Superbeets Review – Laying the Claims to Rest


There has been so much fuss regarding the effectiveness of the Superbeets supplements that seem to have garnered quite the attention. I decided to find out for myself and write this Superbeets review for anyone interested!

When I am not busy writing and tending to my mini-garden at my backyard, you can always find me in the gym. It’s been a little over a year since I finally lost weight, got the body I desired and made a healthy-living routine that worked and that I could maintain. Since then, I’ve had less trouble with stress and weight management.

Being on this path, discovering new and genuine supplements to add (or trade with the old) is often a new experience I look forward to. Considering how hard it can be to get a healthy brand in the market lately, I make sure to go all out with the research once I notice a possible new addition to my regimen.

Since I decided that beets were a definite addition to my plans, I was always on the lookout for a great beet supplement. That’s when I came across Superbeets. I had to see if they were as good as they claimed.

Product Superbeets
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Company HumanN
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Superbeets Review

superbeets review

If you are used to using raw beets or getting the juice, it may be a new concept to have your beet goodness in powder form. That’s what Superbeets are. By using low-heat dehydration to preserve the nutrients, the beets turn into crystals, which are then packaged as a supplement!

About HumanN

HumanN is the company behind Superbeets; you may know them from their former name, “Neogenis Labs.†According to my research, they claim to have put in over ten years of research and clinical trials on all their products. Apart from Superbeets, they also produce other dietary supplements that contain nitric-oxide.

About Superbeets

Since organic beets often vary in their nutrient (especially nitrate) content, HumanN uses non-organic beetroot. From their website, one teaspoon of Superbeets can provide you with nitric oxide from the equivalent of three beetroots. I couldn’t find any independent third-party research to prove the claims but decided to test it out anyway.

From one daily serving, you can lower your blood pressure, improve your heart’s health, and boost your energy levels. Seeing that these were all key benefits for my workout routine and health in general, I was all in on the new supplement.

Apple flavor and Black Cherry flavor are their two major flavors for the beet supplements, with Black Cherry being the more recent of the two. Malic acid from apples acts as the natural preservative for the powder. Also, the larger your order is, the more the discount you can get.


While on the Superbeets supplement, I made sure to minimize including actual beetroots in my meals. Too much beet intake can increase your blood sugars and affect your liver negatively (high levels of minerals like copper and magnesium). I only needed to mix one teaspoon with about 4 ounces of water every day. I could feel my energy levels improving while my blood pressure decreased.


  • Great energy boost for your pre-workout routine
  • Good for individuals with high blood pressure
  • More nitric oxide supplements from the same company


  • Not recommendable for individuals with low blood pressure
  • It is best to have a doctor’s opinion first


I had no negative experiences while using Superbeets. To make sure I had none, I’d regularly check in with my doctor to confirm whether the mineral and nitric oxide levels were good. If they seemed higher than usual, I’d lessen the intake or go for a few days without the supplement. If this Superbeets review has answered all the pressing questions you’ve had regarding the supplement, maybe it’s time you tried it out yourself!

FAQ Section

What are the benefits of Superbeets?

Apart from having Potassium, Sodium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Iron, and Calcium, beets have high levels of nitrates. When consumed, a chain reaction in your body converts the nitrates into nitric oxide can relax your blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and boost energy levels in athletes.

What does Superbeets do for your body?

Beets have potassium that supports muscle contraction and is a great electrolyte, while Vitamin C serves an antioxidant that benefits your immune system. The high nitrate level improves your circulation, lowers blood pressure, and provides energy for exercise and workouts.

Do beets make your poop red?

Beetroots have a pigment called betanin that is responsible for the red color they have. When consumed, some people cannot break down the pigment, and it results in the red or pink color in your pee or poop which is not harmful to your health.

Are beets bad for diabetics?

Beets have significant folate and vitamin C levels, minimal carbohydrate amounts, and no fats. From research, beets have good amounts of lipoic acid – an antioxidant that can help heal nerve damage in people with diabetes.

Who are the creators of Superbeets?

HumanN, the company responsible for Superbeets, uses credible scientists in nitric oxide research and patented technology to dehydrate beets into crystals while retaining the nitrates, Vitamin C, Potassium, Sodium, and Magnesium. According to HumanN, one teaspoon contains similar nutritive value as three whole beets and as such, they advise against taking more than two servings a day.

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