SuperBeets Review – The Ultimate Guide to the SuperBeets Experience


Superbeets supplements are the next beneficial beet products right after freshly dug out beets. Your body continually needs recharging and detoxifying.  This supplement gives your body all its standard requirements concerning nitrates, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. This superbeet review will show you how to keep your energy levels higher than usual and keep blood pressure away.

I have been a health and fitness enthusiast since I moved in next to a bunch of college kids, ten years ago. They work out hard and continuously. They helped me start off on this journey, with beetroot supplementation being among the first most significant discoveries. Taking control of my health is not an option that I have in place. I ensure that I go over and beyond all means, to ensure that my body has all it needs to keep moving. Supplementation is a great way to give your body the required nutrition, without necessarily having to stuff yourself with all vegetables. Superbeet supplements have been quite a booster in stabilizing my blood pressure, elevating my energy levels and in detoxing my entire system.

What are SuperBeets?

Let me start from there. Superbeets are beetroot supplements, extracted from fresh beets and processed to give you all the nutritional value you will get from the raw beets. You may choose your supplements between superbeet powder, juice drink or crystals. Sometimes, they have added flavors, like apple, orange or black cherry natural flavors. Not to sound biased but I am an absolute sucker for the cherry flavor.

In the production of superbeet powder, there are a few methods used. One is, beets are taken through a drying process that ensures nutrients retention. The cold press method is another efficient method in extracting beets essence. These are then preserved and packaged in different forms for consumption. It is a good thing because then there is a variety of different target groups.

SuperBeets, available in powder or juice supplements, offer an exceptional and efficient way of receiving beneficial energy and health effects without filling your stomach with beets. I love beets, don’t get it wrong. But there is only so much you could consume. SuperBeets are rich in nitrates, and other nutrients that which improves stamina and energy. They are also are known to stabilize and maintain healthy blood pressures. In fact, the first benefit of superbeet I experienced was in normalizing blood my blood pressure.

Being a fitness enthusiast, I read up and discovered that, superBeets provide nitrites to the bod. These are converted into nitric oxide that enhances your energy levels and maintains healthy blood pressure. It powers your energy to incredible levels. For me, exercising has become more comfortable. Oxidising properties of superbeet supplements have your blood and oxygen circulation at an optimum level. The vasodilation properties have your heart healthy and fully functioning. This helps with training. It explains how my endurance levels have increased over time. Who does not aspire to this fit and active body state?

I strive to avoid lifestyle and hereditary diseases such as acidity, diabetes, arthritis and even chronic fatigue by consuming the superbeet supplements. They are a fair solution and easy to drink on a daily. As opposed to unprocessed beets, Superbeets offer a highly concentrated form of beets that are rich in dietary nitrites and nutrients.  Do not get me wrong, freshly dug beets have all the wellness needed, but supplementation gives the same in a way more accessible and convenient package.

Have a look at  5 highly  rated supplements which are either in powder form or juices.

HumanN Beetelite

HumanN Beetelite

I discovered this product accidentally. My neighbor, a major fitness enthusiast, asked me to pick up a delivery for him. He wasn’t home, and this was the package they brought. I looked it up and ordered my own. This supplement is a nitric oxide booster. Its primary function is to boost your performance, especially if you do a lot of strength training too. Today, most foods from groceries lack essential nutrients, are GMOs (genetically modified), have pesticides and herbicides. They are not able to provide you with the necessary nutrients uncontaminated. HumanNBeetElite is extracted from beets that are organically grown. That is quite a game changer.

It is perfect for fitness enthusiasts as a pre-workout drink. Are you an aspiring athlete like I am? Then this supplement is for you. It stimulates the muscle system with its nitric oxide component. One serving is equivalent to six whole beets.  Once I take my glass of HumanNBeetElite, I give it about thirty minutes to take effect.


  • Has plenty of calcium and iron for strong bone formations and increasing blood levels.
  • Stimulates higher production a lot more nitric oxide than similar products, increasing energy levels, stamina and endurance levels.
  • Great tasting and palatable. Comes in the original flavor free and Cherry flavor for you to choose from.
  • It is gluten-free and made from organically grown beetroots.


  • Disclaimer on this product says that it may contain more ingredients than indicated on the label and you will have to go back to the website to check. Some people may miss that.
  • It may aggravate kidney stones if you are prone to them.

