Lightening dark lips with beetroot to get beautiful pink lips

Everybody wants to have pink lips, they add charm to your face. There are many ways you can make your lips lighter and one of them is by lightening dark lips with beetroot.

From the magazines to the TV commercial, all I see in most fashion and beauty product models with perfect faces and pink luscious lips. And I want that. My lips are a bit dark and I have been trying to make them lighter with different products but nothing. My male friends have commented on a few occasions how pink lips are very alluring. I feel bad that I can’t just wear lip gloss and look good, I have to wear lipstick. So now I’m trying to lighten my lips naturally using beetroot and it’s been a week and I’m starting to see progress.’

Reasons why your lips became dark

Having natural pink lips is a dream come true for most people. But before you do anything you need to understand why your lips are dark in the first place.Watch this to learn more about lightening your lips naturally.

Lip cosmetics

You wear cosmetics and lipstick because you want to feel attractive and look good. The products that make the lipstick can be harmful to your lips causing them to become darker. Over time your lips get a dark tone and not to mention if you sleep without removing your makeup, this habit can contribute to your lips becoming dark.


Regular smoking can cause dark lips, a reason for lightening dark lips with beetroot. When you inhale the cigarette smoke, tar and nicotine are transferred to your lips which gradually discolours your lips.

Lip dryness

Naturally moisturized lips look beautiful but they can easily lose their moisture when exposed to slightly rough weather. Your lips can become dry, crack or become chapped if you like licking them, in cold or windy weather. All this damage can darken your lips.


This happens when excess melanin is deposited in your skin when you expose yourself to too much sun. This can happen to your face, neck, lips, hands, etc. Hyperpigmentation mostly occurs on your upper lip because your face is the most open part of your body. It can appear as symmetrical patches. You can apply sunscreen to prevent this.

Now that you know what causes dark lips let’s see how you can lighten your lips.

Lightening dark lips with beetroot

Method 1: To get your lips natural pink colour, you can exfoliate your lips by making a beetroot scrub. All you need is mix 1 tbsp. of beetroot juice, 1 tsp. lemon juice, and 1 tsp. sugar. Apply it on your lips in a circular motion for 2 minutes and keep it on for 10 minutes then rinse it with cold water. It will reduce any pigmentation or discoloration and lighten the dark lines to give you natural pink lips.

Method 2:Another way is by using a cool beetroot slice. Simply slice a beetroot into slices and store them in your fridge. When it’s cool take the slice of beetroot and scrub it on your lips for a few minutes. Let it stay on your lips then rinse it after 15-20 minutes. The beet juice will remove the tan on your lips and give them a pink colour in a few days.

Method 3: You can also prepare a lip stain using beetroot and coconut oil. Simply grate beetroot and strain the juice but don’t add any water then put it in a clean and sterilized container. Add 1 tsp. of coconut oil in the juice good for keeping your lips moisturized. Mix with a spoon or toothpick then refrigerate it till it solidifies and because it’s natural store it in the fridge to last longer. Once you apply it your lips get a pink colour.

Now you can have beautiful pink lips

Beetroot is a natural and safe way of giving your lips that pink colour you’ve always been hoping for without putting on chemicals. Some of the cosmetics you apply on your lips can be the cause of having dark lips. If you expose yourself to too much sun your lips can get damages and become dry, cracked, and chapped. Beetroot naturally removes the tan on your lips as well as giving you the pink lips you desire.


Do beets make you lips pink?

Beets contains betain that acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that help to lighten the dark pigment or discolouring on your lips and protect them from sun damage. You get natural pink lips without the use of harmful chemicals.

Does beetroot make lips pink permanently?

Making a sugar and beetroot scrub will help to exfoliate your lips. Sugar is a great natural exfoliator while beetroot is a lightening agent. These two ingredients will give you super soft pinkish lips.

Can you make homemade lip balm with beetroot?

Yes, you can. All you need is beetroot, coconut oil, food processor, strainer, and a small container. Grind the beetroot without adding water, strain the juice, put it in the container, and add coconut oil. Mix it well and refrigerate.

What happens when you leave beetroot on your lips overnight?

Combine the same amount of beet juice and honey then massage it on your lips. Leave it overnight and in the morning you will notice your lips are pinkish and soft.

Is beetroot a good alternative to cosmetic lipstick?

Beetroot is a natural food that contains nutrients that your lips need to keep them soft, heal cracked lips, and lighten dark lips caused by chemicals in the lipstick and smoking. Beets don’t contain any harmful products and they give you natural pink lips.

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