Olly vitamins vs Juice Plus. Are supplements important?

If I eat a healthy balanced diet, do I still need to take supplements? This is a question I have come across more times than I can count working as a small scale farmer. So, here’s a detailed Olly vitamins vs Juice Plus run down telling you why taking supplements is important.

It is true, it is not mandatory to have to take supplements if you are sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet for each meal. But, if you had an opportunity to do your body a favor, wouldn’t you pounce at the chance?

I have always loved planting things, from flowers to trees to vegetables to fruits. Blame it on the countryside upbringing my parents were very keen on giving me. At the countryside, life is slower and quiet compared to the cities or urban areas. No cars hooting or speeding by, no one is ever in a hurry to go anywhere.

This is where I realized my love for growing food and eating food. I have come to learn a lot on my own and through research as well. To be honets, I was never quite keen on it until I once fell seriously ill and was advised to take supplements.

I came to discover how important these little pills are and how much of an impact they can have on your health. Here’s a detailed Olly vitamins vs Juice Plus review explaining why you should make them part of your daily habits.

How do these two supplements differ?

SupplementsOlly vitaminsJuice PlusCategoriesMen, Women, and kidsGarden blend and Orchard blendMain source of ingredientsBerries, fruits, vegetables,and grainsVegetables and fruitsMain functionsEnergy boost, immunity, support growth & developmentFight diseases, improve brain health, increase metabolism Check PriceCheck price

Olly vitamins vs Juice Plus- what should you know?


Actually, there are up to nine different Olly vitamin categories. There are vitamins meant to help you sleep better, stay energized and to promote overall health. The main categories are vitamins designed for men, women,and kids for full family support. Olly vitamins made for women and kids are designed to support an active lifestyle by boosting energy and keeping you mentally motivated through the day. Olly vitamins for men contain all the vitamins and minerals extracted from fruits and vegetables for a healthy lifestyle.

Juice plus vitamins, on the other hand, are formulated to enhance immunity and keep major organs such as the heart the liver, kidneys and the brain working properly. Here you have two main categories namely the Orchard blend and the Garden Blend.

Main Source of Ingredients

What I like most about Olly vitamins is that no two bottles from each category have the same ingredients. For example, Olly vitamins for women has ingredients such as tamarind, Meyer lemon, papaya, Clementines, biotin,and red grapefruit. Olly vitamins for men has ingredients such aselderberry, beet, pomegranate, grape, wheatgrass, acai, watercress, tamarind, and papaya. Independent of which bottle you are taking your Olly supplements from you are guaranteed of a good supply of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to replenish all deficiencies within your system.

The Orchard blend from Juice Plus contains fruit ingredients such as papaya, orange, beet, pineapples, cranberry, dates, acerola cherry, apples,and peach. The Garden blend is made from gathered extracts from nutritious vegetables like beets, kale, spinach, carrots, broccoli, tomato, rice bran, parsley, and oat bran.

Main functions

Could be you want smoother skin, you want to delay aging, you want to lose weight or you want to boost your metabolism. Whatever your reason is, there is a set of vitamins formulated for that specific purpose.Olly vitamins for women, men and kids generally helps boost energy to accommodate a life full of activity, support brain functionto enhance a cheerful mood and to slow the aging process something that majority of people past adulthood are after.

Juice plus supplements are created to strengthen or enhance something that’s already there. For example, you may have normal immunity levels but taking these vitamins helps improve your immunity levels and to some extent even protect you from suffering certain illnesses. Other benefits of taking Juice Plus vitamins include improved heart health, better kidney function, and increased metabolism.

Olly vitamins vs Juice Plus reviews

Olly vitamins

Features and ingredients

With a colorful load of ingredients, Olly vitamins present to consumers an all you can eat buffet in regards to supplements. There’s a supplement specifically designed to help alleviate almost all health issues you may be experiencing. What’s more, whether you are a man, woman, child, girl or boy, you can feel special because Olly has gone out of their way to make vitamins just for you. With a truckload full of high-quality ingredients, your body will flourish into the best you. Some of the Ingredients here include; grape, tamarind, pomegranate, papaya, elderberry, wheatgrass, beet, watercress and acai.All these designed to supply you with disease-fighting antioxidants, phytonutrients,and minerals. Plus it helps a whole lot that they are packaged in form of delicious gummies.


  • Supplements contain unique nutritious ingredients
  • Specially made to suit everyone, man, woman, young girl or young boy
  • Good energy booster
  • Has biotin which aids in encouraging healthier skin, nails and hair growth


  • Can cause side effects such as headaches, bloating, or skin rashes

Juice Plus

Features and Ingredients

One thing that can’t be ignored about Juice Plus supplements is that they contain no fillers or additives. While you may not be benefiting from the perks of eating real fruit, at least you can stay confident because you are still able to reap from the benefits of taking these supplements. You stand to benefit significantly from the simple yet effective formula that for thousands has yielded unfathomable yet positive change.

It is to be expected seeing as delicious, nutrient-rich fruits like orange, peach, beet, pineapple, papaya, cranberry, dates, cherry and acerola cherry are all blended together to make vitamins from the orchard blend bottle. Vegetables like parsley, beet, oat bran, broccoli, carrots, spinach, kale, tomato, and rice bran have gone through mild processing to give you supplements full of minerals and vitamins carefully packed inside the garden blend bottle.


  • Ingredients sourced from nutritious fruits and vegetables
  • Great support for brain function
  • Fastens the rate of cell regeneration for longer hair, nails,and smoother healthier skin
  • Contains no fillers or additives


  • Taking more than the recommended amount of supplements may lead to you suffering serious side effects.


Simply because Olly vitamins have made my work simple by categorizing their supplements to suit different people and different needs, they are my favorite. From the information, I have gathered in this Olly vitamins vs Juice Plus, both supplements have a lot to offer irrespective of which brand you choose. So go ahead and take your pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to take my fruits if I take my Olly vitamins?

Yes, fruits are important. While supplements are beneficial to you, fruits come with more fiber, minerals,and vitamins.

Are supplements bad for my health?

While supplements are formulated to give you complimentary nutrition, it is true that they can have harmful effects. This especially when you take supplements without consulting a doctor or you take more than the recommended dosage.

Are there supplements that shouldn’t be taken together?

This is why it is important to first consult your nutritionist before deciding to take supplements. For instance, you may have underlying conditions that may hinder you from taking certain supplements all at the same time.

Can I take my Olly vitamins on an empty stomach?

In fact, the best time to take your supplements is when you are on an empty stomach. Nutrients are absorbed easily and faster when your stomach is empty.

What is the importance of Juice plus food supplements?

They serve as top-ups over the nutrients you absorb when you eat your normal meals. This way your body stays healthy and there’s less likelihood of you suffering deficiencies.