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This supplement comes in juice form as opposed to powder form. Lakewood juice is extracted from fresh beetroots which are grown in organic conditions to ensure they are not contaminated. Beets are grown in natural farming conditions, free of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. It is cold pressed, one of the best ways to extract all the goodness of beets without losing the nutritional value.  Every 32 oz. Bottle of SuperBeets juice is equivalent to 3 pounds of beets.  This product contains potassium that does well stabilizing your blood pressure. It is an excellent source of manganese and folate as well. I had a problem with my digestive functions. Not passing stool as regularly, constant constipation and bloating and flatulence too. I realized after taking this beet drink; this was highly improved. SuperBeets juices are taken at 4-8 fluid ounces twice daily.Once purchased, you should keep juices cool and refrigerated for best quality and freshness. Shake well before using since natural juice products will settle


  • Has no additives or preservatives, just great tasting organic beetroots.
  • It comes in a 32 oz. Bottle. It is a generous packaging that the family can easily share.
  • It promotes excellent cardiovascular health. As it improves circulation of blood in the system, ultimately, your heart remains healthy.
  • Unlike many supplements, it has a creamy, almost delicious and palatable, not earthy taste.


  • Goes off pretty quick, even when refrigerated.
  • Works slightly slower in comparison with fresh beets and other supplements.

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When I feel a little ambitious in my training and want to hit high impact and endurance exercises, I go with this product.  It is a supplement that helps you give more to your training sessions, improve performance on race days and aid muscle recovery. It is strongly recommended for people looking to improve their endurance in this fitness journey we are on. It contains electrolytes and amino acids that aid your body in repairing the damage occurring during strenuous exercises. Once ingested in the body, it converts to nitric acid faster than most of the other supplements.

This supplement makes a  difference if you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer or undertaking any endurance sports.Independent analysis indicates that Beetv02 SuperBeets powder/juice contains a massive ten times the number of nitrites as other brands. Branched-chain amino acids, B12 vitamin, L-arginine and Organic beetroot extract are the main ingredients in it.


  • You can add it to water, smoothie, protein shake or consume in any drink of your choice.
  • Reduces joint pains and inflammation.
  • It has a pleasant and fruity taste.
  • It is easy on the stomach, no bloating or flatulence issues.


  • Has sweeteners added. The taste of beetroot is lost in the additives.
  • Doesn’t dissolve easily.

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This supplements will help you attain your bodybuilding and fitness targets in record time with consistent consumption. It is lower in calories and carbohydrate content. If you are on a weight loss journey, it will be suitable for your routine. It is one of the fastest ways to recover after exercises. The supplement provides the body with nutrients and minerals that quicken the body’s muscle repair process. It enhances libido, which is exciting news for a lot of people. It is cold processed which ensures that nutritional value remains intact throughout. Overeating beet, for some people, gives them digestive reactions. Supplementation with this product will help you with your gut functions and keeping healthy. It will aid in detoxing your body. Keeping toxins out of your body is imperative.


  • Easily soluble dissolve well in water with no lumps.
  • Easy to incorporate into all your meals, smoothies, bake in your cake, add to your drinking water or just soup.
  • Helps in keeping away degenerative brain disorders and ensure optimum functioning of the brain
  • It is organic, no chemicals and additives added and the earthy beet taste is retained.


  • The overly dark color is not appealing to some people.
  • The lid is not user-friendly.

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This superbeet supplement product is made from pure natural beets with no sweeteners.  The beet crystals, with nitrates, support the general circulation of blood and maintain proper blood pressure levels. Superbeet crystals are another way of consuming your supplements and with the same goodness. Of importance with this product, is the quality of enhancing healthy blood pressures and circulation. It produces energy to support you when undertaking prolonged exercises. The miracle beets have been called ‘the super food of the bloodstream†due to their ability to increase the body’s nitric oxide levels. It contains Malic acid, natural flavor of apples, Stevia leaf extract, potassium citrate and magnesium citrate.


  • The crystals are super easy to mix and highly soluble in water.
  • Increases energy levels, stamina, and endurance.
  • Extremely tasty and easy on your taste buds.
  • Reduces inflammation, especially in the joints.
  • Clears your mind and deepens memory


  • High lead contents, should not be consumed by persons under the age of 18 and is exclusively an adult supplement.
  • Is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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SuperBeets Ingredients and their functions.

