PureBeets Organic Powder Review – The Beet Supplement To Rule Them All?

You’ve heard it all by now; beets have been seriously underrated and are coming back to save the day. I’ve written this PureBeets Organic Powder review to help you decide whether it’s best for you.

Losing 120 pounds two years ago was a game-changer for me. My entire world had shifted on its axis – and in a major way. I was not planning on going back to my unhealthy weight and cardiovascular-risk-rich life, and all I had to do was maintain a balanced diet and exercise. Easy, right?

Not one bit. The first year was the toughest; I always felt like I would break any moment, but I knew I couldn’t look back. When I finally had it all in control, it was the best feeling I’d encountered in a long time. That was when I learned the value in whole foods and eating organic.

Scientifically, a diet full of grains, fruit, seeds, vegetables, nuts, and legumes is known to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and more. Unfortunately, for various reasons like location, a busy life, stress, and health complications, most individuals aren’t always able to keep up with a balanced diet.

While those aren’t ever enough excuses to take care of our bodies, supplements came in the picture to help. Now, depending on nutritional gaps or whatever nutritional deficiency you have, you can get supplements to fill in what’s missing. Some supplements offer a boost in energy, particularly for athletes and fitness enthusiasts – PureBeets Organic Powder is one of them.


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PureBeets Organic Powder Review

PureBeets Organic powder review

I started by digging into the main website for information on the product and company. While at it, I got hooked on one of their blog posts about Moringa, and it was pretty educational. I also came across the Pure Bone Broth and Pure Maca while searching for the Beetroot powder.

Whenever I’m looking for a beetroot supplement, I like searching for one with as minimal additional ingredients as possible. I got that in PureBeets Organic Beetroot powder, and I’ll tell you some more about it!

About Viva Deo

Viva Deo is all about “Living The Harvest,†according to their official website. However, I think the company needs to do a better job of making their information available. The best I could tell was that the organization is family-based, to share the benefits of superfoods with the world.

PureBeets Organic Beetroot Powder

From the label, PureBeets Beetroot powder contains organic beetroot powder, a trace mineral to avoid clumping when diluting, and at most .05% food grade silica. Also, you’ll be glad to know that there are no artificial flavors or sugar included in the powder. That explained why I tasted the familiar earthy taste beets hold.

According to Viva Deo, the expected benefits that you can expect after taking PureBeets Organic Beetroot powder include:

  • Reduced blood pressure and improved circulation
  • An improvement in stamina and energy
  • A daily dose of vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients
  • Detoxification support for a healthier liver
  • Increased libido
  • Less inflammation

Science shows that raw beetroot can perform all the tasks, though research is still ongoing regarding nitrates and the exact impact they have on the human body.

My Results

I had seen mixed reviews regarding the beetroot powder, but a majority was positive, and I chalked it up to differences in nutritional needs. From the instructions, I needed one or two scoops in water or a beverage of my choice every day. I started with one scoop before moving to two scoops after a few weeks.

The taste took a while to get used to, but I could mask it with my morning and afternoon smoothies. Though it gave me a bit of an energy boost, it was all I got. Honestly, I think you can get better beetroot supplements at around the same price or a little more.


  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Doesn’t form clumps in water
  • GMP-certified


  • Some users found the taste unpleasant
  • Other users complained of stomach upsets after consuming the product


If you haven’t read this in any other PureBeets Organic Powder review or other beetroot reviews, then you should know that pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with underlying medical conditions or on certain medication are advised to consult a doctor before taking the supplement.

Beetroot powders aren’t your thing? Check out how you can prepare your beetroot juice at home without a juicer.

FAQ Section

Is PureBeets organic?

Organic beets mean more benefits for you. According to Viva Deo, the beets in PureBeets are organic and of high quality.

What are the benefits of beet juice powder?

Beet juice powder is an easy and convenient way to have your daily beet juice. Other than that, beet juice can boost your stamina, improve circulation, support liver health, and more.

How do you use beet powder?

The common recommendation by most beetroot powder companies is diluting the powder in water or your drink of choice. You can also use the powder in salad dressings, sauces, or as a food coloring in desserts.

Are beetroot supplements good for you?

Depending on your health and nutritive requirements, a beet supplement could be what you need to brighten your day. Beets are rich in fiber, potassium, folate, nitrates, vitamin C, iron, and magnesium.

What are the side effects of beets?

Beets can turn your pee and stool red or pink, which is harmless. Also, depending on you, they can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and kidney stones.