Shaklee Vitamins Review – How Much of A Difference Do They Make?


There are so many inspiring stories about how Shaklee products have led to groundbreaking performances by athletes (and even astronauts!). So, I prepared a Shaklee Vitamins review to tell you what I discovered when I decided to take on the supplement.

I travel a lot; and by a lot, I mean my entire house is a minivan that is my home before I decide to settle! I can’t complain, simply because I love the freedom that comes with being able to move to new places and meet new people whenever I want to. Do I ever regret quitting my 9-5 office job? Never!

However, sometimes I am so caught up with the activities I am doing while traveling, that I forget to check my meals. Apart from all the variety of food I get to sample, I eat lots of junk food on the go. I got so used to eating out (and unhealthily at that!), that my little kitchen was almost forgotten.

Eventually, my energy levels were significantly down, and tasks that were so easy to do were getting more difficult each day. I knew I needed to change my diet plans; even if it would be gradual. Once I began, I decided to add dietary supplements to the mix to help me get the nutrients I’d be missing.

After over a year of trying out different brands, I kept some, while I was glad to get rid of the rest. I ran into Shaklee vitamins while out with new friends I’d made. One was a marathoner who swore on the Shaklee vitamins; she’d been using them for over a year, and I knew I had to try them out!

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Shaklee Vitamins Review

Shaklee Vitamins reviews

I did my research on the vitamins first before I could buy them. From what I could see, there were at least two different vitamin brands, and they had separate supplements for men, women, and adults over 50 years (check out nutrients you need most once you hit fifty). The difference lay in the nutrients, and each package offered the best nutrients according to the group you are in – which is quite thoughtful.

About Shaklee

Dr. Shaklee founded the Shaklee Company over 100 years ago with his first multivitamin, and it all later expanded over the years with more research and innovation. Apart from nutrition, you can also find quality beauty products in the Shaklee line of goodies. There are all types of combos depending on your preferences; whether you want supplements for healthy weight, sports, to go green or simply compliment your diet.

Shaklee Vitalizer Vitamins

I’ll be honest; all the Shaklee vitamins are slightly expensive. I considered not purchasing at all until I decided to find out what made them costly, and I figured out why. Unlike regular vitamins where you take one or two capsules a day, you take one strip of the capsules each day from the package.

Why? The Vitalizer vitamins have a WIDE array of nutrients — all ranging from minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics. The iodine, folic acid, and iron support make these pills an amazing prenatal multivitamin. The clinical studies involved in this product makes Shaklee guarantee a positive change in you or you’ll get your money back in one month!

My Results

I bought the Shaklee Vitalizer package for women. From their research, the vitamins can help you in some ways – enable healthy aging and boost a healthy heart, support your brain, bone, and joint health, boost your immunity, vision, and stamina. The probiotics can also improve your digestive system.

After three months of taking the vitamins to be very sure, I knew they were changing my life. Though I couldn’t tell whether there was an improvement in my bones (I’ve never had bone or joint trouble), the pills ticked off in the other areas. I could feel the improvement in energy, concentration, and no more of the heart palpitations I had before.


  • A wide variety of nutrients
  • Free from artificial flavor, sweetener, preservative, and gluten
  • Impressive benefits for many parts of your body


  • Very expensive
  • Be careful not to buy fake Shaklee vitamins


If you are already taking supplements, then you may already know some of the ingredients that may or may not work for you. Though this is a positive Shaklee Vitamins review, I’d advise you to do extensive research to see if there could be any contents you could be allergic to.

FAQ Section

What is in Shaklee Vitalizer?

Shaklee Vitalizer is a unique and clinically-approved product that packs multiple essential nutrients in a strip of pills to fit all the ingredients used. Vitalizer carries impressive amounts of vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, antioxidants, and probiotics that you may not always find in many dietary supplements.

What is Shaklee Vitalizer Gold?

While Shaklee Vitalizer Gold contains similar ingredients as Shaklee Vitalizer for men and women (minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, fatty acids, and probiotics), it offers some more advanced nutrition. Vitalizer Gold has more nutrients than Vitalizer Men or Vitalizer Women.

Are Shaklee the best vitamins?

Compared to many vitamin brands in the market, Shaklee has an impressive delivery system that puts nutrient-absorption in mind through timing, understanding digestive tract parts involved and using different types of coating. The nutrients packed in a daily strip make Shaklee a heavy-weight when it comes to vitamins.

What countries is Shaklee in?

Shaklee is an American corporation that manufactures and distributes dietary supplements, beauty, weight-management, and household products. The company is based in California and has global operations in Canada, Japan, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Malaysia – the company recently suspended operations in Mexico.

How old is Shaklee?

Forest C. Shaklee started creating Shaklee products as early as 1915 with the Shaklee Vitalized Minerals but founded the Shaklee Corporation in 1956 with his two sons to focus on nutritional supplements. Shaklee has been around for 63 years.