Solaray Beetroot Capsules Review – What The Beet Is Going On?


Taking apart multiple reviews and comments regarding products always helps to give you a good idea of what to expect. I’ve prepared this Solaray Beetroot Capsules review to tell you what I gathered after research and after using the supplement.

From a scientific point of view, certain products either work for you or they don’t. That’s why some people may get amazing results after using the same product that gives you migraines just thinking about it! When I started taking supplements, I had to learn the hard way.

Some supplements had me running to the nearest bathroom at the most inopportune times, while others left me with alarming side effects. That led me on a self-discovery journey to find out the best dietary powders, pills, and juices to add to my health arsenal. Ever since, I haven’t had trouble choosing the right products (of any kind) for my use.

If you seem to have an issue with nearly every dietary supplement you buy, then it’s time you discovered what your body is trying to tell you. Once you’ve figured out what you need and what you don’t, then you can proceed to find a supplement with the exact ingredients you need. One such supplement that seems to baffle most is the beetroot kind.

Since beet supplements emerged in the market as something every health-oriented person should have, numerous beet product brands appeared as well. Some are genuine while most leave a lot to be questioned. Luckily, I have lots of experience in unraveling most beetroot supplements, and that’s what I’ll do in this review.

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Solaray Beetroot Capsules Review

solary beet capsules review

Before I buy any supplement, I obsess over the company, the products, and the science behind the manufacturing – which what I did with Solaray. I dug in deep into the ingredients, reported side effects, and what customers had to say about their experiences.

I found it interesting how the different lid colors stood for different products. For example, the green lids are for whole herbs, blue lids are for blends, maroon lids are for herbal extracts, while white lids are for special formulas.

About Solaray

Solaray has been around longer than many supplement companies. The company was created in 1973 and manufactures numerous supplements using organic components such as a variety of herbs, vitamins, probiotics, minerals, digestive enzymes, and more. Solaray’s main goal is to improve health and wellness naturally.

Though the company’s longevity is impressive, I couldn’t find enough information regarding the clinical studies behind the production process. But I also couldn’t find any incriminating information to put me off the beet capsules. So it was a go-ahead for me.

Solaray Beetroot Capsules

If you are a beetroot lover like I am, then you may know of the power within the purple root. Beets have nutrients like Magnesium, Potassium, Fiber, Vitamin C, Folate, Iron, and more. However, nitrates are a major reason beets have a huge fan base.

Your body can convert nitrates into nitric oxide. Once coursing through your veins, nitric oxide can relax your blood vessels and improve circulation by lowering blood pressure. If you’re an athlete, nitric oxide may improve your endurance and recovery; working through your muscles and how they spend oxygen.

With beetroot as the key ingredient (among three), Solaray claims the 605 mg beetroot capsules can support your blood flow and support cardiovascular, kidney, and liver health.

My Results

Since I’ve dealt with beetroot supplements in the past, I was curious where Solaray beet capsules would rank. I started with one pill a day and found that it wasn’t enough for me before switching to two capsules. I noticed a bit of an energy spike, but that was it. They may be good for regular use but not for athletes seeking a stronger punch.


  • Free from pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Convenient and easy to take


  • More information needed on the studies done
  • They do not work for some users


Since I’m giving my honest Solaray Beetroot Capsules review, I think you can get a better beetroot supplement with research and clinical studies to back it up. Still, the price makes Solaray beet capsules a pretty attractive deal!

Watch how you can make your beet juice at home.

FAQ Section

What do beet pills help with?

Beets are often used to improve athletic performance, muscle recovery, improve blood circulation, and lower fat in the blood. However, it’s best to talk to your doctor before replacing your medication with them.

Are beetroot pills good for you?

Beets are high in nutrients like Potassium, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron, and Fiber which play major roles in your overall health. Nitrates can also lower blood pressure and boost energy.

What are the benefits of beetroot capsules?

Some of the main benefits in beets include supporting healthy blood pressure, improving stamina, improving endothelial dysfunction, and more. The fiber content in beets also makes them good for digestion.

Do beet supplements work?

Raw beets are high in nutrients. The manufacturing process and concentration levels in beet supplements mainly determine how effective a beetroot supplement will be.

Are beetroot capsules healthy?

Beets themselves are healthy and rich in multiple nutrients that serve multiple functions in your body. Though beetroot capsules may be a convenient and easy way to get your beets, make sure you get them from a trusted source.