating real fruit in its natural form compared to when you take it in form of a pill. Supplements help us bridge the gap by supplying crucial vitamins most needed by your body. However, fruits supply you with fiber, plant compounds, minerals,and vitamins. As a result, you enjoy lower blood pressure, balances your blood sugar and improved mental health.

Consuming fresh fruit provides your body a cocktail of nutrients which may be most likely absent from any supplement pill. Here you take fruits and vegetables loaded with calcium, magnesium, vitamin A&C among numerous other minerals and nutrients.


  • Higher mineral, vitamin and fiber intake
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improved mental health
  • Balances your blood sugar


  • As you age the body is unable to extract all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you eat hence the need for supplementation.


It is evident that while supplements are great for improved overall health, fruits are even more important. Combined, natural fruits, vegetables,andpackaged supplements allow your body to function best. But if I had to choose one, I would get me a basket loaded with all my favorite fruits and vegetables. This Juice Plus vs Vitamins run down proves that fruits are important and necessary if you want to live a stress-freehealthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my fruits with my Juice Plus supplements?

No. while supplementation is important, you may experience deficiencies and decreased body function when taking supplements alone without coupling it with different fruits and vegetables.

Why are natural vitamins better?

Natural fruits and vegetables have an upper hand over supplements because they contain no added fillers or sugars. They have higher fiber, mineral, and vitamin levels plus they are fresh.

Is it important for me to take my Juice Plus supplements daily?

Yes. Remember, supplements play a crucial role to help you fight diseases, rebuild muscle, improve brain functions and slow the aging process.It is important that you take your supplements as directed in order to reap all the intended benefits.

What is the best time to eat my fruits?

You absorb nutrients best when you take food on an empty stomach. This makes mornings the best time to take your fruits.

Are there any side effects I will experience after taking supplements?

You may experience a mild case of stomach upset, skin rashes, heartburn or headaches. Before taking supplements, it is advisable to first visit your doctor to establish whether you are sensitive or have any underlying allergies.

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