Total Restore Review – Relief For Your Gut?

Gundry MD is at it again, and this time the company is aiming for leaky gut and its symptoms. Read this Total Restore review and find out whether this is what you need for your gastrointestinal trouble.

Growing up, I didn’t have any serious health complications to warrant me a bed at the hospital. I had my fair share of the flu, a few cuts and scrapes, and some eye and ear situations from all the games I played as a kid. Other than that, nothing terrible ever happened to me.

Unfortunately, I only ever started having significant stomach trouble as an adult. I’m not sure when it all began, but my doctor and I suspected it had a lot to do with my diet change. The fast-paced life had me eating all manner of processed and convenient foods that affected me as time went by; this was a huge change from my balanced diet as a child.

I was diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome some years back, and it explained a lot of what I felt in my entire body – not just my stomach. When you have leaky gut, your intestinal lining doesn’t function as it should, and that results in substances like toxins and bad microbes entering your bloodstream. Your immune system responds to the threats and causes inflammation, joint trouble, migraines, fatigue, and more.

After much consultation, medication, dietary and lifestyle changes my situation improved enormously. Every once in a while my gut reminds me to get back on the right path whenever I veer off. To help with the symptoms some more, I always have my eye out for supplements that can help with leaky gut.

So when I learned about Total Restore, I was curious about how effective it could be. The supplement seemed pretty solid with the science to back it. I’ll tell you what I found.

Total Restore Review

total restore review

According to Gundry MD (the company behind the product), Total Restore contains an array of ingredients that work together to minimize leaky gut syndrome and relieve you of the food cravings. Also, by lessening fatigue, the product can improve your energy levels.

If you prefer getting natural options to relieve symptoms or ailments over medicine, you know how hopeful it feels to find a supplement for your specific problem. I did some further research before buying the pills.

Gundry MD

The company is named after the founder – Dr. Steven Gundry. Though it isn’t as old as some major dietary supplement companies in the market right now, Dr. Gundry has over 40 years experience in medicine, particularly in Cardiac surgery. Now, he directs the Center of Restorative Medicine and has Total Restore alongside numerous other supplements.

Total Restore

I visited the official website to confirm the list of ingredients in Total Restore. What I love most about the contents is that Gundry MD includes the amounts of each ingredient used. Most times, dietary supplements with the term proprietary blends do not include the quantities of each ingredient; you’d have no idea how much of what you are consuming!

Total Restore contains Magnesium, Zinc, L-Glutamine, Grape seed extract, Vitaberry (a combination of berries), Licorice, Wormwood, Cinnamon bark, Berberine bark, and a few others you can see on the label. Research confirms that each of these ingredients plays a role in digestive and intestinal health. Unless you are allergic to any of the contents, Total Restore is safe for use.

According to the company, Total Restore can strengthen your gut lining to prevent leaking toxins. That way, you protect your body from a toxin overload that leads to inflammation and overall health issues. You can also ease symptoms like bloating, constipation, gas, and diarrhea.

My Results

There are two ways to take your Total Restore pills. You can either take three at once after your biggest meal (not on an empty stomach!) or you can separate your pill intake to three intervals each day. I decided to take a capsule every eight hours.

The changes came impressively fast. I wasn’t expecting a cure since there is no cure for leaky gut yet, but my symptoms eased up quite well. The capsules could be the reason I noticed an energy boost, but I’m sure I had them to thank for less constipation, gas, and abdominal pain.



  • Not suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions
  • Expensive


In my Total Restore review, I can’t forget to point out how valuable it is that Gundry MD is open about all the ingredients and dosages in Total Review. They even warn you to consult with your physician first if you have certain ailments. I had a great experience and got some more capsules after I finished my first batch.

Watch this video about what Dr. Gundry has to say about leaky gut, your diet, and overall health.

FAQ Section

What does Total Restore do?

The capsules are designed to help relieve leaky gut symptoms. By strengthening the gut lining, fewer toxins leak to the blood.

Is Total Restore a probiotic?

Total Restore is not a probiotic. It contains a combination of ingredients that can support cell-health at the gut lining.

How long does it take Total Restore to work?

According to the company, most users notice significant changes in a few days. You can expect even dramatic results after two or three weeks.

Do you take Total Restore with food?

If you are taking all the pills at once, take them with a large meal. If you’re taking a capsule three times a day, take them after your regular daily meals.