Before consuming any supplement, I would advise you to study the ingredients thoroughly. Ensure you know exactly what goes into your system and what the health benefits are. The main ingredient in SuperBeets is a concentrated crystallized beet (not modified genetically).

I have consumed beets in many forms, and I can tell you that the benefits are numerous in whichever way that you choose. Beets are healthy food for your medicinal and supplement needs. They are safe for consumption for most people. The exception could be for pregnant mothers and others with medical conditions. This group requires doctor advice. You have a choice to consume your SuperBeets either as juice, crystals or powder.

One serving of a beet juice is equal to eating three whole beets. That is quite a healthy packing. All beets contain abundant supplies of nitrates. You get a good dose from the concentrated beet crystals or juice.

The nitrates in SuperBeets are converted to nitric oxide by your body. According to scientific studies, an increase in your body’s nitric oxide relaxes your blood vessels. It, in turn, improves circulation and improves your blood pressure. That explains why my energy levels are higher when I exercise

While beet products do not cure blood pressure, the potassium contained lowers or maintains healthy levels. I had crazy fluctuation in blood pressure levels before I started supplementing with superbeets. Consistency in consumption has helped me attain steady and optimum functional blood pressure levels. Relaxed blood vessel walls will help avoid getting a stroke, heart attacks and deep vein blood clots known as thrombosis.

With improved blood circulation, your organs get the oxygen-rich blood they need to thrive and be healthy. Your energy levels are heightened with proper flow and oxygenation. You can kiss goodbye constant feelings of fatigue and welcome strength and endurance.

Nitric oxide is a gas. It is a compound that the body makes naturally in the blood vessels. Sometimes the body’s supply will go low, and Superbeet powder helps in supplementing its production. The oxideis a significant factor in the proper functioning of the body and thus the need for superbeet supplementation.

Apart from the natural body production of oxide, nitrates found in beets and other vegetables produce nitric oxide. SuperBeets are a supplement designed to boost your body’s nitric oxide levels. Circulation of blood and nutrients form a vital part.

Beetroots, from which SuperBeets are made, are of exceptional nutritional value which is rich in vitamins A and C. they are an excellent source of folic acid and a good source of fiber, magnesium, and potassium

Whether you take as juice or powder, superbeet which is low in fat, full of vitamins, minerals andpowerful antioxidants, is a health supplement giant. Beets are given their purple, crimson colors by an element known as betacyanin– a potent agent that is thought to help suppress cancer.

SuperBeets are made from beets, which are rich in dietary fiber; they have favorable effects on your bowel functions which prevent constipation and help to lower your cholesterol levels. Since I started on my superbeet supplementation, digestive issues have become a thing of the past.

The fiber in SuperBeets and other beets has been known through research has to increase the number of white blood cells which have the primary function of detecting and fighting off infections and disease-causing germs. Another vital mineral in SuperBeets is glutamine, an amino acid which helps maintain the health of your intestinal tract.

Your body requires vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which are provided by nature and spread through various foods in different quantities and different plants. However, SuperBeets drink or taken in other forms, give a single dose packed with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Making superbeet a health food supplement.

Rich in vitamin A to improve your eye health. Vitamin k essential for bone health and vitamin C for boosting your immune system. Iron richly found in SuperBeets is crucial for manufacturing red blood cells which transport oxygen around the body. It is vital for your fatigue and cases of anemia. A mineral called betalain is present and is essential as an anti-oxidant, as anti-inflammatory and detoxification agent.Betalain allows toxins in the body to be attached to other molecules which are then transported out of your body and helps clean the whole system.

SuperBeets as I mentioned earlier, are rich in nitrates which when translated to nitric oxide helps to relax blood vessels for improved blood flow and circulation. It helps you to increase your energy levels and gives you high-performance standards.

Potassium, an ingredient in superbeet, it helps dips your heart rate and regulate metabolism. Sodium and magnesium regulate fluid levels in your body. Vitamin A is essential for mucous membrane strengthening, healthy skin, and improved eye vision. SuperBeets supplements also contain folates that aid DNA synthesis within your body cells.

