Vital reds vs Prebiothrive-Is it effective?

Maybe you want to boost your energy, or you want to lose some weight. Maybe you just want to improve digestion. People choose to take supplements for different reasons. But with hundreds of supplements to choose from it can be quite a task to settle for just one. So here’s a vital reds vs prebiothrive supplements review to help you learn and understand.

I am a sweet tooth. Candy, chocolate, milkshakes, frozen yogurt, ice cream…you name it. I have a guilty pleasure and it’s called sugar. For this reason, my energy levels are always high thanks to that ever-present sugar rush.

I take good care of my teeth so thankfully I haven’t fallen victim to cavities. However, the same cannot be said about my weight. I know that too much sugar is bad but I just cannot get myself to stop taking sugary stuff. A close friend suggested that instead of quitting sugar suddenly, that maybe I should do it gradually.

Serious about adopting better habits and living healthier, I took every bit of advice to heart. I am actually loving it so far. my decision was to start taking supplements. I have to admit that it took me a long time to decide which supplement worked best with my body and my needs.

But eventually, I found my match. Here’s an in-depth vital reds vs Prebiothrive supplements review to demystify any dilemmas you may be facing.

What are the major differences between Vital reds and prebiothrive

Supplement Vital redsPrebiothriveCategories Polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend.Prebiothrive prebiotic supplementIngredients Fruits, herbs, teas, and rootsFlaxseed, Acacia gum, Agave inulin, guar gumFunctions Improve digestion, increase metabolism, enhance immunity and promote weight lossReduce cravings, promote gut health and helps digestionCheck priceCheck price

Vital reds vs Prebiothrive– A useful comparison guide


Sometimes your weight is over the roof and you often get sick. All these are scenarios that indicate that maybe you need more than just healthy food. Vital reds supplements have come at just the right time to bridge this gap and help restore some sense of peace in your life. Here you have the polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, metabolic enhancing blend and digestive support blend.

Alternatively, Prebiothrive focuses on solving all your health, immunity and weight issues with the Prebiothrive prebiotic supplement.


Generally, supplements are made out of fruits and vegetables. But if you want something unique these two supplements have so much more in store for you. Vital reds may have up to four supplement blends designed for a myriad issues but have similar ingredients infused in each packaging. They include; probiotics, polyphenols, ginger root, bitter melon, cinnamon, turmeric, green tea, black pepper fruit, and green tea among many others.

Prebiothrive supplement is in powder form and is made from distinctive and nutritious ingredients like guar gum, flaxseed, Agave inulin, and Acacia gum.


Supplements are designed to have a positive effect on your body. But what exactly are these effects? Vital reds Metabolic enhancing blend for example aids to encourage weight loss, increase metabolism, and reduce cholesterol. Vital reds digestive support, Polyphenol blend, and vitamin and mineral blends all help increase immunity and supply your body with antioxidants and polyphenols needed to fight diseases and keep your organs functioning properly.

PrebiothrivePrebiotic supplement is loaded with fiber and probiotics aimed at helping improve your health and facilitate proper digestion. Ultimately you experience less gas, bloating, stomach upsets and you also lose weight.

Vital reds vs Pebiothrive reviews

Vital reds

Features and ingredients


Bitter melon, green tea, white tea, black pepper fruit, ginger root cinnamon, and turmeric are just a few of the over 50 ingredients you will get to take if you purchase all four blends. For me, it is not so much about the ingredients as much as it is about what a supplement can do for me. Irrespective of which blend you are taking, Vital reds is full of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. If you are taking the metabolic enhancing blend, for example, you will be feeding on a truckload of probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from fruits and vegetables. These help you increase metabolism, lose weight, increase immunity, boost energy, improve digestion and so on.


  • Helps increase immunity
  • Boosts energy
  • Improve digestion
  • Increase metabolism and encourage weight loss


  • This supplement is not recommended for you if you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding.

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Features and ingredients

Essentially this supplement is designed to help you increase your body’s defenses. Thanks to ingredients like flaxseed, guar gum, acacia gum and agave inulin, every scoop you take is full of probiotics. Probiotics are known to help treat bowel issues like irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea. In addition, they help alleviate eczema, reduce your lactose intolerance, and treat vaginal infections and urinary tract infections. All these ingredients are not picked at random but have been carefully selected as per tons of research showing that they are effective


  • Helps increase immunity
  • Protects against common infections
  • Helps treat and eliminate bowel issues
  • Has proven and effective ingredients


  • It is unclear how much of this supplement one is supposed to consume in a day. This has many risking taking too much or too little of what the body actually demands.

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There’s proof that most serious diseases start from the gut. This is why I believe that a healthy gut leads to a healthy life. Of these two supplements, I must say that Prebiothrive prebiotic supplements has all the right ingredients and has been backed by research to be effective. If you want to widen your scope, this Vital reds vs Prebiothrive supplements review can help you make an informed choice at your point of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Prebiothrive for weight loss?

Prebiothrive has ingredients rich in probiotics. Their main functions are to promote proper digestive function and improve gut health. Plus they can also help you lose weight.

Should I take probiotic supplements daily?

Provided that you are taking probiotics straight from the plant or from a legitimate source, you can take probiotics daily. Probiotics carry good bacteria essential for a healthy gut.

Is it true that Vital reds supplements can help shrink belly fat?

Vital reds supplements have been generally proven to help with weight loss. Coupled with regular exercise you can certainly end up losing all your belly fat.

Is it advisable to take Prebiothrive supplements on a full stomach?

Probiotic-rich supplements like Prebiothrive render best results when you take them on an empty stomach. When your stomach is empty, your stomach acid levels are low enough for the bacteria to survive.

Is it possible to overdose on probiotics?

If you are sourcing your probiotics from supplements, it is wise to take the supplements as per the recommended daily amount. This in order to avoid side effects. If you are sourcing from normal food, then you can feed on as much probiotic rich food as you can.