The Future of Smart Homes: How They Connect with Your Life

Thanks to Kris Epperson from Quantum Repair for a great response to the following questions:

What are your thoughts on the future of smart homes?

Can you elaborate on things like how they are connected, security risks, good future inventions that could help families?

Imagine a world where you can leave for work and set your thermostat on your commute, or better yet, your thermostat sets itself because it knows that you left the house.

Smart homes often feel like a trend of the future but, they are popping up all over the place. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Phillips see the demand and are creating products to connect your home to you wherever you go.

Among the many smart gadgets there are light bulbs, thermostats, desks, and energy monitors that can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet, and with a Google Home or Amazon Echo, your voice.

Smart Devices Controlled by the User: You

Smart devices like these connect to your home network via WiFi and are controlled by you. Most products have an app that needs to be installed onto your phone or tablet. In order to get your smart home to work seamlessly, you might need a device that connects them all together.

The Harmony Hub and Google Home are the more well known devices that will connect all of your devices. These simply act as a buffer between your control and the actual device being controlled.

I know what you’re thinking, “With all of the hacking going on, like the Equifax hack, how can this be safe?” Let me assure you, all of your data can be secured. Along with the devices that allow you to be immensely connected there are devices that will act as a smart firewall.

One product I’ve seen that accomplishes expert protection and ease of use is Cujo Smart Firewall. Devices like Cujo secure all of your devices and block malicious attempts to invade your home network, no matter what device is connected.

Family Enhancement and Communication with Smart Inventions

As smart devices become integrated into old homes and built into new homes, I am left with the wonder of what future products will do to best help families. I think the best smart inventions for families will be able to enhance family communication and interaction within the home.

Instead of simply watching a movie as passive viewers a family could interact with an augmented reality projected into their living room by smart lights. This would encourage a family to work together and bond, while having fun in their home.

I have high hopes for the future of smart homes and strongly encourage you to do some research into some devices that could be beneficial for your family.

The numerous devices available can help make life at home simpler and more enjoyable while keeping all of your personal information secure. The future is here, and it’s clear that homes will only get cooler.