Vital reds vs primal plants-how you stand to gain

Without knowing what ingredients have been used inside a supplement, it’s like a cat and dog race against who has tried more vitamins than the other. But there are vitamins that do quite well even without all the hype. To get you in on some quality supplements, here’s a detailed Vital reds vs Primal plants supplements review.

I love meat. No doubt about this. I do try to take some fruits and some vegetables just so my conscience is slightly clear regarding my eating habits. But however much I try, it’s always a losing battle. I always succeed at finding a way to keep from eating my vegetables.

This, as my body has come to show me is a very bad way to live. I have added a significant amount of weight despite exercising every day, I get short of breath and tired very quickly from doing short walks or light physical activities. I don’t sleep very well at night…it’s just chaos!

I could blame it on my very active friends who also happen to by my noisy neighbors. But if I were, to be honest, I would shyly admit that it is my body trying to rebel. Afraid of worse repercussions, I have designed a strict timetable detailing how I work out and what foods I should eat each day.

I have also been taking supplements which help balance the nutrients I take in addition to what I get from food. And with that, here’s a Vital reds vs Primal plants supplements comparison.

What are their major differences between vital reds to primal plants

Supplements Vital redsPrimal plantsCategoriesPolyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend.Superfood blend, digestive support blend, metabolic enhancing blend, and probiotic blend.IngredientsFruits, herbs, teas, and rootsVegetables, fruits, roots, and herbsFunctionsImprove digestion, increase metabolism, enhance immunity and promote weight lossDetoxify, promote digestion, increase metabolism rate, and increase immunity.Check priceCheck price

Vital reds vs Primal plants– how do these two supplements compare?


If you didn’t know your supplements very well, you’d have a hard time differentiating which is which between these two. They both have a striking resemblance going by their looks and blends. Vital reds supplements are divided into four nutritious blends which include the Polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend. Primal plants supplements are also four in number including Superfood blend, digestive support blend, metabolic enhancing blend, and probiotic blend. You can tell the two apart going by how they taste. Vital reds has a sweet berry flavor while Primal plants has a delicious apple flavor.


Different fruits, vegetables, and food, in general, have diverse qualities that pit one against the other. It is not easy to learn about them all and even worse go out looking for each ingredient. Supplements have come to our aid by sourcing for these ingredients, extracting their goodness and packaging it carefully for us to take. Vital reds four main blends are rich and full of nutrition from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and roots.

Primal plants, on the other hand, combines over 30 different ingredients spread carefully across all four major blends to help you meet specific goals and solve health problems. Here you have polyphenols sourced from cherries, pears, grapes apples, and berries. This in addition to digestive enzymes and energy enhancing ingredients all designed to promote maximum body function.


It is without a doubt that supplements can help turn poor various unlikeable situations in and out of your body into likable ones. All thanks to rich soils that nurture the ingredients in countries from which they are sourced from your job is only to buy, open and drink. But what do you stand to gain? Vital reds supplements are designed each with a specific use. The polyphenol blend is designed to increase your immunity, the metabolic enhancing blend to improve metabolism, the vitamin, and mineral blend to promote general health and the digestive support blend to improve digestion.

Primal plants various blends are crafted to promote digestion, increase immunity, increase rate of metabolism and to help purify your system.

Vital reds vs Primal plants supplement

Vital reds

Features and ingredients

vital reds vs primal plants


Vital reds supplement blends are meant to cater for your full body support. Each blend serves a specific purpose inside and outside of your body. Most consumers prefer the Polyphenol blend designed to supply you with enough antioxidants to increase immunity and essentially fight diseases. The metabolic enhancing blend to increase rate of absorption, the digestive support blend to improve digestion and to promote gut health and vitamin and mineral blend to keep you generally healthy. The ingredients used here include a mixture of vegetables, fruits, herbs, teas, and roots.


  • Increases immunity
  • Promotes proper digestion
  • Can help you lose weight
  • Increases rate of metabolism


  • It is not clear how effective this supplement is for weight loss

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Primal plants

Features and ingredients

vital reds vs primal plants

This supplement has a distinctive formula made to get your skin glowing, boost energy, increase immunity, and improve digestion among many other uses. Ingredients inside the superfoods blend include fennel seeds, kale, mulberry, spinach, broccoli cinnamon bark, and GymnemaSylvestre leaf. The probiotic blend contains different good bacteria needed for a healthy gut and regular bowel movement. The metabolic enhancing blend has turmeric, green tea, black pepper, bitter melon, and green tea.

The digestive support blend is full of Citrus Pectin, Fructooligosaccharides and Bromelain all known to improve digestion, alleviate diarrhea and promote proper organ function.This supplement contains no added sugars, soy or lectin. It has a delicious green apple taste that you will love mixed into your healthy drinks or water.


  • Helps promote proper organ function
  • Alleviates irritable bowel syndrome and eliminates diarrhea
  • Has natural green apple taste with no added sugars
  • Increases immunity levels in order to fight infections and diseases


  • Research is still underway to determine how effective some ingredients in this supplement are

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I love experimenting with natural ingredients just to see what effect they can have on my body. Primal plants has a more diverse ingredient list which is exactly what I look for in a supplement. This Vital reds vs Primal plants supplements review is a good reference point for you if you are considering making supplements a daily habit.

Frequently asked questions

Is it advisable to take vital reds and primal plants at the same time?

Provided that you divide the two accordingly to fit into one serving, you are allowed to mix the two into one drink.

What are the best natural sources of prebiotics?

Foods considered high in prebiotics include; Garlic, Chicory root, Artichoke, onions and dandelion greens.

 What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

In simple terms, prebiotics are dietary fiber while probiotics are bacterial organisms. Both are important for your gut, digestive, and general health.

Can I have side effects from taking too much probiotic supplements?

Taking too much probiotic rich supplement powders can have some negative effects. Some of these side effects include bloating, excessive thirst, and constipation.

What is the difference between Vital reds supplements and other supplement powders?

It has no artificial sweeteners, no soy, lectin or sugar. It has a sweet berry flavor and it dissolves quickly. Plus it keeps all your major organs functioning properly and your immunity high at all times.