Nu Therapy Power Beets Review – What’s All The Beet Fuss?

Powdered beets, juiced beets, raw beets – beets are all over the place. Beetroot supplement brands have been getting quite the rep, and I’ve created this Nu Therapy Power Beets review to help you make a choice.

Five years ago if you told me that I’d be on the right track with my diet enough to be a nutritionist, it would be unbelievable. While my meals weren’t always unhealthy and unplanned for, they were enough to cause trouble in my body. After a while, I decided I had to make the necessary changes to avoid leading my life down the drain in my later years.

Sticking to a balanced diet was tough. I also had to add fitness to my daily routine, and for someone who’d never entered the gym a day in their life, the start was pure torture. Whenever I remembered I had my daughter following in my steps, I did it all, and I have never looked back ever since!

Over the years, I learned that a great diet isn’t just about any organic food. Figuring out what your body needs the most is the first step in making sure you include the right components in your meals. Once you target your deficiencies and nutrients you could use more than others; then you’re on track.

Dietary supplements work the same way. You don’t just pick any attractive package; you go through the list of ingredients to confirm they are what you need. Adding too much of certain vitamins and minerals can do you more harm than good.

That said, it is evident that beet supplements have made quite a mark in the market. Having sampled a number of them, I decided to tell you what I discovered about Nu Therapy Power Beets so you can make a conscious choice.

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Nu Therapy Power Beets Review

Having dealt with beetroot in the kitchen, I know how much of a hassle it can be. Not only do you have to chop up a couple of beets regularly to reap the benefits, but they also stain every surface they land. Though you can clean up after, sometimes that can be off-putting when you are in a rush.

Beet supplements are a favorable option for many people. For example, Nu Therapy Power Beets is a concentrated beet powder you can dilute in water, smoothie or favorite beverage and consume. It’s as easy as that.

About Nu Therapy

I dug into the official website for some more info about the company and their products. Nu Therapy has a mission to support overall wellbeing through its supplements. According to the website, all the products are non-GMO, safe, and go through advanced testing to ensure quality.

Power Beets aren’t the only product Nu Therapy has. You can find other natural supplements like Turmeric, Organic Greens, Garcinia, and more. I got so carried away checking them all out that I nearly bought a bit of everything!

Nu Therapy Power Beets

Beets have impressive quantities of Potassium, Folate, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Fiber, and more. But nitrates are the main reason beets have a huge fan base among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In your body, the nitrates are converted in Nitric oxide and offer certain advantages that are unlike other vegetables.

Low Nitric oxide levels in your system can lead to poor blood circulation and minimal stamina. Power Beets has the power of raw beets; which means you can get your Nitric oxide conveniently. When taken daily and as recommended, the Power Beets can relax your blood vessels and lower your blood pressure, boost your stamina, and help improve how your muscles spend oxygen during strenuous exercises.

My Results

All I took was a scoop every morning in cold water or my smoothies, and it saved me a lot of time. Though I have no problem with the earthy taste in raw beets, I think the Acai Berry Pomegranate flavor would be a relief for beet lovers who have a problem with its natural, earthy taste.

I noticed the effects by the second day. There was a definite spike in my energy, and I never came crashing down as I did with coffee. The powder quickly became a favorite go-to before my workouts.



  • Sometimes the powder in a new tub wasn’t easy to dilute
  • Some users don’t like the taste


I can’t fail to mention some beet precautions in this Nu Therapy Power Beets review. If you have any underlying medical condition or on some medication, it’s always best to talk to your doctor before buying this supplement or any other. Finally, check out these beetroot side effects.

FAQ Section

What are power beets?

Power beets is a beet powder that contains concentrated raw beetroot. You can consume the drink to up your nitric oxide levels for your heart and energy.

Are power beets good for you?

In a healthy adult, power beets could lower blood pressure and increase energy levels. However, you may consult a medical practitioner to confirm if they are good for you.

Are power beets healthy?

Depending on your body’s need for nitric oxide and underlying medical conditions, power beets can be beneficial, or you may need medical opinion before consumption. In the right conditions, they could boost your energy and support circulation.

Do beets help the heart?

The nitrates in beets can increase your Nitric oxide levels and relax your blood vessels for better blood flow. This could be beneficial for individuals with high blood pressure, but dangerous for consumers with low blood pressure.