Vital reds vs Superfood reds- Are they the same?


Powder supplements are said to be the best not only for general health but also for boosting energy. If you are taking supplements in order to reap their maximum benefits you need to be aware of what you are taking. So here’s closer look at them in this Vital reds vs Superfood reds supplement review.

When I was younger, I looked forward to that time late in the day when we would all gather around the dining table as a family. My siblings and I having come from school and my parents having just arrived home from work.

Each one of us had a new story we wanted to narrate to each other about how our day went as we ate dinner. For me, eating signified togetherness. It brought so much joy and still does to this day. Now that I am all grown up, I would rather eat while chatting with my friends and colleagues than eat by myself.

The problem with this is that I often end up eating more than I actually need. It is a habit that going by my increase in weight I may be forced to change. I have now realized that the food that my mom cooked and the meals I take at my favorite food joints are not the same.

I have just started on my gym membership and have also begun taking supplements to help boost my energy. Having tried a few of the many renowned supplements you’ve probably heard of I can authoritatively give my valid opinion. So here’s a comprehensive vital reds vs superfood reds supplement review.

What are their differences beween vital reds and superfood reds

Supplement Vital redsSuperfood redsCategoriesPolyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend.Superfood reds with greens dietary supplementIngredients Fruits, herbs, teas, and rootsApples, Beetroot, berries, pomegranate, papaya, watermelon, plums, Aloe Vera, broccoli, kale, ginger root powder, and green tea leaf extract among othersFunctionImprove digestion, increase metabolism, enhance immunity and promote weight lossBetter digestive function, energy boosting, increased brain function, heightens immunityCheck priceCheck price

Vital reds vs Superfood reds- what are their differences?


Vital reds supplements come in four different blends designed to play different roles depending on the needs of the consumer. These blends include Polyphenol blend, vitamin and mineral blend, digestive support blend, and metabolic enhancing blend.

Superfood reds has a single yet highly nutritious supplement capable of aligning issues and supporting the human system. Here you get the superfood reds with greens dietary supplement.


There are over 50 ingredients for you to choose from in all four blends by Vital reds supplements combined. In general, it includes fruits vegetables, herbs, and roots. But let’s take a closer look. The metabolic blend is infused with fat burning ingredients extracted from fruits, roots, teas, and vegetables. The digestive support blend probiotics extracted from fruits and vegetables, the polyphenol blend has polyphenols collected from a wide array of plants and finally the vitamin and mineral blend which contains vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.

Superfood reds supplement, on the other hand, comes in powder form and contains extracts from ingredients like Apples, Beetroot, berries, pomegranate, papaya, watermelon, plums, Aloe Vera, broccoli, kale, ginger root powder, and green tea leaf extract among many others.


Supplements are best known for what they can do for a consumer. This is why you find that some people prefer one type of supplement while others prefer another. What sets one supplement apart from the other is how the ingredients inside are meant to benefit you.

Vital reds supplements are great for you if you are looking to eliminate digestive issues, lose weight, increase immunity and boost energy. Superfood reds supplement is great for you if what you want is to have better digestive function, boost energy, increase brain function, and heighten immunity among numerous other benefits.

Vital reds vs Superfood reds

Vital reds

Features and ingredients

Most if not all of the ingredients used in vital reds supplements are familiar to you. For example, green tea is an ingredient you take regularly to refresh and possibly detox. This is a deliberate move by the manufacturer to have consumers feel comfortable and confident that they are taking a supplement whose ingredients they readily consume on a daily basis. Vast research has been conducted on each one of the ingredients included in all four blends. The result proves that all these ingredients are incredibly beneficial to the human system.

Some of the benefits you gain by taking this supplement include, an increase in energy, eliminate irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and other digestive issues, increase immunity levels, promote weight loss and among other benefits maintain health.


  • Contains no artificial sweeteners additives or GMO ingredients
  • Helps boost energy
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves digestion


  • While this supplement is incredibly beneficial, it is not clear how effective it is for weight loss.

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Superfood reds

Features and ingredients

Powder supplements

Capitalizing only on beneficial ingredients, there’s a lot that is in store for you if you choose to take this supplement. You will notice that it is predominantly red/maroon in color. This, thanks to the presence of beetroot powder as a primary ingredient. Beetroot is valued most by people who lead a very active lifestyle, at the gym or as athletes for example. Beets are very high in nitrates. This is turned into Nitric Oxide by the body and helps boost energy and stamina.

This combined with other ingredients like apples, Beetroot, berries, pomegranate, papaya, watermelon, plums, Aloe Vera, broccoli, kale, ginger root powder, and green tea leaf extract you not only have a workout supplement but an all-around supplement for the whole family.


  • Improves mental focus
  • Boosts energy and stamina
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves digestion


  • Men and women need different amounts of supplements per day in order to benefit. It is not clear if the one scoop per day is enough or less than enough for all consumers.

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It is irrefutable that both of these supplements use rich ingredients to enable you to clear any deficiencies and meet demands within your system. Going by this vital reds vs Superfood reds review, I can confidently say that superfood reds is the dietary supplement to go for if you want complete nutrition and supplementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can superfood reds with greens help me limit feelings of fatigue?

Superfood reds is infused with powerful ingredients that are incredibly beneficial. They not only help boost your energy levels but also help rejuvenate your muscles and organs to eliminate fatigue.

What type of organic foods are considered superfoods?

Foods that are highly nutritious and beneficial to the body are also labeled superfoods. Some of them include; garlic, barley, spirulina, wheatgrass, turmeric, blue-green algae, and beetroot among many others.

 What do I gain by taking superfood reds with greens supplement?

Supplements have antioxidants and flavonoids which in turn can have positive effects on your body and the way it functions. This supplements is designed to help increase your immunity levels, protect you from heart disease and cancer and reduce inflammation.

Does vital reds really work?

The key to having this supplement work for you is to take it regularly and to keep eating a balanced diet. You must eat enough fruits and vegetables in addition to your daily supplement.

What are the most active ingredients inside the vital reds supplement?

This supplement is divided into four different blends. They have ingredients such as fruits, roots, teas, and vegetables all which help increase the rate of metabolism, improve digestion increase immunity and enhance organ function.

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