Vital reds vs Super reds-Do they work?


If you needed to purchase supplements, you’d be spoilt for choice. But how well do your supplements? How sure are you that they really work? Here’s an in-depth Vital reds vs Super reds discussion to help you understand how supplements work.

Growing up, I was very close to my grandma. I would follow her around everywhere. I had the best time when we would dress up in overalls and go to the backyard where she planted her flowers, vegetables, herbs, and some fruits.

In fact, most of the vegetables we ate at home were from her small garden. She would prepare the food and later tell me that what we just ate was what I had planted a few weeks before. It gave me some sense of pride. Proud that I was able to plant something and make food out of it.

I am all grown now and I have a small garden too. It is full of all sort of colorful fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs just like grandmas’ garden was. I have learned a ton of information and also experienced the importance of taking at least five types of vegetables a day.

I may be watchful of what I eat but I have to admit that sometimes I fall short of meeting this 5 veggies a day rule. To ensure I meet my body’s standards I have turned to supplements. They are not new to me I have taken them since childhood.

So here’s a comprehensive Vital reds vs Super reds review just to show you how they work.

What are the main differences between vital reds and super reds


Vital reds aspires to be a supplement manufacturer that you turn to for all your needs. Whether you want something that helps you work out better or something that keeps you generally healthy, look no further. Here you can choose one from up to four blends to make the perfect fit. They include Polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend.

Alternatively, Super red supplements chooses to focus on refining their formulas to give you one product with all the qualities of different blends all packaged into one. Here, you have the nutritious Super reds with greens natural dietary supplement powder.


With over 50 ingredients used in all four blends from Vital reds, it may be difficult to list them all down but to give you a peek into some of the most effective ingredients used, I will mention a few. In the Polyphenol blend, there are ingredients like apple peel, grape seed extracts, aronia berries, and watermelon. In the metabolism boosting blend, you will be taking cinnamon, green tea, bitter melon, ginger root, and cinnamon bark extracts. With the vitamin and mineral blend, you will be taking vitamins and minerals extracted from a wide array of organic plants. In the digestive support blend, you will find loads of good bacteria for your gut.

On the other hand, Super reds dietary supplement carries ingredients such as Vitamin B6 and B12, beetroot powder, berries, vegetables, fruits, nitric oxide, Citrulline, ginseng root, gynostemma, and ashwagandhaall which are highly effective for an active healthy lifestyle.


All four blends combined have a truckload full of benefits for your body. If you want just one or two out of the available blends do not worry, each blend is carefully formulated to serve an irreplaceable purpose to get you right where you need to be. Â The metabolic support, digestive support, vitamin and mineral, and polyphenol blends will help increase your metabolism rate, improve digestion, promote weight loss and enhance immunity respectively.

Designed for people who lead a relatively active lifestyle, Super reds has all the right ingredients to keep you up and on your toes. Some of the benefits you get to reap by taking this supplement powder include, it boosts immunity, regulates digestion, and improves body function.

Vital reds vs Super reds

Vital reds

Features and ingredients

A lot of research has gone into determining exactly how helpful individual fruits and vegetables are to the human system. Vital reds has come and borrowed this information and used most of these rich ingredients that have already been proven to bring immense positive changes. It is no wonder many attest to having seen a complete turnaround in how they feel and how responsive they are after taking any of the Vital reds supplement blends. Full of antioxidant sourced from polyphenol-rich plants, good bacteria and an almost endless list of vitamins and minerals, no one is left out.


  • Helps boost immunity
  • Â Improves digestion and gut health
  • Helps increase energy levels
  • Improves rate of metabolism


  • In the event that you are giving this supplement to children consult with an expert to know how viable it is for them and how much they should take per day.

Super reds

Features and ingredients


The importance of taking fruits and vegetables every day cannot be stressed further. And while most of us do our best to meet our thresholds, in this world of fast foods and prepackaged foods it is easy to get carried away and completely forget your commitment to eating healthy. This is why Super reds with greens natural dietary supplement comes to give you all the nutrition you need. With ingredients like Aloe Vera, kale, broccoli, green tea, beetroot powder,gynostem maashwagandha herbs, and ginger root powder, you have a powder rich in antioxidants, nitrates vitamins, and minerals.


  • Boosts energy
  • Increases immunity
  • Alleviates digestive stress
  • Lowers cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure in your system


  • This supplement may not be available in most outlets and stores

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It is without a doubt that these two supplements do not fall short when it comes to proper nutrition. They have a ton of benefits in store for you and both come in powder form. This makes it convenient for you to make your own favorite drink plus they taste delicious. The only reason I choose the Super reds supper greens natural supplement is because I only take it once a day and get the same benefits I would if I took different blends several times a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to tell if Vital reds supplement is good for me?

Provided you do not have any underlying health issues and you are not taking any medication, Vital reds supplements are good for you. To be on the safe side, always consult with your doctor/nutritionist before you start taking supplements.

Will I have side effects from taking vital reds supplements?

If you take more than the recommended dosage per day, you may be at risk of suffering iron deficiency. This owing to their ability to hinder the absorption of iron in your system.

Does Super reds work?

Yes, this supplement has been proven to help boosts immunity, regulate digestion, and improve organ function.

How much does Super reds cost?

Different outlets sell this product at different prices. Always check the supplement main site to see how much the supplement goes for.

How should I take my vital reds supplement?

For best results, take your vital reds supplement on an empty stomach. Simply pour one glass of water and one scoop of Vital reds powder and drink immediately.