The fiber component in beets slows down their conversion into glucose which makes it suitable for those with type-2 diabetes. SuperBeets drink and other forms contain a compound known as silica that assists in the strengthening of bones, hair as well as maintaining a good skin condition.

SuperBeets contain pigments also known as betalains. They include a high amount of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities. The compounds detoxify your body to make it free of toxins. The betalain can suppress the kind of enzymes which are known to contribute to tumor growth. SuperBeets supplements also contain high amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin which nourishes the eyes to keep them healthy.

The epoxy xanthophyll carotenoids in SuperBeets support your body’s nervous system. The amino acids present help to build proteins in the body.

The SuperBeets extract supplements are also for those who don’t like the tastes of raw beets. Personally, I struggle with eating this beautiful vegetable, so I fault nobody on that. These supplements provide you with all the benefits of the plant in an easy to use form.

What are the benefits of SuperBeets?

It is vital to consume Beetroot for your overall body health and body functions. In this age of stress, fatigue, and GMO foods, SuperBeets provide a way of enhancing your body functions efficiency while boosting your energy levels. For tiredness in the evenings and early mornings, beetroot supplements become a necessity. After a prolonged illness, recovery may take a while, and your body may always be in a tired, weary and continuously fatigued state. Supplementation is a super way to counter this effect. Take your beetroot supplements religiously and restore your full body strength. They will help in repairing worn out body tissues and muscle worn out over the long periods of illness. Benefits of supplementation are numerous and include;

Easy and convenient consumption.

If you have a busy schedule as I do, then supplementation is the best option for you. Beetroot supplements are pretty natural to use and less time-consuming. Rather than eat a lot of beets for required nutritional value to your body, you can take supplements in juice form (a glass) or mix the powder or crystals with your favorite cuisines. IÂ  cannot imagine eating six beetroots at one sitting. With apple or cherry flavors, the beets are more palatable if you do not like the tastes of raw beets.

  • A glass of super beet juice gets you all the vitamins you need in one go!
  • Beet supplements are low in fat, are potent antioxidants and rich in vitamins
  • Rich in calcium and iron.

Manages your blood pressure

Beetroot supplements including SuperBeets do help in temporarily lowering your high blood pressure. It has been attributed to the high presence of nitrates. Occurring naturally, Nitrates increase nitric oxide found in your blood vessels to allow more oxygen to flow in your brain, heart, and muscles to lower your blood pressure.

Gives you a glowing skin

A healthy body is usually a reflection of the health on the inside. Beetroots and their supplement extracts are a blood purifier. The vitamin c helps in clearing your skin blemishes and giving it a natural glow.


Superbeet powder, beet juice, and other beet supplements detox your body naturally. It is because beetroots are a unique source of betalains. These are compounds that have potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties. The beetroot has been known to protect the liver by cleansing it and removing all toxins. It prevents fatty acids from accumulating in the liver.

Boosting energy and stamina.

Beets and SuperBeets supplements assist in the opening up of blood vessels and hence increases the flow of oxygen throughout your body to ignite your energy and making you feel active. That is why it is to take the supplements early in the morning to wake you up. Beets are excellent for your super workouts and especially for athletes. Superbeets supplement enhances the flow of oxygen to the muscles preparing them for high impact and strenuous training.

Good for digestion

Since I added superbeet supplements to my diet, my digestive functions have highly improved. No more bloating and constant stomach acidity. Beetroot juice is pulpy and high in fiber, and this helps in regulating your digestive system to avoid constipation and an upset stomach.

Lowers blood sugar levels.

The paradox of nature! Whereas beetroots have high sugar content, they go a long way in regulating your sugar levels in the blood. It is because the natural sugars in the beets are released slowly in the blood preventing a sudden rise in levels.  In juice form, this may assist people with diabetes. SuperBeets are unbeatable.


From the Middle Ages, beetroots have been used not only as food but as a treatment for various conditions in China, India, and Spain. In India, beets have been used to cure anemia. Superbeets supplements are currently being used in place of drugs to optimize blood pressure, sugar levels, improve blood circulation. Â


Who wants to age ungracefully? Not me for sure. Beetroot juice is an excellent n. Oxidation is a vital process; it does cause damage by producing free radicals. It speeds up the aging process and makes it visible. The anti-oxidants in beetroot juice supplement can neutralize the radicals to prevent wrinkles and fine lines

Reducing pigmentation and blemishes

Vitamin C is usually very effective in reducing pigmentation and blemishes to giving your skin an even tone. It also helps your skin discoloration. Do you want a natural looking glow? Stick to your superbeet supplements religiously.

