Superfood Reds Review – Do The Reds Have it?

Green foods and supplements have been all the hype for a while, but the red foods seem to be leaving a mark in the market. This Superfood Reds review will answer the questions you have regarding this supplement.

Whenever clients ask me the type of fruit and vegetables they need to add to their meals, I always insist on making the diet as colorful as possible. Most times, foods that are rich in color mean lots of health benefits for you. Obviously, if you have any underlying conditions, you may need some more than others or eliminate a few.

Unfortunately, a significant portion of the population can’t always access the multiple superfoods we need for a healthy mind and body. If you eat as organic as you find possible but aren’t putting any nutritive thought to what you are consuming, there’s a chance you are missing some nutrients. Let’s not forget to account for nutrient-loss during cooking!

Multivitamins have always been a great way to up your vitamin intake away from your diet. That’s until green supplements came in the picture offering a lot more than multivitamins did. While multivitamins are a much-trusted option, getting the right and genuine green supplement to suit your needs could be what makes a major difference in your nutrition.

Now, you can find green supplements in every supplement store – and even online if you cannot locate a store near you. The variety is so wide that it’s nearly impossible to settle on one brand. On top of that, red supplements (think tomatoes and berries) have also made their way into the market to steal some shine from green supplements.

I found one mixed product and decided to test out and see if I could get the best of both worlds.

ProductSuperfood RedsSupplement FormPowderWeight13.6 OuncesCompanyFeel Great 365Check Price

Superfood Reds Review

To get the best of both worlds, Superfood Reds With Greens combines both types of foods to reap multiple benefits for you. According to the company, you don’t need lots of money, doctors or a list of supplements to get your health in check.

With the Superfoods Reds with Greens, you don’t need to call a “celebrity doctor†to fix your life or indulge in crazy diets. The powder is tasty, and all you need is one scoop every day to get an impressive serving of antioxidants and many other nutrients.

About Feel Great 365

Feel Great 365, the company behind Superfood Reds, and it believes in prevention rather than cure. Healthcare gets expensive each day while the diseases and illnesses increase. What better way to fight lifestyle diseases than by improving your nutritive intake as much as you can?

Feel Great 365 has all types of wellness products in their arsenal. Apart from the Superfood Reds with Greens, there are numerous healthy gummies for kids, greens, liquid multivitamins and more. The company promises quality and safety behind all their supplements – and they have a Naturopathic Medical Doctor behind the success.

Dr. March has done extensive studies and consultation in Nutrition and Disease and believes quality nutrition is the path to good health.

Superfood Reds With Greens

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The ingredient list in Superfood Reds with Greens is very long, and you can find on the main website along with any other questions you may have. The contents are divided into a couple of blends. The Polyphenol blend prevents inflammation and keeps your heart in top shape.

The Digestive blend contains enzymes and probiotics to ease bowel movement. The Antioxidant blend supports your body’s health from a cellular level while the Energy blend gets you up and running from morning to evening.

My Results

I used one scoop daily in water or my smoothies, and I could feel the improvement in my energy levels. I also noticed less bloating than usual. While I can’t say I noticed any changes in mental focus, I felt pretty good the entire time I took the powder, and my skin seemed to glow as well.


  • An impressive list of ingredients
  • Combination of reds and greens
  • Free from gluten, soy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and dairy


  • Slightly expensive
  • The ingredients may not be 100% organic

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Though this Superfood Reds review may lean more on the positive, it’s wise to remember that many supplements going around are all talk and claims that they can barely support. It is up to you to do intensive research before buying just any product.

Check out this video on how superfoods can boost your health.

FAQ Section

Why do you need super reds and super greens?

Red fruit and vegetables like beets, cherries, blood oranges, and pomegranates contain antioxidants, polyphenols, lycopene and more nutrients that can fight free radicals. Green vegetables and fruit contain fiber, lutein, vitamin C, beta-carotene and other nutrients that support digestion and immunity.

Is Superfood Reds with Greens organic?

Superfood Reds with Greens is 75% organic. However, the powder is non-GMO, free from gluten, preservatives, and fillers.

Does Superfood Reds with Greens come in capsule form?

Superfood Reds with Greens are currently only available in powder form. You can check out the Super Boost 150 and see if they offer interesting benefits.

How many servings are in the Superfoods Reds jar?

Your Superfood Reds powder price depends on the weight. The 300 grams of powder produces 30 servings when you take 10 grams every day as recommended.

Is Superfood Reds verified by a third party?

Third-party testing is vital in confirming the safety and quality of a product. According to the company, Quality Assurance International has verified Superfood Reds.