Nitric Oxide Review– Increase Your Performance Naturally


Science has made huge steps in the creation of dietary supplements for anyone who wants nutritive assistance. In this Nitric Oxide review, you’ll find out why beet component could be what you need to improve your stamina.

Everyone wants a fit physique, and many are resorting to harsh ways and using the wrong supplements to get that build they see on T.V and in the magazines. Admittedly, I want that perfect body too, and if you do, you don’t have to find shortcuts about it. There are healthy ways to get that fit bod you’ve been dreaming of – you just need some patience!

If you finally have a daily workout routine that’s working for you, you know how good it feels to see lots of progress finally. After months of consistency and proper eating, I can easily say I am not looking back. My body’s doing better than it’s ever been in years, and my workout drinks are also part of the reason for my success.

Beets are my latest interest. Any organic product that can aid my energy levels whenever I am working out? I approve! Apparently, beets have an impressive amount of nitrates, and they can help boost your stamina while keeping your heart healthy. I tried out the Nitroxyl Nitric Oxide supplement, and I’ll give you my findings.

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Nitroxyl Nitric Oxide Review

Nitroxyl Nitric Oxide review

Not many companies promise to make a full refund when you’re unsatisfied with the results in the first month and send the empty bottle. I was curious to see the results I could get in a month. There’s also a possibility that the supplement may help with erectile dysfunction, but I’d need to ask a male colleague about that!

About Pale Blue Dot Inc

Nitroxyl is a product of a group of physicians with experience in clinical nutrition and medicine. Their products are a holistic approach towards achieving health, and from what I could see, the team has put in lots of research and clinical studies to ensure that their goodies are of high quality.

Their aim is in health maintenance and restoration with as minimal drug use as possible. Research is always ongoing, and with new findings, updates are made on their products to give you the best and most authentic supplements you can find. What’s not to love about that?

Nitroxyl Nitric Oxide

There are potent ingredients in the Nitroxyl capsules, all for the benefit of your mind and body. Though beet is a major component for the nitric oxide levels, there are other natural compounds from Cocoa, Hawthorn, and Pomegranate

Also, the L-Citrulline encourages better Nitric Oxide production compared to Arginine and AKG. Actually, in some studies, AKG and Arginine are linked to cardiac arrhythmia due to the high levels needed to achieve better Nitric Oxide production. Neither of these two compounds is in the Nitroxyl capsules, thankfully!

With the amounts of Nitric Oxide in Nitroxyl, you can look forward to:

  • Better and stronger workouts
  • Improved blood circulation, which is good for your heart
  • Better oxygen delivery to your muscles, to encourage more performance, lessen fatigue, and improve muscle-recovery time


With just three capsules every day, my energy and endurance levels when working out weren’t just significantly improved. I noticed I was more alert and focused than usual. The recovery process was a little easier as well.


  • Natural and drug-free
  • Discounts with a bigger purchase
  • No palpitations or crash from the energy boost


  • The capsules were hard to swallow on some days
  • Some users claim it did not work for them


As someone who’s tried out some energy-boosting supplements over the years, I can honestly say this worked pretty well for me. Well enough to write my Nitric Oxide review! Maybe combining the supplement with a healthy lifestyle made the results better than expected, and that’s what I would recommend for you.

FAQ Questions

Is Nitric Oxide good for you?

The blood vessels’ lining (endothelium) makes nitric oxide, especially during physical and chemical activities that are healthy for the heart. In such situations, the endothelium releases more nitric oxide to expand your blood vessels and increase blood flow, lowering your blood pressure.

Do Nitric Oxide supplements really work?

While Nitric Oxide supplements don’t directly provide nitric oxide, they contain L-arginine (or similar compounds) which can increase nitric oxide levels in some individuals. In turn, nitric oxide boosts blood circulation to the muscles and improves oxygen usage in the muscles.

Can Nitric Oxide help erectile dysfunction?

Amino acids like L-citrulline and L-arginine may help in erectile dysfunction by increasing nitric oxide production; nitric oxide encourages muscle relaxation in the penis which then allows the chambers inside to fill with blood, causing an erection. In previous studies, L-citrulline, L-arginine, and Pycnogenol are concluded safe ways to treat erectile dysfunction, though not as effective as prescription drugs like Viagra.

Is Nitric Oxide dangerous?

In recommended and safe levels, nitric oxide can be good for improved energy levels and lower blood pressure. However, in individuals with certain medical conditions (especially cardiovascular), too much nitric oxide can lead to serious health complications.

Is Nitric Oxide good for high blood pressure?

Nitric oxide is produced in the body and is carried in the blood where it stimulates blood-vessel relaxation, leading to lower blood pressure. Safe nitric oxide supplements can help the body produce more nitric oxide to lower the blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

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