Moisturizes dry skin

Beetroot supplements will make your skin supple and smooth. They can remove the top layer of dead cells. Beet juice will also keep your skin hydrated

Prevents hair loss

The supplements of beetroot can reduce your hair loss due to their concentrated forms of minerals and nutrients. They nourish the hair for strength. Lack of potassium is causes hair loss. It is an essential mineral in aiding hair growth. Beetroot juice contains potassium which will help strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss and damage.

Improves liver function

SuperBeets and their supplements are used in detox diets. This is because they grow your liver function. Beetroot juice contains an anti-oxidant known as glutathione that protects the liver from damage. The element also helps in the regeneration of liver cells. It improves the synthesis of fats within the liver. What more can you ask for? Nothing.

Boosting of hemoglobin levels

This is a constituent component of the blood. It is imperative for your hemoglobin to stay at an optimum level for your body to function well. A low hemoglobin level causes anemia which can be prevented by the juice which has iron. For the body to produce hemoglobin, it requires folate, iron and vitamin B12. SuperBeets are an excellent source of iron and folate. Anemic patients have been advised to ingest beetroot juice regularly in their diet.


Reducing inflammation

Because of trauma and infections, your body will react by getting inflamed, a reaction from your immune system. The symptoms include redness, swelling, and pain. It can cause you a lot of discomfort. Beetroot juice intake can reduce inflammation. Beetroot juice contains betalains that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.

Cancer prevention.

I religiously consume my superbeet because of their anti-carcinogenic qualities. Cancer cells operate poorly at a well-elevated oxygen level. Beetroot supplements assist the intake of oxygen by cells. Beet juice is highly alkaline, and this helps in constraining acidosis. Cancer cells will not multiply in alkaline conditions, and beet supplements create a hostile for them to thrive. A compound known as betanin is the agent of this function.


When you need to have your body fully functional and energized, get rid of accumulated toxins in your body. If you make it a habit to detox your system continually, it is easier to spot any changes in your general body wellness.  Beetroot juice helps your body excrete toxins. Betalains are the agents that help in this detoxification process.

Stamina improvement

Beetroot juice as a supplement helps boost your stamina and athletic performance. This is because it causes better circulation of oxygen to the muscles which result in improved endurance and better performance

Prevents Dementia

It is a loss of cognitive functions which affects memory, personality changes, and faulty reasoning. It mostly affects the elderly folks. There have been many studies that have sought to find a cure or delay in the progress. Beetroot juice is highly effective in delaying or ensuring it does not occur. As you age, your cognitive abilities start to decline. It happens when the blood flowing to the brain reduces. Foods that are rich in nitrates should be administered to the elderly to counter the reduced blood flow. Nitrates later form nitric oxide.  It stimulates and enhances blood circulation. On regular consumption of superbeets supplements; you will note that mental abilities are peaked over time.

What are the side effects of nitrates?

I am a die-hard lover of ham, bacon, sausages, hot dogs and most processed meats. They are so sinfully delicious. Fortunately or fortunately, I discovered they contain a lot of nitrates which could be harmful if over consumed. They are used as preservatives in these products to avoid growth of harmful bacteria. That appealing red or pinkish color that has my mouth watering soon as I spot these meats is added on by nitrates. They also add a bit of salt to the meats.

Interestingly, some healthy foods like spinach, lettuce, celery, arugula and our very own beets contain high amounts of nitrates. I sense a bit of confusion there. There is quite a bit of it surrounding nitrates (and nitrates). Our bodies produce nitrates, and they are always in circulation. The body produces high amounts of nitrates which circulate the digestive stomach, into the saliva, and back into the digestive system.

Nitrates, which are a significant component of beets and superbeet supplements, when consumed in excess may have a side few effects. It is critical to ensure that you stick to the recommended dosage when consuming your supplements or even fresh beets. When you drink nitrates, the body converts them to nitric oxide which as a vasodilation agent, helps to open up blood vessels for proper blood and oxygen circulation to the muscles, heart, and brain.

