Super Green Drink Powder Review – Legitimate Product or Not Worth It?

Do you pick your superfood supplements simply because they have lots of veggie content that seems right to you? That’s not how you should go about it, and I’ve prepared this Super Green Drink Powder review to see how effective this popular product is after months of consumption.

There’s no denying that superfoods are good for your health, especially if you find them in their organic form. However, there’s an influx of the powder form of these foods in the market. I’m a huge fan of the supplements; it’s hard to get some (if not most) of the foods, and still fit them all in your diet plan.

Still, most of us – I included – are duped into buying some of these green supplements. In many of these products, the ingredient-list seems to contain lots of veggies and fruits that promise immense benefits to your body. Unfortunately, some of the contents are just highly dehydrated forms of the original foods, or the companies hide a couple of other unsavory bio actives behind the entire veggie motif.

That’s when I began my search for the right green supplements. The right ingredients, scientific support, and full disclosure for the consumers are some of the main ways to help you determine how good any product is for you. After my interest in Nested Naturals Super Green Drink Powder, I set out to find how good the powder was.

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Nested Naturals Super Green Drink Powder

Nested Naturals Super Green Drink Powder Review

It’s easy to love Nested Naturals for pointing out all the wrongs in the supplement industry. The company promises to uphold quality, offer transparency on all the ingredients, offer the best customer service, and ensure that all their products are effective and safe for consumption.

I noticed that the website offered more info on production and manufacture than most of the brands I’d checked out before, and that was a relief. Third-party testing is vital when confirming the quality and safety of your products; it means that the company has nothing to hide by letting independent labs test their products. Nested Naturals send their products to third-party labs after production.

Nested Naturals Super Green Drink Powder

“Get that immune support, detoxification, and energy boost in one scoop every day.†According to Nested Naturals, you can get all these three from their Super Green Drink Powder. The ingredients list is pretty huge and divided into four categories:

  • Alkalizing Blend. Consists of veggies and fruits, and they can help balance your body’s pH. Some of the ingredients in here are whole leaves from Alfalfa grass, Wheatgrass, and Barley grass, and the powders from Spirulina, Chlorella, Spinach, Broccoli, Dulse, Collard green, and Parsley.
  • Fiber These can help your digestive system and consist of Apple, Rice Bran Solubles, and Inulin powders
  • Antioxidant Blend. Antioxidants are particularly great for detox and your cell health. The blend includes powders from Beetroot, Acai Juice, Green tea, Acerola, Ginkgo, Echinacea, and many more.
  • The other blends are the Probiotic and Enzyme blends to encourage the presence of good bacteria and help in food absorption respectively.


The list of vitamins and minerals was almost as long as the ingredients list, and there was no way I was missing out on that goodness. I mixed one scoop of the powder in around 8 ounces of water every day – you can mix in your smoothies or other drinks too.

I felt the changes in my tummy and energy levels the most, and they were for the better. Not only was I feeling less sluggish than before, but I also had fewer abdominal discomforts as well!


  • Soy, gluten, dairy, egg, nut, and sugar-free
  • Multiple organic ingredients
  • Amazing quality


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If you’re looking for a positive Super Green Drink Powder review, then this is it. I didn’t mind the multiple ingredients, and I wasn’t sensitive to any of the organic products I’d never tried before. Still, if you feel unsure about some of the contents or you’re on any medication, it’s best to play it safe and talk to your doctor.

FAQ Section

What is super green powder?

Super greens are often a combination of different vegetables and fruits (and other organic products like grains and herbs) depending on the brand. The ingredients are ground into a powder that you can consume for a daily dose of multiple micronutrients which are easily absorbed by your body.

Are powdered greens healthy?

Green powders are dietary supplements that contain fruits, vegetables, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and other greens. Though they may offer the benefits held in each ingredient, the results may vary depending on the nutrient levels; eventually, green supplements are limited and are not a way to replace your whole foods.

Are super greens really good for you?

Since super green powders and drinks contain multiple greens that have a high nutrient and antioxidant content, they may boost your immunity and reduce disease risks. However, studies show that green supplements are limited (sometimes harmful or unnecessary), the results may vary based on individuals and the ingredients, and you should still consume fresh greens and other whole foods.

Do super greens help in weight loss?

Super greens are popular for their high fiber levels that can aid in digestion, gastrointestinal health, and satiety which can help in weight loss. Still, fresh greens have higher fiber and water levels that can support weight loss when combined with super green supplements.

Are powdered greens as good as fresh?

Studies reveal that powdered greens are limited than fresh vegetables and fruits due to the nutrients that may be lost in the manufacturing process. Together with a healthy diet, powdered greens can help fill in the nutrient gaps that you may miss every day.