Patriot power greens vs green vibrance-Do they really work?


You will never fall short when trying to choose one among the thousands of supplement powders to take. Supplements make part of our daily routines. They can have a huge positive impact in your life if taken as recommended. Want to learn more, here’s a detailed Patriot power greens vs Green vibrance review.

Call it a hidden fear of death but I want to live long. I want to live until I am a hundred years. I want to see my grandkids and possibly see their children too. In this day and age, it may seem like a long shot but deep down I believe that it is possible.

Now, this I know is easier said than done. The average life expectancy age is either constant or dropping. It never goes up. But what if there’s something you could do? Look around, seniors are left battling terminal illnesses, genetic disorders, and diseases with little to no hope of things getting better in future.

In a bid to stand out from the rest I refuse to believe that this is where we are all destined for. It may seem far away for the young lot but it really isn’t. Proper nutrition is where I believe the key lies. If you eat healthy during your youth you give your body the power to stay strong even in old age. While eating healthy alone is not enough, supplements help us to bridge the gap.

Many take supplements for longer hair, or to hit a certain goal if you are an athlete for example. But for others like me, it is about survival. From experience, here’s what I can tell you about Patriot power greens vs Green vibrance supplements.

SO, What are their major differences patriot power greens and green vibrance

SupplementPatriot power greensGreen vibranceCategoriesPatriot power greens nutritional supplementGreen vibrance SuperfoodIngredientsFruits and vegetablesProbiotics, cereals, fruits, and vegetablesFunctionsImproved stress response, improved liver health, and heightens immunity.Increases immunity, improves digestion and provides liver support.Check priceCheck price

Patriotic power greens vs Green vibrance- what are their differences?


Both of these supplements are keen on putting out one product out each into the market. This doesn’t make them less likable compared to supplements with several blends. In my opinion, their goal is to refine one product before hurriedly releasing another one just to fit in. Patriot power greens, therefore, gives you their patriot power greens nutritional supplement while Green vibrance gives you their Green vibrance superfood.


Made out of numerous ingredients there are close to 40 different fruits and vegetables infused in the Patriot power greens supplement powder. This in addition to other ingredients rich like cranberry, goji, spirulina, prunes, orange, beets, inulin, spinach, pomegranate, apple, enzymes, blueberry, passionfruit, raspberry and many more.

Green vibrance superfood, on the other hand, has a unique set of ingredients like Probiotics, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. They include barley, wheat, oat, Kamut, parsley, kale, chlorella, spirulina, spinach, tomato, alma fruit, astralagus, apricot, and up to 25 billion probiotics.


With billions of probiotics, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and roots, Patriot power greens supplement has lots of benefits in store for you. These antioxidant-rich and nutritious ingredients have been linked to a wide array of benefits. This includes improved stress response, improved liver health, and higher immunity levels.

Alternatively, the Green vibrance supplement powder has certainly not been left behind. The numerous rich ingredients infused in this powder have been known to help increase your immunity, provide liver support, enhance eye, skin and hair health, detoxify and improve digestion, prevent diseases and generally keep you healthy.

Patriot power greens vs green vibrance reviews

Patriot power greens

Features and ingredients

More people are now taking green juice on a daily basis compared to a few years back. This upsurge can be credited to new information showing how effective green juice is in helping equip the body with increased defenses against illnesses and how well it works to improve the functions of major organs in the body. Patriot power greens may have fewer ingredients when compared to other green powder supplements but the same cannot be said about how beneficial this supplement can be for you. With ingredients like cranberry, goji, spirulina, prunes, orange, beets, inulin, spinach, pomegranate, apple, enzymes, blueberry, passionfruit, raspberry and more you get a full body transformation.


  • Improved stress response
  • Improved liver health
  • Higher immunity levels
  • Improved digestive function


  • The label on the package doesn’t show details about which ingredients have been used and how much of each amount is inside.

Green vibrance

Patriot power greens vs green vibrance

Features and ingredients

Inside this supplement are over 70 ingredients including enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, vegetables, fruits and cereal grass among many other ingredients. Here the aim is to give you proper nutrition, increased immunity, improved digestion, improved organ function, and better air circulation. While everyone is free to take the Green vibrance supplement, vegans and vegetarians are hereby not left behind. This product is friendly to vegans and vegetarians as it has no gluten, no artificial sweeteners, no chemicals additives or dairy products used which would compromise ones lifestyle.


  • Promotes liver function
  • Increases immunity levels
  • Rejuvenates the eyes, hair, and skin
  • Made out of vegetarian-friendly organic ingredients


  • When mixed with plain water only, this supplement has a taste many would find repulsive


If you can make it past the taste, Green vibrance supplement powder has a whole lot in store for you. It is vegan and vegetarian-friendly and has more diversity in regard to the ingredients used inside.It makes a great recovery drink to take after working out plus you only have to remember to take it once per day. You can mix it with smoothies, fruit juices or vegetable juices to make it tastier and more enjoyable.

Frequently asked questions

Should I take more than the recommended amount of Green vibrance supplement per day?

No, taking more than the recommended amount per serving in a day puts you at risk of experiencing serious side effects and possible liver damage.

What makes Green vibrance supplement better than other green powders?

This powder has a wide array of nutritious organic ingredients inside. There are numerous health benefits that you as the consumer get to reap. Plus it helps raise your defenses against terminal illnesses.

Is Green vibrance completely chemical free?

Green vibrance has no artificial chemicals. Some may argue that it contains Arsenic but Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical found inside plants. This supplement is rich in micronutrients that keep you protected from any harmful effects of this chemical.

Is Patriot power gluten free?

Looking at the label on their packaging, it is not clear which ingredients have been used in this supplement. There’s very little information to go by to establish whether or not this supplement contains gluten.

Which one between these two supplements is vegan-friendly?

Unlike vegetarians, vegans do not take any animal products or by-products. Of the two, Green vibrance supplement powder is certified as vegan-friendly.