Minor and temporary side effects of nitrates found in beetroots and their supplements include:

  • Constant headaches
  • Episodes of lightheadedness
  • Dizzy spells
  • Flushing
  • Nausea
  • Tingling (or burning) sensation under the tongue.
  • Slight dips in blood pressure levels

What are the more severe side effects?

When high quantities of nitrates are found in drinking water, it could pose a problem for infants whose bodies cannot process large amounts of nitrates. It leads to a condition known as methemoglobinemia.

The condition is also referred to as “blue baby syndrome.â€Â It is caused by lack of enough oxygen in the baby’s body, as a  result of high exposure to nitrates.  It only happens to infants, older children and adults are not affected. Regulating of nitrates in water in some areas helps in curbing this effect.


Living in a world where everything we like to eat is deemed to cause cancer, is a bit of a frustrating affair. Everybody is scared of cancer; I know I am. Do nitrates cause cancer?  Studies are still currently ongoing to determine this for a fact. However, nitrates, when exposed to high heat and in the presence of some amino acids, form nitrosamines.  Some of these nitrosamines are carcinogens. Processed meats are passed through high temperatures. The amino acids they contain due to high protein content trigger formation of nitrosamines.

Minimal to no cooking for vegetables containing nitrates is an effective way to prevent the formation of nitrosamines.

Congenital disabilities

If pregnant mothers are consuming too many nitrates in their drinking water, there is a chance of children having congenital disabilities. It happens in areas where drinking water contains excessive amounts of nitrates. Levels that are classified as nitrate contamination. When living in farm areas, where fertilizers are used to farm, one should be careful with their drinking water. Nitrates from fertilizers easily contaminate water in the wells. Anencephaly is one of the most common congenital disabilities brought by nitrate contamination. Although rare, spina bifida and cleft palates are also induced by the pollution.These are pretty severe defects. Mothers in high nitrate exposure areas are protected through regulation of nitrate content in drinking water by government standardization bodies.

To avoid unhealthy consumption of nitrates:

  • Avoid constant and excessive use of processed foods. If you are a lover of the salami, ham, bacon, and sausages like I am, we will have problems adjusting. However, it is in our bests interests, to keep away the nitrosamines.
  • Eat organically grown foods. Food that is produced free of fertilizers is free of excessive synthetic nitrates. If you can, by all means, grow your organic foods.
  • Include more antioxidant foods in your diet. Some minerals, and more so, Vitamin C, minimize the transforming of nitrates to nitrosamines.
  • Treat your drinking water. If the water in your area is sourced from wells, it is highly recommended that you distill the water (using a home distiller). If you live in a large scale farming area where the use of nitrate fertilizers is prevalent, you must treat your drinking water.


I get quickly bored with using the same product continuously in a week, two if it is an excellent product. Consuming the same products regularly could make them annoyingly monotonous and drab. It is good to find different ways to make your superbeet palatable and exciting to consume. I am quite a lazy person and do not like to put much effort into unnecessary things. Therefore, the easiest way for me to take my superbeet drink is in my drinking water. Sometimes I put in my water bottle and carry it to drink at my preferred timings.

When this gets boring, I prefer to add it to my bedtime smoothie. Beets go exceptionally well with pineapple. The antioxidant properties in both are excellent for your body. Try different smoothies using pineapple, carrot, cucumber or any fruits of choice. Pour a teaspoon into the mixture before or after blending. Ensure it is well absorbed into your drink for best results and to avoid taking it in lumps.

I also consume my superbeet supplement with collagen. Collagen supplement is excellent for strengthening hair, and nails. A structural protein, It is found in connective tissues and skin. It is high in protein.  If you are looking to regulate your body’s metabolism, this is a great start. Great Lakes Gelatin Hydrolysate Kosher, 16 Oz, is a suitable purchase to go with your superbeet supplement.

Green grass superfood is a fantastic blend of wheat grass, farm greens, and fruits that you may consume alongside your superbeet supplements. A super way to detox and supplement at the same time. Turmeric supplements are an equally great complementary product to your superbeet supplementation.

