Vital reds vs Miracle reds supplements-do you know the difference?


For overall health, it is imperative that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. This combined with supplements mean you have all the fiber needed for a healthy gut, all the antioxidants needed for increased immunity, glowing skin and all other benefits that come with healthy eating. So here’s a detailed Vital reds vs Miracle reds supplements review.

Working as a nutritionist, it is incredible how many people take supplements without visiting their doctor. Many assume that supplements are made out of normal food and therefore cannot cause them harm. The truth, however, is that supplements have the power to interact with your system.

Especially if you are taking any medication, supplements can interact and react with your meds. This can consequently cause serious health issues for you because the meds you are taking won’t be working as needed.

With the intentions to remain health conscious, many result to adopting different positive habits. For example, regular exercise, dieting, joining support groups, getting more religious and so on. Of all these more people are inclined to eat freshly prepared organic food.

As long as you see your doctor first you are safe. Here are some amazing things you can learn about supplements in this Vital reds vs Miracle reds supplements review.

But first what are the major differences between vital reds and miracle reds

Supplement Vital redsMiracle RedsCategories Polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend.Miracle reds superfood, antioxidant blend, adaptogenic and metabolic herbs blend and natural fibers blend.Ingredients Fruits, herbs, teas, and rootsFruits, berries, herbs, antioxidants, plant enzymes and so on.FunctionsImprove digestion, increase metabolism, enhance immunity and promote weight lossAntiaging, promotes immunity, and post workout recoveryCheck priceCheck price

Vital reds vs Miracle Reds– how do they compare?


In their quest to satisfy a wide array of demands Vital reds supplements offers you the Polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend.

Alternatively, Miracle reds supplements offers you Miracle reds superfood, antioxidant blend, adaptogenic and metabolic herbs blend, and natural fibers blend.

Both brands have many other products under their belt but these are the major products they are best known for and loved by their consumers.


Vital reds carries for major blends all which have an almost endless list of over 50 different ingredients. To make this easier for you, I will only mention the main ingredients in each blend just to give you an idea. The polyphenol blend has up to 34 different polyphenol sources including, apple peel, watermelon, Aronia berries, and grape seed extracts. The metabolism boosting blend has bitter melon, cinnamon bark, green tea, and ginger root extracts. The digestive support blend has all sort of good bacteria including Lactobacillus acidophilus and finally the vitamin and mineral blend which carries all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Miracle reds supplements includes extracts, fiber, and nutrition from fruits and vegetables including cherry, carrots, blueberry, blackberry, papaya, elderberry, and roysenberry. All which are carefully distributed in all four blends where they prove most effective.


It is in the ingredients and how they are combined that answers the question and determines how effective any supplement will be for you. If you take either the Polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend or the metabolic enhancing blend you will benefit by having improved digestion, increased metabolism, enhanced immunity and gradual weight reduction respectively.

If you take Miracle reds superfood, antioxidant blend, adaptogenic and metabolic herbs blend and natural fibers blend you will gain increased immunity, slower aging and seamless recovery from your workout.

Vital reds vs Miracle reds supplements reviews

Vital reds

Ingredients and features


Does this supplement work? To be honest, there’s no sure way or any research done out there that proves for sure that this supplement will work for you as well as it does for anyone else. But going by tons of positive reviews, positive feedback,and the great effects I have personally experienced, I can say without a doubt that Vital reds is a supplement worth your time and your money. It has a set of unique ingredients that make it distinctive from other supplements. All four blends have combinations of roots, herbs, teas, fruits, and vegetables all designed to either burn fat, improve digestion, increase immunity or enhance metabolism depending on which one you are taking.


  • Helps improve digestion
  • Can help you lose weight
  • Increases immunity
  • Boosts energy


  • There’s a high chance that this supplement may react with your meds if you are taking any. Consult your doctor first before consuming.

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Miracle reds

Features and ingredients


What I loved about this supplement is that everything is laid out clearly and in great detail for you to see. Just by reading the label, you know exactly what ingredients have been used, and exactly what amount is included per serving. Miracle reds supplements carries four main blends. They each are designed to addressspecific issues to get you and your health where you want it to be. It has a succulent berry taste that mixes really well when you add into your milkshakes, yogurt, smoothies or plain water.


  • Works well as a way to quickly regain energy and recover after rigorous workout sessions
  • Increases immunity levels
  • Has antiaging qualities
  • Has no additives, artificial sugars or GMO ingredients


  • This supplement cannot be used as a meal replacement

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Both of these brands have a good reputation among consumers who have for years religiously taken them. I like that both are very forward about what is in each bottle. They both also have different blends to help you get the one blend you actually really need instead of going for a one size fits all kind of supplement. Only reason I go for Miracle reds supplements as my number one is because it is clear exactly what amount of any ingredient I will be taking per serving. Other than that this Vital reds vs Miracle reds supplement comparison is enough to furnish you with all the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Miracle reds vs Vital reds which one is better?

It all narrows down to preference. Some consumers prefer one supplement instead of the other. Whichever supplement you choose you are guaranteed immense benefits because both of these supplements are made out of natural and highly nutritious ingredients.

How much does vital reds cost?

There’s no sure way to tell how much this supplement costs. Different online and physical stores sell it at different prices. To be sure visit the company website just to get a rough idea.

Are vital reds supplements legitimate?

Owing to rigorous marketing and promotion of supplements it can be difficult to tell a real supplement from a scam. Going by customer feedback and reviews, Vital reds appears to be a legitimate supplement brand.

Will I lose weight if I regularly take vital reds supplements?

As one of the major benefits, vital reds can help you lose weight. Note however that it is designed to provide nutrition first. Some people are therefore bound to notice fluctuation in weight more than others.

Give me examples of vegetables that are polyphenol-rich

Polyphenols have high antioxidant levels which help raise your immunity. Some of the foods high in polyphenols include celery seeds, cloves, flaxseed, cocoa powder, black chokeberry, dark chocolate, and dried Mexican oregano.