Juice plus vs Young living, all you need to know


From low immunity to skin issues, people have turned to supplements to help eliminate a myriad of health issues. But what exactly do you know about the supplements you take? What do they contain? Here’s an in-depth Juice plus vs Young living supplements review.

From the moment I turned fourteen all the way into adulthood, I have had frequent acne breakouts. To add salt to injury I also happen to have hereditary eczema. I learned from a very early age to take note of the type of foods I eat. This helps to keep the eczema in check and the acne breakouts less frequent.

One day my mom told me that the skin is an exhibit of what is going on inside the body. Each type of rash is an indication that a problem could be brewing somewhere internally. Now my mom is no doctor or skin expert, but I had a strong inkling that she was right about this.

In my quest to take charge and adopt better habits for the sake of my skin and my health generally. I have researched vigorously about foods I can take to help keep my skin smooth and vibrant. I saw many people like me for whom vegetables and fruits worked wonders. Surprisingly, all this is thanks to the vitamins.

If only I could find a way to increase my vitamin intake. This is where supplements come in. here’s a detailed Juice plus vs Young living supplements comparison.

What are some notable differences about these two supplements?

SupplementsJuice plusYoung LivingCategoriesOrchard blend and garden blendOver 10 different categoriesTaste Sweet and satisfyingNot very sweetMain source of ingredientsVegetables and fruitsPlants/herbs, fruits, and vegetablesCheck priceCheck price

Juice Plus vs Young living- what are the //differences?


Juice Plus contains one set of vitamins collected from vegetables only known as the Garden blend and another set of vitamins collected from fruits only known as the OrchardBlend. Alternatively, Young living vitamins are more specific. Here you have Thyromin, Super-B, ComforTone, Super Cal Plus, Life 9, Powergize, Omegagize, Aminowise, Cortistop, Essentialzymes-4, SuperC among others. These supplements are packaged in form of pills, capsules, oils or powders. They are each designed to address particular bodily issues and functions for an ultimately healthy lifestyle.


It helps that most, if not all fruits and vegetables have natural sugars that make them quite delicious to eat. This is why when it comes to taste, Juice Plus supplements are the best. To make it even tastier, these supplements are infused with tapioca syrup. This makes Juice Plus supplements the best to give those kids who are adamant and who completely refuse to eat their veggies. On the other hand, most of Supplements from young living have been derived from plants like Aloe Vera, Peppermint,Ashwagandha root, and Black spruce, among other additional herbs and essential oils. You can already guess that while it is important to maintain their natural/organic form young Living supplements may be beneficial but they aren’t as sweet as other supplements.

Main source of ingredients

Juice Plus chewable vitamins contain nutrients collected mainly from different fruits and vegetables. For example, Orchard blend contains extracts from fruits like acerola cherry, cranberry, beets, apples, pineapples, dates, papaya, peach, and orange. Garden blend capsules contain extracts from vegetables such as carrots, kale, tomato, broccoli, cabbage, parsley, rice bran, beetroot, oat bran,and spinach. Alternatively, Young living supplements are collected from herbs, roots and may contain essential oils aimed towards eliminating or supporting certain functions of your body.

Juice plus vs Young living reviews

Juice plus Â

juice plus vs young living

Features and ingredients

Eating fruits and vegetables as part of your diet is incredibly beneficial to your body. You feel more energized and give your body the power to fight and avoid serious diseases. But how sure are you that you are taking the amount of vitamins and minerals necessary to provide your body the necessary support? This is where supplements come in. Taking one or two Juice Plus capsules a day lets you better keep track and monitor yourself.

Juice Plus vitamins comes either in form of capsules or in form of soft chewables. Taking these supplements as directed is like taking your daily serving of fruits and vegetables. If you take one capsule from the Garden blend bottle and another one from the Orchard blend bottle. You will be nourishing your body with vitamins and minerals extracted from carrots, pineapples, cranberry, cabbage, kale, tomato, parsley, papaya, broccoli, and beets among many others.


  • Helps you monitor and regulate your weight thanks to improved metabolism
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Helps keep your appetite in check
  • Helps improve the circulation of blood in your body and prevent serious diseases and health risks


  • Juice Plus capsules contain fiber which can lead to choking. It is advisable to take these supplements along with a lot of water to avoid this

Young living

juice plus vs young living

Features and ingredients

There’s a wide range of supplements from young living. These supplements are grouped into different categories to cater to people looking to satisfy different needs. Some of these categories include; Cleansing nutrition, Targeted nutrition, foundation nutrition, and healthy cooking to mention but a few. Here you will find supplements packaged as powders, capsules, chewables or essential oils. There’s not a single part of your body that hasn’t been catered for by supplements and vitamins offered by Young Living.

If you want to improve your cognitive functions you can choose one of the numerous essential oils built to strengthen the brain. If you want to improve your health generally, you can choose two or more from the many options of supplements available from numerous categories. Some of these super ingredientsused in making these vitamins include; Peppermint, Black spruce, Red algae, Vetiver, Aloe Vera, Idaho Blue Spruce, Ashwagandha root, herbs, Copaiba,and essential oils among numerous other sources.


  • Helps improve cognitive function
  • Helps increase energy levels, boost stamina and support muscle function and growth
  • Improve blood circulation and detoxify the body
  • Enables you to shed extra weight due to improved metabolism


  • The supplements here do not taste as indulgent as other supplements in the market


I must say that I like how Young Living supplements provide specific supplements geared to address and correct specific functions and organs inmy body. This way you don’t have to take one type of supplement hoping that it will solve all your needs health wise. While the taste is less wanting I would prefer young living supplements to others available in stores. Juice plus supplements are also perfect especially when you have kids who take supplements. They taste wonderful and are very effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are essential oils from young living good for treating inflammation?

Yes. Young Living essential oils possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodicqualities which are famous for their ability to relieve pain and alleviate swelling.

Which Juice Plus supplements can I take for joint pain?

You have a better chance of eliminating joint pain by taking capsules from the Garden blend bottle because vegetables naturally contain Calcium and healing properties that can help support healthy bones and ultimately alleviate joint pain.

I suffer anxiety and depression, can supplements help?

Supplements contain extracts from raw foods. Research shows that raw foods contain nutrients and minerals responsible for triggering the release of certain hormones that help improve your mood and alleviating depression.

Can I experience an overdose from taking supplements beyond the recommended dosage?

It is always advisable to take your supplements as directed in the packaging or by your doctor. Failure to do so may leave you suffering side effects like stomach upsets, headaches,andskin rashes.

What are the benefits of taking Young Living supplements?

There are numerous benefits that come with taking supplements. The top benefits include increased energy levels, better brain functions glowing skin, ability to fight diseases and slower aging among many others.