Lakewood Organic Super Tomato Juice is a great complimentary product to the beetroot juice drink. You may use them together in a cocktail as long as you do not exceed the recommended dosage for both. Similarly, you could go with the pineapple flavor if tomatoes are not among your favorite of tastes. If you are looking to detox faster, then the tomato beetroot combo is suitable. Tomatoes are excellent antioxidants, just like beetroot. The pineapple flavor, however, is tastier and gives a sweet taste to your choice of cocktail.

You could try the Kale or Spinach powder to go with your superbeet supplement of choice. Not every area has readily available green vegetables. But, thankfully, supplements for the same can be bought from anywhere. Kale is excellent in helping the body produce nitric oxide. If you regularly feel the need to detox then consuming this supplement together with beetroot supplements is a superb way to catalyze the process.

I introduced my mother who ails from arthritis to superbeet supplements. She was excited that she could combine it with her daily dose of pomegranate juice. The benefits of the pomegranate fruit include improved memory, fighting inflammation and relief from osteoarthritis. It is also a high antioxidant. Get the POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice and see if it works with your superbeet drink.

Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice is another complimentary product you could try out. Filled with the goodness of tart cherries and apple juice as a sweetener, it is has a great taste.Cherries are good antioxidants and used with superbeet, will continuously keep your system well free of toxins.

My kids are always on my case whenever I get to drinking my superbeet drink. I am always looking for look-alike products to distract them a little bit. As you enjoy your supplement drinks, do not leave your kids behind. Entertain and indulge them a little bit with the delicious NATURAL FARM kids Doremi pear juice. Free of concentrate, additives, color preservatives and concentrate, it is a healthy and delicious option for the little ones.

The versatility of beetroot supplementation is intriguing. It is not limited to anything except your imagination. However, if you are going to use any drugs together with beet in any form of supplementation, I highly advise that you consult a doctor before starting.  A doctor should treat chronic illness and long-term conditions. All supplementation approved before consumption.

If combining beet supplements with any other supplement, it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting out. I make a point to read up on the ingredients of all supplements that I consume. I check for their different reactions when ingredients are mixed. A little basic knowledge could save one a lot of trouble.



Supplementation is a choice I made, and have not regretted it for a day. Superbeets have a high concentration of nutrients necessary for the body’s health and proper functioning. They are part of nature’s provision for nourishing our bodies since they contain nutrients and minerals that are vital for optimum body functions. Exercise no matter how minimal should be a significant aspect of everyone’s life. Especially if you like to live, pun intended. What everyone should strive to do, is prolong your lifestyle and give yourself a quality life in excellent health.

Like most nutritious foods, beets do not have a lovely taste. But again, most foods that are good for your health do not taste very good. Just like cucumbers, pumpkins and a host of others. Further, you have to take them in large quantities to get the desired effects. No matter how much you love the beetroots, it is just not possible to eat six beets with all your meals. However, there is a super solution to counter this, superbeets supplements.

I live in an area where fresh beetroots are incredibly scarce. Whenever they show up on the grocery shelves, the prices are beyond ridiculous. If you suffer the same predicament as I do, Amazon is your friend. Shop online for beetroot supplementation and start your journey to healthy living.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you cannot afford to have Superbeets supplementation out of your diet. The boost of energy and oxygen levels they supply to you is a great way to keep your body active and in excellent shape. Aging folks who tire quickly and those with medical conditions like diabetes and abnormal blood pressures should also incorporate the supplements into their health routine religiously. The addition of cherry and apple flavors make them more palatable and to your taste.

SuperBeets come in many brand names, but their functions to your body are more or less very similar. Remember, you cannot afford to consume these beautiful supplements in excess. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the last letter. Before increasing your consumption, check with your doctor beforehand. You would not be wise in triggering unwanted reactions from following wrong instructions.

Consumers have hailed Superbeets as products that have worked for them in boosting their energy levels, eliminating fatigue and improved health. Some are however not sure whether the product works.

HumanN Company has been researching on nitrates and nitric oxide for a time and were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998. It would then only be a logical consequence to recommend to you SuperBeets from HumanN, a company that has researched well into the effects of nitrates and nitric oxides in your body

Mother nature has given us a variety of plants and vegetables for our use. It is only right to complement her and give you superbeets supplements. You do not defy nature in consuming of beet supplement. So let’s eat beetroots and their amazing supplements, the SuperBeets!

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